How To Root Sony Xperia Play – Complete Guide

This rooting guide is not working anymore with new xperia play phones, peoples are reporting sim card problems. so don’t follow this method until you know what you are doing

Newbies can try this method , and no need to unlock boot loaders

Android phones are very powerful but without rooting you cant use them at their best. Before taking any action if you want to know what is android root and why we must have a rooted android then Go here

Today we have an another Guide on How to root you Xperia Play. here I will teach you complete process on how to unlock boot loader and then root your Xperia Play.

These words like- rooting,boot loader,cmd prompt,terminal etc. sounds strange but don’t confuse rooting is very easy task and when you will familiar with these words you will love them.

Here we have two tasks for Rooting Xperia play –

1. Unlock Boot loader.

2. Root it.

(I). Unlocking Sony Xperia Play Boot Loader

  1. We need two things to Download before unlocking boot loader– First Fast boot package ,second  Sony Ericsson drivers

  2. Go to: at the bottom of page you will see a red continue button click on it ,accept warnings and enter IMEI no. ,name,e-mail when asked (Dial *#06# to know your phone’s IMEI ).


  3. Now you will get your unique unlock key

  4. Switch off your phone . hold the “search” button, now while holding the “search” button connect your phone to your PC with an USB cable. Windows will show an error in installing the drivers. This is where we use the Drivers we downloaded earlier


  5. Now extract file driver.rar you got in first step and go to “device manager” on your pc and look for “S1Boot Fastboot” under “other devices” .

  6. Right click on “S1Boot Fastboot” and select “update driver software”. Now browse my computer for driver software and select the Driver folder which is created when we extract driver.rar , make sure you have checked include subfolder


  7. click next and when windows warning pop up select “install this driver software anyway” .Wait for “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” message to appear on your screen. Now click Close.

  8. Now Extract fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.rar file open extracted folder

  9. Now hold shift and press mouse right click anywhere on empty white space inside the fastboot folder and select “Open command windows here

  10. Now in the command prompt window type/paste the following:

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version

It should return a value like “0.3”. This ensures that your device is correctly connected.

Now type/paste the following line in the command prompt window:


fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY


IMPORTANT! Replace the word “KEY” from the above line with the KEY that you received in Step 3 Then hit Enter.

Now wait for the process to complete. Command prompt will show a “Finished” message when it will be completed. Once it’s done, disconnect the USB cable from your phone and switch it ON. Your phone’s boot loader should now be unlocked.


IMPORTANT! Watch Video below by for more explanation ,please note this video is showing  how to unlock boot loader of Xperia Arc , but Unlocking process for Xperia play and Xperia Arc is is little change is press “search key” on Xperia play while connecting to pc while in Arc press “menu Key


II. Rooting Xperia Play

  1. download the necessary Root Package

  2. copy it to the fastboot folder mentioned in the earlier section .Note down the name of the .img file you just downloaded. In the provided package the name is play_modded.img  Once you are done copying it

  3. open Command Prompt there as we did earlier by Holding Shift + press Right Click then clicking Open Command Prompt here. ( In Linux and Mac open Terminal.)

Enter this command:


fastboot flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img


fastboot -i 0x0fce flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img


fastboot-mac -i 0x0fce flash system YOURDOWNLOADEDFILE.img

Now wait while file is flashed onto your phone .Reboot and enjoy rooted power of android

Special thanks [XDA Developers] lollylost100, Bin4ry, zdzihu for brainstorming

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  1. when i get the Rooting step,,, why it just show “sending ‘system’ (236189 KB)…” ???
    is it need long time, or i was wrong?
    thx …

  2. hai …
    why my xperia play can’t connect to adhoc connection?
    although android 2.3 gingerbread …

  3. once more question from me :)
    i’ve tried to update my Xperia Play,,,

    but, while process updating … a message box show, and it says “the phone contains modified software that cannot be updated”

    why … please help me … :)
    i want to upgrade it …

    • rooted phones cant update officially , there are two ways to do it—
      1. unroot it
      2. download firmware on pc and flash it manually

      2nd way is great , which firmware you want to upgrade ??

      • Where i can download the firmware?
        Or, how to unroot xperia play?

        • which firmware do you want ? tell me the version , i will send you

          • i want to recover my xperia play, because now my XP was dead after i try to upgrade from Phone,,,
            And now i want to firmware which suites for my Xperia Play, but i hope u give me the latest version :)

            And would you mind to show me the step for recover it with ur firmware please?

          • I’ve the same problem of Rhendra Kurniawan. I have a Xperia PLAY 800i and want to upgrade i to the latest firmware, can you help me? send me the link to the last firmware and say what i need to do to install it correctly?

  4. Hai Mr. Kulddep Singh, please help me … describe more how about flash manually with firmware that i’ve downloaded from Official Sony Ericsson Developer …

    because, now my Xperia Play was totally can’t to turn on, if i press button power, it just show green light, and just vibrate …

    i try to connect my phone with press “search” button as ur tutorial, but can’t detected, but if i release the “search” button, my phone detected as SEMC Flash Drive,,, how should i do???

    NB :
    1. I’ve download firmware 3.0.1.C.0.80.tar.bz2 from Sony Ericsson Developer and i don’t know what should i do with this file,,,
    2. I didn’t find the file you called as FILE_277919341 in my PC after i download and run Update Service Software

    Please help me :(

  5. Billguetsh says:

    Big thanks for your work ! I was ont expecting for a tuto like yours to try to root mine … Hope it works on my french one

    • Surely it will work , but don’t update your phone after unlocking bootloader and rooting. because it will lock your phone.

      solution before updating you need to re-lock bootloader of your Xperia Play ,follow this guide — how to relock bootloader of xperia Play

      above guide is showing on Xperia Arc but you can also use it on Xperia Play ,it is tested and working Perfectly

  6. Ichajepon says:

    Can u send the necessary Root Package to me? Its taking ages to download. Thank u

  7. Babycichak says:

    how do i unroot my Xperia play?

    • Use Sony Ericsson Update Service and re-install firmware(re-install version that you currently have don’t update to latest version otherwise your phone will lock) . don’t disconnect phone during process, i suggest you to use laptop or PC with inverter

  8. Hey!

    I rooted my Xperia Play and has got some problems. Whenever I try to do anything it pops up a masage saying “The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” It happens when I try buy something from market or enter my gallery. Browsing the market seems to go fine, but as soon as I try to buy something that message comes which also make me unable to buy the item since I never get the chance to press buy.

    I tried play FIFA that was installed in the phone, worked without any problems.

  9. C Warwick118247 says:

    it sais waiting for device on the final step any ideas ???

  10. C Warwick118247 says:

    i managed to install everything and now rooted on 2.3.2 is there a way of me getting 2.3.3 and still be rooted ????? have u a image ready ????

  11. C Warwick118247 says:

    i managed to install everything and now rooted on 2.3.2 is there a way of me getting 2.3.3 and still be rooted ????? have u a image ready ????

  12. After rooting my phone, I keep getting error messages saying “The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” and “The process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Can you help me fix this? I’m really scared my phone is gonna die and since I rooted it, the warranty is voided. Please email me as soon as possible at [email protected]

  13. this work for all android version?

  14. but mine is 2.3.3 version can be root?

  15. if i dun unlock bootloader got what effect


  17. can u teach me how to root my xperia play 2.3.3…

  18. Kelvin_892 says:

    how long willl it take for the rooting process?

  19. I don’t get a blue light when I hold my search button and connect my USB cable.
    In order to root, does my phone have to be unlocked?? Please help.

  20. Hi,

    I’m sorry if i’m asking a question that has already been asked,
    So i unlocked the bootloader successfully and started up and was getting no mobile network, like it would connect to 3G. However wifi was working fine and I was able to make calls and send messages.

    I was wondering whether I should go ahead and root the phone (arc) or is there something wrong with it becasue of the lost 3G ? and might need to fixed first?

    Please help.

  21. Hi, I’ve done all step and now, my Xperia Play doesn’t recognize my SIM CARD and everytime I boot it, he ask me for guide steps. Someone help me?

  22. Aman_faizbakhsh says:

    I rooted my xperia play but after finishing and completing the process I my phone dose not recognize my Sim Cart!

    I also loosed all my applications and contact!

    If anyone can help it would very kind of him :-(


  23. hi kuldeep here is my problem. i have tried every way to root my Xperia play 2.3.3.
    i tried the fast boot and flash tool method. in fast boot i get “sending ‘system’ (236189 KB)…” but nothing happens even after an hour.

    in flashtool i get an error “Error flashing. Aborted.” i know the dirvers are installed because thats how i relocked my boot loader.

    i mean i have checked all over the net and XDA forums cannot get it to downgrade to 2.3.2.


  24. Bazamuffin says:

    My is my 2.3.3 not recognising SIM card after flashing play_modded.img?

  25. god damn, download the .img for twice until 99.99% then stuck…..dumb link.

  26. can 2.3.4 be rooted with this process?

  27. Adrian Choose says:


    Myphone does not rely on a unlock but somehow every time i root it i get some errors and it will not detect the sim any more. did I brick it? I am running on the 2.3.3 version of an droid. could this be the problem?

  28. Adrian Choose says:

    Re flashing firmware using flash tools will fix the xperia games launcher issue (which i can live without) and the ps games but I lose out on so much more goodies!! i’ll sacrifice and run emulators.. since i can app2sd and overclock i shouldn’t have a problem.

  29. Adrian Choose says:

    Hey just a quick question. how do I reflash stock firmware from cm7?? flashtools can’t detect my driver somehow..

  30. will this root work with xperia play r800i build# 3.0.1.A.0.145 kernel ver

  31. First of all I would like to give you a big thanks to actually explaining what to do.
    However because I didn’t back up the stock ROM (my fault) and restored a different firmware,my Wifi doesnt work, cant activatemass storage mode.
    I was hoping that you or anyone else has a nandroid backup of the stock rom(UK version).

  32. help! my rooted experia play cnt read simcard…TT

  33. HEY i followed everything step by step now my phone is stuck on loading screen saying sony ericsson any ideas

  34. Sean Coleman says:

    Hey bud iwhen i get to the rooting step. when i type the fastboot flash sytem blah blah blah. it says waiting for device and that it. please help me.

  35. karanveer Singh Dhaliwal says:

    oi kidda Kuldeep paaji??!………hey i bought my xperia play from UK its R800i model 2.3.3 android and Build number is 4.0.A.2.368 and cmd can’t seem to sense the device……do you how i can fix it so that i can root it,,,,,,,theek kar tho meray li please

  36. can u give new links because those are crashed, plz?

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