What to Look Before Buying Android Tablet Or Android Phone?

There has been arrival of a large number of Android tablets since the entry of Samsung Galaxy Tab during September 2010. So, there are a big heap of choices for the users for Android phones and tablets which led to a creation of a big confusion in everybody’s mind.

Evidently Android is considered as the best OS for phones especially because they provide the feature of customization. Thus, if one is looking to purchase the best Android tab or phone then he must keep some essential factors in his mind.

1. Operating System


It is very necessary to buy a tablet having OS higher than Android 2.1. Android 2.2 is the best choice as it confirms the use of Adobe Flash Player. One can watch videos efficiently on the webpage if Adobe Flash player is available.

2. Screen Size


This depends totally on the user. If one wants light weight phones then he can go for smaller screen size such as 7 or 8-inch screen but if one wants to enjoy a good movie in their tab then he must go for bigger screens.

3. CPU


It is the most delicate part of any Android device. It is the price deciding factor of any Tab. The cortex A8 or A9 containing CPU is the best at present but if one wants to go towards cheaper side then he can go for CPU VIA. But it is always preferable to choose the reliable one.

4. RAM


Random Access memory is also an important aspect of any Device. The bigger the RAM the better will be the performance of the Android Device. Currently, the most popular one is the 512MB RAMs. So, it is advised to go for it.

5. Touch Screen


Resistive touch is more accurate but capacitive touch is preferred as it is quicker than resistive touch and also allows the feature of multi-touch in the Tablet. Thus, capacitive touch panel is more preferable.

6. Camera


The camera feature is simply of no use if the Android version is lower than 3.0. So it is always better to purchase a tablet or phone with camera if and only if it has Android 3.0 or higher as it supports video-talk.

7. Look for These Essential Features:

One must be sure if his Android Tab or Phone consists three essential features i.e. G-Sensor, Adobe flash and multi-touch. The G-sensor is a very good App by apple which is responsible for running of sensor based games in your Android Device.

The Flash player helps the user to watch the videos properly and the Multi-touch features helps a lot for playing games and many other functions. So, these three features or functions must be there in an Android tablet or phone.


So, these are some essential points which one must keep in his mind in order to purchase the best Android phone or Tablet. If one keeps these factors in mind then there is a very rare chance of getting any negative experience related to Android Devices.

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