Sprint LG Optimus G LS970 All in One Toolkit: One Click Install Drivers, Root, Lock/Unlock Bootloader App


All users of sprint LG optimus LS970! it’s time to rejoice you all cause a unique and easy tool now have been created from the developers field by which you can easily unlock the bootloader and root your sprint LG optimus G LS970. This tool is known as “GAIO”. All credits goes to XDA developers who credited this amazing app. Such other features of GAIO all in one tool are listed below.

Features of GAIO all in one tool

  • Root access
  • Unlock bootloader
  • Install custom recovery
  • Restore unlock stock boot
  • Install windows LG drivers

Download GAIO All in One Tool for Sprint LG Optimus G LS970 from here

In the due course of this article we are giving you the easy tutorial about the user interface of this app, so keep reading to learn a quick and error less use of this app.

Important facts about the update

  • Tool is just for (Compatible device)- LG Optimus G LS970
  • Be aware- Unlocking bootloader and rooting will void your device warranty. To get back the warranty claim back you have to relock the bootloader and unroot the phone by any mean. (*this app also restore the stock boot)
  • Recommend- Kindly perform this tutorial, if you are an advance user and you are well known to the concept of unlocking bootloader, rooting, custom ROMs.
  • Caution- This unlock bootloader and rooting tutorial hardly not permitted for network locked devices, so don’t ever try this update on your network locked devices.

Disclaimer:  We are are not responsible for any kind of error or damage to your device cause of using any kind of info of this tutorial. So do anything only at your own risk.

Now let’s head to the tutorial to learn out the configuration of this app.

Configuration of GAIO All in One Toolkit for Sprint LG Optimus G LS970 [Tutorial]

Step 1. Prepare your phone and PC (pre-requisites)

Note:- Don’t use pc suite for backup cause it won’t be working for custom ROMs.

  • Must enable the USB debugging mode in your LG Optimus G by following- Settings -> Device Information -> Enable USB Debugging Mode.
  • Disable all kind of security suites and firewalls such as antivirus from both PC and device, to avoid interruption during the process.
  • Charge your device at least 70%.
  • Ensure your device should only Sprint variant LG Optimus G LS970, so don’t ever try this app on any other android device except this one.

Note:- You can check the modal and running firmware of your Tablet by- follow in your tablet as “Settings”>> “About Tablet”.

Step 2. Use below procedure to learn configuration of GAIO All in One Tool for LG Optimus G

1. First downloaded GAIO All in One Tool package in your PC, the download link has already mentioned above.

2. Now connect your LG Optimus G to the computer with the help of it’s default USB cable in “Charge-only mode”.

3. Now go to the folder where you downloaded the GAIO tool, and launch the application.


4. If you are on Windows, you need to select the “Install LG Drivers” option from the GAIO interface window, otherwise skip this step cause this option is not required on a Linux based Operating System.

5. Now several option according to their task are shown on the window, now just use these options and follow on screen instructions for succeeding that particular task.



Root LG Optimus G

This will root your phone
Unlock Bootloader This will unlock the bootloader of your phone
Install Custom Recovery This will install custom recovery in your phone
Restore Unlocked Stock boot.img This will relock the bootloader as default

Tip:- You can use “4 Ways to Identify if your Android Device is Rooted” guide on androidflip to check your Device is rooted or not.

Note:- To access the Recovery menu, press the “Volume Down” twice before powering the phone on.

Congratulation! Now you can easily perform all basic custom tasks as rooting, locking and unlocking of bootloader and such other for your Sprint LG Optimus G LS970 using GAIO all in one tool.

Thanks to android.gs

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