How to Unbrick Samsung Android Phones with One Click [Guide]

Normally Samsung android phones are so secure to flash. but you are unlucky and got your phone bricked during flashing,rooting or upgrading.

Here is a good news for You – A developer come up with a software called one-click unbrick for Samsung android phones. this small utility uses ODIN to repair our Samsung phones. almost all Samsung phones with android éclair and above can be repair with this tool (few exceptions – it is working on some Android 1.5 too)

one-click unbrick tool works on windows , Linux and mac also. it have some bugs in windows version but both Linux and mac working fine. don’t get worried about windows version if you are a window user. developers are continuously working on windows version for its stability


  • First install java on your pc if you haven’t java go to Java site and install it.
  • download one-click Unbrick tool
  • window users will need .rar/.zip extractor software , you can download free all in one (7zip) extractor form here.


1. Right-click on the One-Click.jar file, move down to option “7-zip” and then select “Extract to OneClick”. (as shown picture below)



2. Now you will get a ‘OneClick’ folder.

3. Now copy ‘OneClick.jar’ file and paste it into the ‘OneClickheimdalloneclickresourcesHeimdallPackage’ folder.



4. Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

5. Proceed with the installation of Heimdall.

6. After the installation is complete, you will see the the One-Click UnBrick interface.



7. Connect the phone to computer via USB and click on “unsoft brick” button to recover your bricked Samsung android phone

[Via XDA Developers]

[Img Credit dkszone]

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  1. wow, nicely presented and explained, that was quite help full.
    thanks mate.

  2. Paranormal says:

    I tried with Galaxy Gio 5660 as it was Dead Boot Jam, totally dead like a piece of rock, and it didn’t help either. I hate ROM Manager on android market, it asked for reboot for partition and it never booted again

  3. where do i download oneclick


  5. Shahnawaz Khan says:

    hey kul-buddy will i loose all my installed apps if i upgrade my galaxy mini to gingerbread?

  6. May i know which of the (7zip) should i install first? I cant get it working.. Thanks

  7. Rishikesh says:

    I am not able to install Heimdall. Its keeps on asking “Run as administrator” though I do run it as admin.. I even tried installing it by logging in as administrator.. Still its not installing.. I bricked my Galaxy Ace while trying to install the Stock Asian Firmware (Even though I didnt commit any mistake while flashing) I am really worried.. My dads gonna kill me :( Please kuldeep.. Help me.. you are my only saviour :(

  8. wow this does not work i keep getting unspecified error

  9. silent12188 says:

    hey i got a samsung galaxy gt-i7500,I updated my android version from 1.5 to 1.6.But when my update was finished I restarted my phone and my phone got stuck at the samsung logo and I could not do anything.Can you please help me.

  10. help me kuldeep my samsung galaxy mini blank while updating gingerbread :( , save my phone please

  11. Cant run it as administrator!
    What to do?

  12. Shahnawaz Khan says:
  13. Balaram Ramachandran says:

    pls reply will this work on my galaxy mini which is stuck at the boot screen when it writes:


  14. i gave my phone to samsung and if they cant do it, i will right away try this ! because i guess i am the only one who have that picture of the PC and MOB with yellow triangle between ! but when i saw this i was sooo releifed ! ^_^

  15. WOW ! i thought i was the only one who had that picture of the PC and Mob yellow triangle in between !!! i gave my mobile to samsung, idk if they are gonna fix it or no, but if they didnt, i will defiantly try this, i already downloaded it ! ^_^

  16. Pauli Gladiatus says:

    i Run it as admistrator and still asking me for premissions…Help(im using Windows 07)

  17. i dont get it….im not slow but it just doesn’t work for me. i have no .jar file anywhere

  18. 4. Right-click on ‘oneclickloader.exe’ file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.

    in which folder can I find the file above ?

  19. Near_santri says:

    I try to put my Ace to the download mode, but my Ace can’t after I installed ROM Manager…
    please help me

    • i tons of time warned ace users that , rom manager is not supported by ace it can dead your phone.

      but as you know we never surrender , so follow this guide below =

      It is bricked due to some mistake :(

      but we have solution :)

      (1) How to unbrick samsung android phones

      (2) reboot in recovery and select wipe cache then select wipe data/factory reset

      (3) Try to boot in download mode , and flash firmware using method above
      ***in case if you are unable to boot in download mode then

      Try Home + Volume Down + Volume Up + Power
      Remove battery and press volume down+middle key+power on now without releasing buttons insert battery

      Once you are in download mode you can recovery everything

  20. does this work on lg p500 (optimus one )

  21. Russ Dennis says:

    Hi, I have a problem with running one click loader. When I right click run as administrator ( which I am ) I still get the error message that I need administrators rights ? I have even tried setting up a new admin account but have the same problem – any advice please ?

  22. i followed the steps but i process was aborted because l drivers was not installed, i installed them like u said in the post and it didint work…i installed kies to for the drivers but it didnt work…anything i can do ?

    best regards man :)

  23. Can’t seem to install drivers.

  24. Hammad_zafar16 says:

    Hi!! Bro when i click on unsoft Brick.. It says failed USb driver are not installed wat sould i do pls tell me

  25. It didn’t work out.. i can’t even turn on in the download mode. :(

  26. It not working for me, can i do something wrong? Help me i have s5570 nad phone is bricked

  27. Vlad Medves says:

    does it have to be in download mode

  28. Amit_masti06 says:

    any un brick for windows phones

  29. Pranata Aditya says:

    i can’t find oneclick.jar
    only oneclick.rar

  30. Pranata Aditya says:

    when we choose run as administrator,it needs password. can you tell the password? ty

  31. I have T-mobile galaxy s2 ( t989) and by mistake I install wrong rom so my phone is now in hard brick its not turning on or connecting to my PC ..will this work for my phone?

  32. I have T-mobile galaxy s2 ( t989) and by mistake I install wrong rom so my phone is now in hard brick its not turning on or connecting to my PC ..will this work for my phone?

  33. its working?

  34. I rooted my phone and i use the rom manager to download cyanoged mod (sorry if i writed bad)
    And i dont remember i push one think in rom manager….and my phone frozed….
    i took up my baterry and i put it back but my mobile is didnt turn it on…….please help me…..
    Do you think this unbrick solution will help me? i mine i bricked my phone?? please help me i’m really upset……

    (sorry my english…..:)

    Thx your help:)

  35. Wergerfebt says:

    Wont run as administrator, why?

  36. Ghafoorbabar says:

    i cant c anything aftr clicking 1click.exe , sth flashes nd disapaers in a blink , em using win7x32

  37. Ghafoorbabar says:

    i cant c anything aftr clicking 1click.exe , sth flashes nd disapaers in a blink , em using win7x32

  38. Dew95shete says:

    i get a permission error even if i run the software as administrator…help!!

  39. Dew95shete says:

    i get a permission error even if i run the software as administrator…help!!

  40. Hello, I have Windows Xp SP3 , and I m unable to install this software, please help me

  41. Jovan Tukic says:

    my phone is dead and i have the same prob. but when i choose run as administrator.. i need to put password down… or ?

  42. i have a galaxy ace that is bricked thanks to rom manager but my problem is that i mistakenly selected a rom and it started to download bt after that i didnt do anything else i even uninstall the app from my fone meanwhile the fone was working fine until lastnight i turned it off to give it a good charge and that was the end of my ace…….. so do u think this will work for it i’m freaking out over this plz help

    • I always recommend to never use rom manger with galaxy ace , it doesnt work with ace

      Good news is this method will work

      • प्रसाद जंगम says:

        hey bro.. i have bricked my ace and now phone isn’t booting in recovery mode. tried your recommended steps: Try to boot in download mode , and flash firmware using method above
        ***in case if you are unable to boot in download mode then

        Try Home + Volume Down + Volume Up + Power
        Remove battery and press volume down+middle key+power on now without releasing buttons insert battery

        but none of these are working.. i am in big trouble yaar. please help me to get rid of it, is there any way to start phone working with myself. (without help of service center, i have downloaded odin and required firmware, but phone isn’t starting only), please help me please..

        • That means there is a little bit big problem , dont worry. Just tell me how you bricked your phone.

          • प्रसाद जंगम says:

            1. i rooted my phone
            2. installed titanium backup and rom manager
            3. before downloading and installing any other custom rom i clicked on backup my rom
            4. clicked on ok (when it asked me to name it, default was date i guess)
            5. phone screen got blank n when i tried to start it i realized that i am in big trouble.. the phone isn’t starting only no screen nothing tried almost everything read on forums :(
            please help me kuldeep..

          • Oh , do you know how many times i said ROM manger is not compatible with ace it always brick it. Only way to repair is customer care center. Dnnt tell them what you have done otherwise they will not repair it

          • प्रसाद जंगम says:

            ok, can they find out if phone is rooted (i wont tell them anything) or i have tried to install rom etc. i am scared of that only now

          • प्रसाद जंगम says:

            hey yesterday when i was trying to connect ace on odin, i tried press and hold “volume up + volume down + mid key + power” and phone was detected by odin :). i prepared odin with the firmware and started but it got stuck at “setup connection”, does it have any solution?? (and yes my phone’s screen was totally blank, it never rise up)

          • Yagneshkumar Parmar says:

            same problem here dude… does anyone got solution for it….

  43. Saurabh says:

    where is the OneClick.jar’ file

  44. Bjth_ev says:

    can u please help me? i have hard bricked my ace(rom manager)..i tried the 3 button thing-not working..went to customer service, they r asking to change motherboard and pay 4 it-comes to 10k..Heimdall not installing..saying problem while installing..what do i do?

    • Yes ROM manger damages phone very badly , if you told customer care that you have rooted your phone then you have to pay otherwise they will replace it for free.

      • what should i tell them when they ask what happened to the phone? will they believe it?

        • Tell them one you start firmware update from kies and when finished your phone wont boot. If they ask which firmware , tell then i dont know i just saw firmware update and started update. Behave like a total noob

  45. Javaid Shareef says:

    thanks for your guide bro but my phone is hard bricked i9100G dont know what to do nothing detects it no turning on no nothing and the samsung guys are not accepting it under warranty either.

  46. what is the password to run as Administrator

  47. dude i dont have a password in my Administrator

  48. it’s actually work but it says “unspecified error” when i click on “unsoft brick” button ! what i do?? help plzz

  49. hi my computer is saying also unspecified error

  50. hi bro! i have a question. i have this android phone alcatel 918n gingerbread 2.3.5 and already rooted. i install link2sd and accidentally move the apps.lib/ at sd card and my phone hanged i turn it off and try to turn on, but my phone unable to boot-up. only android logo and exclamation point inside the triangle appearring. also tried to factory reset and wipe cache..still nothing happens. what will i do? can you help me bro about htis?

  51. I am gonna follow your instruction for i9003, lets see, but although you are super, I am again proved that Indian mind is the best in the world. Thank you brother.

  52. Kaskurthysiddartha says:

    guys plz help me …..
    i have rooted my phone & by using titanium back up i had removed some files then by using ROM MANAGER i tried to back up my current firmware finally now my phone has dead.. plz help me dude….

  53. help!! i bricked my galaxy ace, trying to unbrick it with the one click unbrick, but… the phone cant be detected. the oneclickunbrick said the phone is not plugged in. i tried ODIN also, same thing is i cant enter download mode though i followed the steps.. teach me how to enter download mode in an alternative way, so that ODIN can detect it. thx!!

  54. Defrina Pramusinta says:

    i use galaxy gio too.and it’s dead since i have unroot should i do.i try to follow your tips step by step,but it doesn’t change my still died.

  55. Regferrari says:


    It partially worked for me but I had a message saying that the drivers failed to load. Do you know why is that??

  56. Eliska Dolezalova 7 says:

    Ahoj krásné stránky všechno dokonalé :) Mobil se mi zasekl a doufám že mi to pomůže :)
    protože jsem projela celý internet a takový návod jsem nenašla….. klobouk dolů, hodně dobrá práce

  57. Luhahsshahul says:

    Not working… says that driver is not installed properly

  58. anonymous says:

    i cant run oneclickloader.exe as administrator, please help..

  59. why even i run the “oneclickloader” as an administrator it still gives me a permission error??

  60. hi
    i have a problem with my galaxy s5570I
    i rooted few days back and install tasker. and i tweaked it and change the display value to 255 because i thought it stated display brightness. it seems not working, but when i turn off the phone and restart it, the display become soo big and i cannot do anything.. maybe you can help me with some suggestions.. please..
    thank you

  61. Hitesh Parekh says:

    Hi Kuldeep, I have samsung Galaxy Pop (SCH i559) having Froyo 2.2.
    1. I tried to upgrade it to Gingerbread 2.3.6 through ODIN (with Tass file and one integrated package file). Everything went well till reset step.
    2. Phone took reboot and didnt started for a minute.
    3. So I disconnected phone from laptop and tried to boot it manually by pressing power button, and when it didnt work, i removed battery.
    4. And I think that was the biggest mistake. Now I am not able to start my phone in any mode, neither in recovery nor in downloading.
    5. I tried all key combination, with battery out and than without releasing button, inserted battery, but nothing helped.
    6. Than I went to samsung service center, they checked and told me that phone is dead and need to replace motherboard costing Rs 4600/- .
    7. I also tried OneClick package, but as my phone is dead, that software is also getting failed.
    Can u pls help me out in this regard. I have tried a lot to set mobile in download mode, but not successful. Hope to have some feedback from your side.

  62. can this tools can unbrick for sony xperia s?

  63. hi,
    i have a bricked S2 I9100P, which can’t get in in download mode (it says that can’t get in download mode without battery), if i try to charge it nothing happens, it’s just starts on for a few seconds with the battery icon then turns off and then on and off and so one, if i unplug the charger i cannot turn it on in any way, i’ve tried olso the usb jig way but nothing happens. can anyone help me or should i throw my phone a way?

    • Kuldeep Singh says:

      No its not a big problem, first charge your battery from external source or get your friend’s battery.

      Boot in download mode, flash firmware and enjoy :)

  64. hi, I follow your instructions, but the program window doesn’t show up, just show a shell, then auto close.

    Edit: Run as adminstrator error. my pc account is administrator priority. why?

  65. will it work on that device who is not showing downloading but connected via usb and is recognized mode in odin plz help me im anxiously waiting for ur rply

  66. Hi I’ve tried this several times and I am also getting a permissions error when trying to install hemidall however I AM logged in as admin, I am the computer admin and I have tried ‘run as’ admin and signing in.. However I still get a permission error. I have download oneclick again for another source and still the same problem.
    Any ideas?

  67. ive already unsoft brick it but it stucks on the boot screen..wat should i do? Im using samsung galaxy tab p1000…please i need ur help..
    download mode can be entered but recovery mode cannot at all…:(

  68. Hello admin…
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos and just got bricked. Help me anyway.

  69. Hey, I’m a bit confused here. My computer says my device was successfully installed yet when i press unsoft brick it keeps failing ?

  70. i did all the steps but when i install heimdall nothing happens

  71. Himanshu sarda says:

    how to unbrick my micromax a52 plz…… help me…

  72. I can’t run as administrator? There is no “run as administrator” icon. Help please.

  73. When I run as administrator, It doesnt pop up

  74. Dear Kuldeep,
    as per ur instructions i downloaded One click unbrick app in my PC.
    But when i try to run the One click Loader.exe as Administrator it is asking for a password….
    Plz help me.
    Samsung Galaxy S2.

  75. Bro. I had galaxy pop and overlock it 900mhz by recovery mode but it bricked and not starting by doing all ,its a big problem plz tell fast


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