How To Root Samsung Galaxy Mini Running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

In Previous Tutorial we upgraded Samsung galaxy mini to android 2.3.4 gingerbread. if you haven’t upgraded your galaxy mini to latest android 2.3.4 than you can go here to upgrade.

Test of gingerbread is sweet but without rooting, android phones are not powerful as they really are.rooting have many benefits – it brings complete control on your phone, after rooting we can install non android market applications,flash custom ROMs and also make a complete system backup as well.

Rooting using SuperOneClick is not working on galaxy mini running android 2.3.4 ,so I posted a new method to root galaxy mini and it is very simple. follow the steps below carefully

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible.

Warning : After rooting your warranty will lose , if you want to recover warranty then you have to unroot your device


Download a file called from here

Instructions to root galaxy mini running android 2.3.4

Step1.  Once you have downloaded the file ,copy it to root (main) directory of
           your phone’s micro SD card

Step2.  Switch off your phone

Step3.  Now boot phone in recovery mode,hold the Home key
(middle button) and while holding ,Press Power ON button

Step4.  In recovery mode you will get lot of options on screen and here you cant use
          touchscreen to select options , so use volume up/down to toggle through options.
          to confirm use middle key

Step5.  Choose second option “apply update from SD card”

Step6.  Now you will need to select file . go where you saved it on your SD card
          and select it. press middle key to apply

Step7.  it will take several seconds to install

Step8. Once this process is done, reboot your phone and you will see a superuser
          icon under applications ,congratulations your phone is now rooted

If you faced any problem feel free to ask via leaving comments below

For More info you can go to Source –

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  1. Crystymoon says:

    The phone starts in downloading mode.

  2. Crystymoon says:

    When i press Volume Down button + Home key , and Power ON button, the phone starts in downloading mode.

  3. Crystymoon says:


  4. Crystymoon says:

    today i made the upgrade to android 2.3.4 gingerbread

  5. Okay I did root my device . It was easy. But, how can I unroot???

  6. Ravi Kumar says:

    Yes!! This works.

  7. need to unzip the file 1st or not?

  8. i got stuck in download mode. how can i solve this?

  9. Ashique Zakariyya says:

    I found the working Gingerbread 2.3.4 ,instructions and details by searching too much.

    get it easely from me.
    Great wishes

  10. Body_1704 says:

    Recovery mode:hold the Home key(middle button)+Power ON button(for Samsung Mini)

  11. I did it. Thanks. Can I install honeycomb music app now with this method link: I installed it on unrooted phone, but always it force closes.

  12. WouterGlas says:

    hi menu stucks by a samsung sartup image how to fix?

  13. WouterGlas says:

    hi menu stucks by a samsung sartup image how to fix?

  14. It works so great, thnx alot

  15. Lukman Hakim says:

    hi..i successfully complete the installation after change the file name from to I also noticed an icon superuser but my android version still does’nt change..(2.2.1)

  16. Hey~!
    Until now, is there any means to unroot this S5570 when I rooted the phone?

  17. Biotech Rohit says:

    this procedure works for galaxy pop cdma indian

  18. so how to unroot ?

  19. Err Can u teach me how to unroot?

    • Switch off your phone
      Press middle key + power on
      After that you will some options that is called recovery menu
      Here you can use volume key to navigate options and middle key to select
      Now select wipe cache and then select wipe data/factory reset
      Once done select reboot now

  20. Many thanks
    Mine is rooted now

  21. Great, it works! Thanks a lot!

  22. If I updated my samsung galaxy mini from 2.2.1 froyo to 2.3.4 gingerbread does it means that I lost my warrancy for it?

  23. galzxys5570 says:

    ya I can see the superuser icon…but the system is not at all rooted.
    when I am cheeking the about phone
    it still showing
    se.infra@SEI-43 #1
    plz give some solid info how to root samsung galaxy mini

  24. Jujujosua says:

    Thanks pal..

  25. Qayyumqoys says:

    this tutorial upgrade for froyo to gingbread?..

  26. hi..does rooting delete applications that installed in phone?..or make some apps in sd dont work?..and another things is how can I use the titanium backup when the phone need to be rooted..if rooting delete the inside phone apps..thanks

  27. philipp jade romo says:

    thanks… now my device is already rooted.. and i have this kind of application that is “superuser”

  28. Sisafedi Nirma says:

    how to unroot it??

  29. Ivan Hernandez Dufour says:

    doesnt work for me when the installation is done says me “installation aborted” what can i do?

  30. xxryexx12 says:

    so what is the benefits of having my galaxy mini rooted? is there a change?thanks:)

  31. After rooting using this method, when my phone gain root access for few times it may auto restart… i installed the latest binary for superuser and also try to fix the problem by installing the latest busybox… but the problem persists~

    didnt have this problem when i was using froyo with root…

    any idea?

  32. Sicnarf1518 says:

    Hi. Im already using gingerbread 2.3.4…. May i know how to use the screen capture? Thanks!!

  33. Chongtak108 says:

    It’s not working for me (T_T). I have this error message : « E:Error in /tmp/sideload/ (status 7) installation aborted. »

  34. Abdullah Khan says:

    how to reboot the phone

  35. Tooksachin says:

    hi where is root directory

  36. Hostmarcel says:

    tested amd fully working.. now using samsung galaxy mini with gingerbread 2.3.4 rooted!

  37. Ananth271194 says:

    how do u unroot it??

  38. Haha. nice! thank mate! any idea how to unroot it back tho?

  39. You’re so Awesome :DD

  40. it just says Installation Aborted.. when i select apply update from SD card

    • You won’t find any answer to this question here. I have the same problem, have posted and no answer… Good luck

  41. Happy_cosmi says:

    can i root my phone if its locked?

  42. That work is right, thanks for your help

  43. thanks man im now enjoying my rooted galaxy mini thanks a lot man

  44. how do i root if im running gingerbread2.3.5

  45. DragonxXx says:

    Does it work for factory S5570 with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread? I bought the phone recently. Do I need to do something before rooting by this article?

  46. Shreyastambe053 says:

    can you help me to unroot my galaxy mini running gb 2.3.6……
    please help………its urgent……..

  47. Qodirjelani says:

    superuser is for?

  48. Wisnu Bimantoro says:

    hello…. in my droid when i looked at second menu… there was
    “apply from sdcard : update zip”
    you say Choose second option “apply update from SD card”
    please give me an solution

  49. Wisnu Bimantoro says:

    hello…. in my droid when i looked at second menu… there was
    “apply from sdcard : update zip”
    you say Choose second option “apply update from SD card”
    please give me an solution

  50. clydeclavo25 says:

    what is the used of rooted??

  51. clydeclavo25 says:

    wheres the superusericon?

  52. Adi Krish says:

    is this applicable for galaxy pop i559 CDMA??

  53. Link isnt working D:

  54. der link geht icht mehr

  55. Eisen Fiesta says:


    The download link of “” is dead (can not be found)

  56. Is there a way to unroot the phone?

  57. Messedupmee says:

    How do you unroot this? :) Nothing wrong, just dont feel secure with root. reply asap please c:

  58. Messedupmee says:

    What? >__>

  59. Ifan9702 says:

    pls give new link

  60. link is not working
    can u provide another link?

  61. Faisalmhakappadi says:

    i have 2.3.4

  62. Faisalmhakappadi says:

    samfamware how can downlode

  63. The link does not work… Nice work, man!

  64. It really works, thanks

  65. It is really works, thanks

  66. my samsung galaxy mini is not switching on what to do

  67. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme.
    Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz respond as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks

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