Unbrick / Repair Dead Samsung android Phones

Your Samsung android phone is dead due to some mistake :(

and you are shouting on us & developers , but please wait a sec before throwing your phone to customer care

although we are not responsible for your device damages but we can help at least. Good news is as always we have a solution :)

Method 1.

  1. Switch off your phone
  2. Reboot in recovery ( Middle key + Power on )
  3. and select wipe cache
  4. then select wipe data/factory reset
  5. Try to boot in download mode , and flash firmware using Odin

Method 2.

***in case if you are unable to boot in download mode then

Try Volume Down + Volume Up + Power on to boot in download mode


  1. Remove battery
  2. and press volume up + volume down +power on
  3. now without releasing buttons insert battery
  4. Once you are in download mode you can flash firmware using Odin

Method 3.

Follow this guide
How to unbrick samsung android phones

if your phone came back using above methods then congo !! , if you also know another method to do it then don’t hesitate to post a comment below

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  1. Sleepyfinder says:

    it work, in my bricked Device. thanks alot!

  2. muhammad farish says:

    Odin?? what it is?

    • Odin is a software to flash (install) firmware on samsung phones

      • muthulingam says:

        Hi my ace was brought from singapore .i am in chennai-india. came with froyo.upgraded to 2.3.3. through kies.worked fine till now. today upgraded through kies to 2.3.6.could not connect to wifi. broadband is working fine on PC.broadband service is from BSNL. they say they cannot do anything because the connection to PC is working fine so it is the fault of the firmware upgrade.my ace is not rooted, not using sim. do not want to root. samsung customer care says this upgrade should not be done through kies and should be done at their service center and i should pay for it as it was brought from singapore and the warranty does not apply here. anyway i do not have the warranty as it was a gift.is there anyway i can go back to the2.3.3 version without going to the service centre. i am not well versed in technical matters and would appreciate a step by step guide

  3. after installing one click its asking for driver installation, after successfully installing driver oneclick java again asking for driver and it showing as failed!! please help. kindly give your contact number

  4. I have a galaxy s2 i777 and I’d like to update to 2.3.6. I’m having trouble getting into download mode. I was able to do it last night, testing it, but ever since, unable to. When I hold down volume up and down key, home key and power button, it just powers up. Did I do something wrong when I put it in download mode yesterday and then exited out??

    • Bennyjohn001 says:

      hi is your phone is working then you can kies. i think for S2 android released the latest ice cream sandwich version. it is better than 2.3.6 version. here is the link to download KIES. kies is a software which you can get latest updates for your Samsung smartphone. i recommend best way update android version is kies. you need a windows or mac to down load kies. I will give you the video link.
      how to upgrade S2 from ginger bread(2.3.4,2.3.6) to ice cream sandwich (4.0):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GIdhiTFXUY
      download kies here: http://www.samsung.com/uk/support/usefulsoftware/SWUP/JSP

      enjoy ice cream sandwich!

  5. i have galaxy i9100 and my phone is bricked because i removed the cable while i was flashing via odin, i have tried steps 1 and 2 but the phone didnt open download mode in the step 3 everything ws working fine but when i presses the unsoft brick button it says the the drivers where not properlly installed, i installed them like you said and it worked, but when i retry the process it say the same problem :( … i installed kies for the drivers and it didnt work too :(

    is their anythnig i can do man ?

    best regards :)

  6. yash choudhary says:

    sir im having samsung galaxy gts5670 i had bricked my phone after rooting my phone is not flashing firmware by odin though it had detected by it but nothig happened plz help me wht should i do?

  7. HELP! I rooted my phone (Samsung Galaxy ACE 2.3.3). After that I tried to overclock it by flashing some kernel (cm-7.1-oc-kernel-
    After this my phone is unable to start WiFi and Blutooth. They are somehow disabled. I tried everything (manual enable, phone reset), no luck. Also I can not conect the device to my computer, it wont fond it. When I plug the cable there is no little icon on the display showing that there is a connection.
    [email protected]

  8. Jaykhengar says:

    I am not able to reboot in Recovery mode…?
    What should i do??

  9. able to get into download mode, thats all ! However phone not recognized by windows/odin or kies, usb device not recognized, device has failed , unplug try again, or change your device…!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi please help me!!! I think i’ve bricked my friends phone… I have tried all these methods.. I try the 2nd method.. put the battery back in while holding down all 3 buttons.. Odin detects the phone but when I try flashing it doesnt go any further than setup connection….



  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi please help me!!! I think i’ve bricked my friends phone… I have tried all these methods.. I try the 2nd method.. put the battery back in while holding down all 3 buttons.. Odin detects the phone but when I try flashing it doesnt go any further than setup connection….



  12. how to connect the samsung ace with out drive to the computer.

  13. how to connect the samsung ace with out driver to the computer and also with out kies

  14. how to connect the samsung ace with out driver to the computer and also with out kies

  15. Vineethb007 says:

    use the jig method!!
    anyone from ernakulam can contact me.

  16. hey my phone got bricked after installing rom manager ……i cant get download mode ….i tried all the tricks plzzz help out!

  17. Bennyjohn says:

    How to on my completely bricked gt-i5500 which is not turning on?

    Dear kuldeep Singh I have a GT-I5500 Samsung mobile phone. I recently rooted my phone. the root was successful. I changed my phones ROM using android app ROM manager I firstly done the clockwork flash recovery mod to get ROMs it was successful. Then go to download ROMs and download the latest version. I press OK. That’s all after that phone is not turning on. I used 3 button combinations to get download mode. I use different software in pc but the phone is not connecting to pc. Can you help me please. I read about the unclick unbrick from your site but pc is not detecting my. My phone is not turning on or not getting into download mod.

  18. Shakir_bai says:

    please help me my phone i9100g is softbrick and it is not going in download mode?please please help me

  19. Its Not Working… Help Plzzzz

  20. i can try all style to get download mode..
    never still no get to download mode..
    just get to cdma mode..
    (vol – + vol + + home + power)
    is not flashing via odin..

    please help me…

  21. my phone samsung galaxy gio..

  22. Dontknow5678 says:

    Hi man, sorry, trying to unbrick my samsung ace 5830, not lucky with the tips, using the combination of buttons have nothing, the blank screen, what can do, please? Ty

  23. Akshitchopra44 says:

    mu phone is stuck at the screen samsung galaxy pop plus gt s5570i can u pls help me

  24. i try all things but my galaxy ace not go in downloding mode or boot mode ……..help me what to do now my phone is completly dead

  25. Method 1 – not work
    Method 2-not work
    Method 3-USB can not contact to PC
    Phone detail
    Samsung Galaxy K SHW-M130K
    Firmware 2.36

  26. hello guys
    i have a samsung wave gt-s525 and due to wrong flashing my phone is dead now and not starting please help me wat should i do?

  27. rohankandwal says:
  28. hi ,
    Due to incorrect rooting,my phone is not booting neither its going in recovery ode ,..
    its also not being detected by pc. please help

  29. hai my at&t samsubg galexy 2 glass is broken . can it be replaced in chennai

  30. I understand how helpful that any of you who has provided advice are trying to be.. and I’ve tried those methods… only thing is, is I don’t know how any of them are supposed to work when my power button is no good. I mean, The power button isn’t stuck inside its not physically broken. Thing is, is the button sits there; any regular button, and it wont turn on, its fully charged. I dont know what it is. So, if there is anyone here, who has experienced the same difficulty and over came it, or know the solution please get back to me here: [email protected] . Though you should know that this has been going on a while and I just never knew what to do. What I have done continuously and obliviously since then is push POWER + HOME + VOLUME UP. This has worked well for a while, it only worked while it was connected to the charger, when the charge completed. Now my phone has been off for 4 days without any sign of it coming on anytime soon. If you have any advice please notify me. Any help is appreciated.
    Merci :)

    • Kuldeep Singh says:

      You mean your phone is not booting in download mode either ? if so, your phone is hard bricked, go to service center.

  31. sir .plz help me my phone is brick when i m install not compatible rom on my samsung galaxy pop gt s5570 via cwm recovery install correctly zip and i reboot system but the phone will not start and not start in recovery also download mode plz help me ……….

  32. sir, i have a samsung galaxy y its working on remix v2 with clockworkmod recovery in download mod but i am not able to flash with odin it detects my phone the yellow color also comes but i am still not able to flash

  33. Kuldeep Singh says:

    What happened ?

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