Transfer / Import Contacts From Old Phone to Android : Easy Way

Today we are going you to introduce a easy way to import contacts from an older phone to your android smartphone. Often this kind of task is needed when we purchased a new phone.

Then importing all contacts one by one from the older phone is very big deal in this fast age. Cause of Android now this task is become very much easier or we can say just easy trick.

So let’s try this trick…

Required things to import Contacts  to Android

  • An Gmail account
  • An PC Suit for your older phone. (If you have don’t then download it from either a website or get it from your friend)
  • Outlook installed in your PC

Procedure to import Contacts From An Old Phone To Your Android

  1. First connect your older phone (from which you want to import contacts) to your PC via any desired PC suit.
  2. Now transfer all the contacts to the outlook.
  3. Send all the contacts in CSV (comma separated values) file by the outlook.
  4. Get all of them by your Google contacts.
  5. Now create a group for the contacts which you want to import in your android or just select them by removing the unwanted.
  6. Now come to your android phone, here open contacts.
  7. Now go to “settings” and choose the “display options”.
  8. Now select the option “Only contacts with phones” just along with the Google.
  9. Select all groups.
  10. It will appear all of the import contacts.
  11. Now just copy them all to your phone.
  12. That’s all.

Enjoy and Have fun with Android. If you have any other easy solution to import contacts from old phones to android phone then you are welcome to post your method via comments :)

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  1. hi , if I had am i-phone how would I copy my contacts to my new galaxy

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