Top 5 Android Apps to Sync iTunes on Android

Android being an open source OS, it has helped developers all around the world to develop certain app that are really needed by android user. One such problem that users came across was to sync playlist with their iPod or iPhone.

So, to get rid of these problem developers have developed applications which solves this problem and interestingly offers many other features with it. List of such app that solves this problem, I have listed here.


1. DoubleTwist:

Top 5 iTunes Android Applications for Android

DoubleTwist is a free media player app which rivals the default player of Android phones. The app not only play music files like audio/video in a clean user interface but also offers sync  features like that of iTunes.

After the launch of DoubleTwist it just bridges up the gap which users have enjoyed on iPhone, by launching a counterpart application for both mobile device and desktop application. Working with DoubleTwist is similar to that of iTunes. The app is available for available for mobile and desktop application for free.


   Download DoubleTwist App


2.Music WithMe:

Top 5 iTunes Android Applications for AndroidMusic WithMe is a great app that helps user to manage music collection with iTunes and to use it on Android device. The app offers wireless and remote playlist sync option and is very simple to use, user need to just install a helper app on the PC that has iTunes installed and a synchronization app on your Android app. All you need to do to sync with the app is just run the app anywhere that has Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection and hit the playlist from your iTunes library to start sync.

The app is available as a trail and paid version, the trial version will last for 30 days after that user need to pay $14.99 to use the  app.


Download Music WithMe App


3.Remote for iTunes:

Top 5 iTunes Android Applications for AndroidThis is another great app that has full featured and reliable iTunes remote.  The iTunes for Remote can be used to control via Wi-Fi. Offer other features like: Browse by Artist/Genre name, Add tracks to DJ, Rate tracks, Search for the song in your iTunes library, Adjust volume using phone volume etc.

Remote for iTunes works perfectly with Bubblesoft AirBubble for streaming audio and can be used with other apps like AirSync, TuneSync, WinAmp etc. The app is available both as trial and paid version. Trial period will last for 30 days and after that user need to pay $4.99 to enjoy the full version of it.


Download Remote for iTunes App



Top 5 iTunes Android Applications for AndroidWinAmp is an app which offers many interesting features beside of just playing music files; like sync features, one-click iTunes library import, offers free wireless syncing, has SHOUTcast radio, Lock-Screen and Widget Players, Playlist and play queue management, Artist info bios, News and is available in 14 different languages for free and the paid version has 10-band graphic equalizer, customizable home screen, crossfade features, gapless playback, supports FLAC files for playback, replay gain, play and streaming audio URL and that without showing any commercial ads.


Download WinAmp App


5.Easy Phone Tunes:

Top 5 iTunes Android Applications for AndroidLike other app, Easy Phone Tunes doesn’t offers many features but if a user is just looking for a free and just a sync app that will transfer iTunes music to a android phone then this app can solve the problem.  The app works perfectly with music purchased from iTunes store.


Download Easy Phone Tunes App



If I missed any good iTunes Android app, then don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

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  1. isyncr works great over usb and is free, isyncr wifi is an addon for it that lets you sync over wifi and you can actually schedule syncs. The wifi addon is about $4.

    Every nite my phone will sync with itunes over wifi while im sleeping, nice and convenient.


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