[How to] Root Samsung Galaxy Ace on Android 2.3.4 XXKPH Gingerbread Firmware

Samsung Galaxy ace users previously upgraded to android 2.3.4 gingerbread firmware (although this update is not launched officially yet ,official android 2.3.3 update for galaxy ace is available) . this update brings more faster UI, good performance,  some good features and bug fixes and obviously tight securities.

For a normal user official updates are sufficient but if you want to enjoy your android device at its best then you need to root it.

don’t know much about rooting ?? then you can read following article–

what is rooting and why you must have a rooted android phone 

I think this huge article is enough to understand what is rooting and why you root. After updating to andriod 2.3.4 gingerbread Many of my blog readers are asking me for rooting android 2.3.4 on Galaxy Ace , so today i am posting a very easy tutorial on how to root Galaxy Ace running android 2.3.4


  1. Don’t flash until you have 2.3.4 OR 2.3.3 firmware, you can check your firmware going settings>about phone>firmware version
  2. Backup all data stored in phone memory like- call log,message,music,camera album. also Note down OR backup APN settings and MMS configuration
  3. Warranty will get void after rooting , if you want to get warranty back you have to unroot it
  4. install latest version of samsung kies to install latest drivers
  5. Minimum 50% battery power is required ,80% is better


Requirements to start:

  1. Download Rooting file “upd_1.zip” from here
  2. Memory card

Step by Step Guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace running android 2.3.4/2.3.3 gingerbread

  1. Copy “upd_1.zip”file on your phone’s SD card
  2. Switch off your phone
  3. On it again in recovery mode (Hold down Middle key and press power on key)
  4. In recovery mode touch screen will not work so use volume UP/DOWN to toggle through options and middle key to confirm. Select the option “update from SD card” and hit ok
  5. Now Select the file “upd_1.zip” from memory card
  6. Wait until the confirmation screen
  7. Click on “reboot in normal mode” to restart the phone


Those who are getting errors and cant root their phone , Download this file “AceGingerRoot.zip” and use it instead of “upd_1.zip”

Congratulations you have successfully rooted your phone , if you want to unroot your phone to get warranty back follow this article below—>

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace running on andriod 2.3.4/2.3.3 gingerbread

[CREDITS]: Russian forum-user with nickname may213 , XDA , @Krystofer for AceGingerRoot File

if you faced any problem feel free to ask via comments below

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  1. Awesome! installing 2.3.4 and rooting with upd_1.zip works like a charm!, thanks a bunch!

  2. Gonna give it a try! Tnx, i’ll get back on you with result :)

  3. Jerrytom3 says:

    Thanks, the rooting worked perfectly. for me no data lost from memory card

  4. Hey can u hwlp me here I rooted my samsung galaxy ace n derz a application call superuser I jus wanted to Ask how to remove stock apps

  5. Bachir Darra says:

    Thanks man it worked 4 me :)

  6. hafizin jamil says:

    i cant install that upd_1.zip file.he said that update not found in sd card..?now i had froyo root with SOC 1.70 baseband version s5830JXKCI build number : FROYO.JPKC2..

    any solve for this prob?

  7. Almeidabrandon says:

    how do come to know that the phones rooted

  8. can i ask wat is the meaning of “flash”?and how to backup messages call log?

  9. hi mr. Singh do i need to connect to network before i move my apps to sd card? right now i cant move my files using app 2 SD Free.

    is this link different from this? http://androidflip.com/rooting-guide-samsung-galaxy-ace-running-23-android-gingerbread/

    • yes it is different and no need of internet

      • Anonymous says:

        after rooting my ace i didnt feel any changes. inside superuser icon i dont see any applications that can be move to my sd card. and for my application “app 2 SD free” everytime i enter this application it says no movable application found from the storage.

  10. Thx =)mr.SIngh =)

  11. erm i wan to ask if upgrade from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4,den the phone memory will be formated?if wan backup how to back up to sd?

  12. I have a new problem now dear kuldeep, my rooted 2.3.4 ace seems to be draining battery faster than the froyo version. i searched online and it says we nid to wipe or battery stats everytime after we flashed custom rom. But for my ace, i dunno how to install the CyanogenMod on it to wipe the battery stats in recovery mode. Dear Kuldeep pls help me.. ><

  13. StriderX64 says:

    When i select to update from sd card it says cant open file sdcard/update.zip, therefore its unable to update. Ive done it like 4 times already and tried downloading the upd_1t.zip 3 times already still wont go through.
    Anything im doing wrong here? oh and will i lose any files on my sdcard after rooting?

  14. beachmachine90 says:

    Doesn’t work for me. I always get following error on applying upd_1.zip:
    Can’t open /tmp/sideload/package.zip (bad)

    Please, can anyone help me on this issue? I want to get rid of there two russion apps which are preinstalled on this ROM.

    Maybe it would help if anyone uploads his package.zip.

  15. After i rooted my phone but why my apps from sd cards cant open?where shall i open it?

  16. Hi.

    It might be a similar issue to the ones before. My phone opens the ZIP file, but then says:

    “GT-B7510″ E:error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted”.

    I tried removing the battery, with no success.

    I will appreciate any tips you could give me.


  17. Hi kuldeep.. i would like to ask for your professional advices in my ace’s gps… i just installed the fasterfix on my ace… should i choose asia or malaysia? i am from malaysia.. which one will gv the best result? Thx Kuldeep…

  18. Hi kuldeep.. i would like to ask for your professional advices in my ace’s gps… i just installed the fasterfix on my ace… should i choose asia or malaysia? i am from malaysia.. which one will gv the best result? Thx Kuldeep…

  19. Anonymous says:

    anyone knows how to convert .api to .apk? is it possible to install iphone files to ur galaxy ace?

  20. Sandler96 says:

    worked great! remember to follow the instructions precisiley!! 😉

  21. after the update my phone language has changed i swapped it to english again but the market comes in a weird language what to do..??

  22. Anonymous says:

    is it ok to clear my cache everyday?

  23. hi kuldeep.. why is my rooted 2.3.4 ace experienced lag when i just wake my ace from sleeping? the lagging will continue only untill i “clear ram”? any solution for that? i’ve nvr experience such lagging situation on froyo w/o rooting.. any helps will be appreciated.. THX!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I just bought Galaxy Ace with 2.2.1. Just want to know will there be any problem connecting to Kies after rooting to 2.3.4. I am new with Android.

  25. Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 rooting uses the same procedure?

  26. Hi, upgrading to 2.3.4 and rooting worked great! I have a question, do I have to leave the upd_1.zip file on my SD card, or can I delete it? THANKS YOU!!!!

  27. Krishna Sulegai says:

    Its not working plz help me out

  28. i hav samsung galaxy ace and i can access android market using gprs bt cannot login into google account using wifi.

  29. Mcrgarcia24 says:

    After flashin my phone to 2.3.4 and then rooting it can someone teach me on how to use SETCPU :(

  30. first of all… i’m new to android… i just finish upgrade my ace to 2.3.4. is it compulsory to root my phone?? by the way… what the different performance between rooted and not on ace?? because i just find my phone is ok right now…

    anyway…a lot of thanks on your guide to this..

  31. Hi, Kuldeep I successfully upgrade to 2.3.4 however. My phone is now in russian. What do I need to do? Thanks!

    • go to settings menu as usual then u scrool down u will c a many icons one of them with the letter A. click it and then click on d 1st options there nw u cn select d language u want.

  32. i want root my samsung galaxy ace but before rooting i want to safe all my apps so that i dont have to download it again. can u pls tell me how to safe my apps? most of them i have installed in memory card bt still there are some of them in phone memory.pls guide me.thx in advance

  33. Why cant I go to the recovery mode although I already press the middle button and the On/Off button?

  34. Thank’s so much!!! Great post!!!

  35. How do I transfer or Install apps directly to my SD card? I’ve installed angry birds and I’ve checked first my phone memory and it was 136 MB after I installed angry birds it went down to 134, I’ve already rooted my phone and I installed the Root Apps Checker from the market, I went here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=471653 and I can’t seem to understand the procedure can you please elaborate it for me? I just bought my phone a week ago so please forgive me for my noobish question, I’m still newbie, thanks you in advance looking forward on your reply.

  36. Adit Rawate says:

    Hey thanks a lot i jus rooted my phone successfully :) :) :)…

    i did it because of very lil internal memory of Galaxy Ace… but now i need your help.. how do i reduce the files from my internal memory n use the external now… ther r still few apps tht are not movin to SD via ‘APP2SD’….

    pllzzzz help :)

  37. Hi, my galaxy ace is on 2.3.4 S5830DXKPB, can i use this file to root it?

  38. hi im afra . thank u for helping ppl .

    i am on offcial gingerbread 2.3.4 recetly released //

    more detail is :

    kernel : 2,6,35,7-perf-cl518855

    build number :

    plz tell me can i using this methid and rooting file ro roo this firmware ?

    eagerly waiting 4 and answer

  39. Devil_the_dark says:

    sry for mis s typng . edit version :

    plz tell me can i using this methid and upd_1.zip to root this firmware ?

    • Yes you can :)

      • hi sir, i noticed you are being really helpful to all android users here..well i am one of those newbies!..first of all sorry if my questions annoys you :)
        i just got my first android phone which is:

        samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830
        android version : 2.3.4
        kernel version : root@DELL140#1
        build number : GINGERBREAD.DXKP9

        my main concern here is about its internal memory . when i go to ‘manage appications’ i noticed tat tose apps (eg:games,dic,opera) are in BOTH my phone memory and sd card . I want to free my phone memory and move all the apps to my sd card which has the size of 12gb . Is rooting the only method? And if it is , then can i use the file u uploaded to proceed with rooting . Is it compatible to my android version ? .. Also , do i need to use the PC to root it ? or it can be done by phone…what are the drawbacks and advantages ?..i just want to free my phone memory..sobsob..its taking too much of space

        • oh yea..i forgot this,

          baseband version : S5830DXKP9

          • Yes if you want to move all apps then you will need rooting your phone

            1. to know about rooting , follow this

            2. you can root with this guide , it will work for you

            and if you dont want to root then you can also move some apps to sd card , which is default feature of gingerbread

          • Thanks for the fast reply :)
            I am just afraid to root it…it is only 3 days old u see..plus i am new to android..huhu…if i want to root it do i need a pc or i can do it using my phone ?

            this is my situation :
            the applications are in both my sd and phone memory . if i del it in the phone memory it automatically disappears on the sd as well .

        • Kimshark_89 says:

          me also got DXKP9 version…is your root method at this page suit the version??? i already rooted it…but i cant transfer the app to sd…yyyyyy…plizz

          • Bro , it seems Ace users have problems with app2sd

            on other phones its working fine :(

          • Kimshark_89 says:

            i tried but to no avail…what should i do to transfer the data to memory card…plizzzz help me…one more thing…how to know that my phone is already rooted?…i just installed root checker from the market and run a test and it say congratulations…you have root access..is that telling me that my phone is already rooted?

          • Kimshark_89 says:

            yessss!!!!! i can finally move it through gemini app manager…!!!!!! and that tell me that your method is rooting my phone….thank you dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Your welcome , keep visiting and asking

  40. i have galaxy ace android 2.3.4 , should i go for rooting my device , can i save all apps to SD card? pls kuldeep ji guide me


  41. Hi! Thanks a lot! I recently upgraded via kies only yesterday and got all the stock apps back. They tend to get a little annoying. Thanks to you now I won’t see them anymore :)

  42. please i need your help!!

    How do I transfer or install the applications directly to my SD card?
    I’ve already rooted my phone but still, before I installed an application the internal memory was 136 and after I installed an application it went down to 134, so clearly it eats up my internal memory, Can you help me with this?

  43. hey will all the software that are inbuilt will be installed automatically right?

  44. mine didn’t work 😐 i cant seem to get on the “On it again in recovery mode (Hold down Middle key and press power on key)”

  45. Thankz

  46. Bought a phone like this and had android version 2.3.4 already in it, and search how to root it and got here, and it worked great! Thanks, i think my phone got faster? Thanks a lot :)

  47. Manan0012005 says:

    hey i think there is a problem in proxi sensor as when i put phone near ear the light turns off that working but when taken away from ears to end call the light does not appear so there is a laging in the sensor .. it should be noted my the coders

  48. Bharathkumarkm says:

    Will this work on i9003 running 2.3.4 XXKPH/

  49. Beyondfreaks says:

    It works, It gets done in 4 seconds or maybe less and you get the SuperUser App too.

    Hmmm… thank you so much :’>

  50. Bro am using 2.3.4 DDKQ5 .. so can i root with this file ? ??

  51. Dear Kuldeep,
    just a little problem here..after install Gingerbread and rooting then my phone go crazy. without touch anything the application like messaging in typing itself or phone keypad typing numbers all by itself..please help Kuldeep

  52. finally i did :D:D:D

  53. Hi, I’ve tried your guide to root my galaxy ace 2.3.4 how can i know it worked?

  54. sony ericsson made xperia hardware opensource so that change to cyanogenmod ……………is it the same with galaxy ace?

    does ace support cynogenmod?

  55. Siti Sulaiim says:

    Hey i having problem in rooting my galaxy ace 2.3.4.i follow step by step but couldnt.after the phone reboot. The phone still the same.i try both (upd_1.zip) and ( acegingerroot.zip ).by selecting one of the the file then reboot the phone.i need some help here. .. Thanks.

  56. Siti Sulaiim Mohamad says:

    hey ,im using android 2.3.4.what the different after rooting?i didnt see any different .i check my phone whether the phone had been rooted thru root cheacker app.yes it rooted. can u tell me what the diff ? thanks

  57. Imranhussainsyed999 says:

    hi iam emraan i have updated the ginger braed 2.3.4 verision i can see in the settings>>aboutphone
    but in the case of rooting iam not getting the upd_1.zip and iam getting another two folders which are not having the particular i have tried a lot and i really dont understand why it happend >>>>>>>>>> please help me and also i have tried from acegingerroot.zip
    it also not working so please help me :-(

  58. Imranhussainsyed999 says:

    hi once again its me emraan i have downloaded rootchecker it is showing that it is not rooted by all procedures made it!

    • Bro you got two folder because you extracted the file , all you need is download and copy as it is

      rename it to “update.zip” ,, i hope it will solve your problem

  59. Sarwanbasha05 says:

    app2sd not workin on galaxy ace.
    try install manager. it worked for me

  60. Imranhussainsyed999 says:

    bro i have updates succesfully and rooted also thank u very very much bro…………
    please tell me to view more updates of u recomandance ………….
    thanku very very much……………

    • Thanks bro , your welcome to androidflip family

      To get latest update for your phone and other tips you can subscribe our 100% free email updates , look at the top right of the website . enter your email and you are done :)

  61. Pawardh96 says:

    I have heard that rooting helps to save internal memory.
    All apps turn from mb to kb..is that true?

  62. Wooow…GR8 stuff….I was on GB 2.3.4 (DDKQ5) rooted my Ace followed ur guidelines above(upd_1.zip) …all went pretty smooth…superuser….then installed root checker… installed manager…moved most of the apps to microSD…( though free Install Manger allows to move 2 apps @ times)….Thanx Kuldeep….

    One Q…when upgrading to future FW…do I have to unroot the phone..?

  63. Hey…im from Kolkata…followed ur instructions…worked perfectly and the entire process took just 3 to 4 mins….
    I had DDKQ5 gingerbread 2.3.4 and i upgraded it d day i bought d phone through Kies….
    Now its rooted… 😀
    Thanks a million… :-)

    • Welcome a million

      • BTW i just had 2 questions….

        First is it possible to overclock the CPU with the rooted stock ROM i currently have?
        OR do i need to flash a custom ROM like Villain ROM?

        Second is there any known way flash player can be supported on the galaxy ace?
        Like is there a work around of some sort 2 install it or something on those lines?

  64. Dragneel_11 says:

    nyc, tnx 4 help

  65. Sukumar886 says:

    Here you go buddy., I’m keeping trust on you..And taking a long breath and planning to root my darling Ace…:) (Y)

  66. I followed these steps and successfully rooted my 2.3.4 version.. but my phone is getting restarted often.. didn’t have this problem when i had rooted version of 2.2.1.. please help!

  67. Av1k0thar123 says:

    I had Galaxy Ace upgraded to 2.3.4 GingerBread…….i tried this…AND WORKED PERFECTLY…!!!!!!…With No Data Loss..!!!!

  68. Thanks Man you are so Great . I wish i get to know you better

  69. heymarth321 says:

    How do you noe if ur phone is rooted?
    And is the file ../upd
    or just upd_1.zip?

  70. varun dave says:

    what about 2.3.5 can we root it in a same manner with same file what we were doing with 2.3.4

  71. Alexdbuot says:

    nothing has changed.. i still cant move applications through apps to sd and superuser doesnt do anything.. its always “no apps in list” i mean, what is the point of having a superuser access if it cant do nothing. i used rootchecker and it says i have rooted my phone..

  72. i rooted my ace using the procedure the above procedure ……………but yesterday i have installed super user from android market …….from yesterday i am not able to use my college wifi …………..is that SUPER USER is the reason for this???
    what can i do to resolve this???
    thanx :)

    • it asked to update su-binary and i updated it using gprs …… but now i am not able to use wifi now…………..

  73. Soham_mehta says:

    Thanks alot…………

  74. Soham_mehta says:

    can I use app2sd on galaxy ace………I want to put ALL the apps in SD card

  75. Eumitra_frien says:

    went reading about rooting for like hours and.. it happened with few seconds. Thanks Kuldeep for your help.
    Did root perfectly.. on Galaxy ace. GB2.3.4 ODDKQ5

    i managed to free up space from my internal memory and installed many apps.

    Would be a great help if you could also write about …how to play with all those custom ROm and stuff!! Sorry,, new in this!

    !! Muchas Gracias!!

  76. hi kuldeep , i hv upgraded my ace to ver2.3.4 nd i am getting some problems firstly my all apps are getting installed in phone memory . and tell me what is the benefits for rooting the phone . and i am also having galaxy pro is there any upgrades for it… plz help

  77. awesome, rooting is like eating a peanut while watching your screen be rooted, thanks a lot

  78. doesn’t seem to work on my galaxy ace. GT-5830L any ideas? says firmware version is KP8 on phone and pda and KP3 for CSC. any help will be much appreciated.

    • Mczerolin says:

      i am using your root method an it works great.
      the App2SD did have some problem with galaxy ace so i change to using Gemini app manager and i can tell you it works like superman.
      thank you very much to you.

  79. Will this work for the Indian version DDKQ6, andriod 2.3.4

  80. Creo que ya quedo Thanks!!

  81. i have rooted my galaxy ace with 2.3.4 firmware already on ot but how do i know if its rooted can some one elp

  82. DesperateUser says:

    I got a samsung galaxy ace from Koodo , its 2.3.4 gingerbread.DTLKI4 , will this root solution work on my phone ?

    Sorry for double posting =[

  83. Dalim Biswas says:

    not working either ..by way of upd or aceginger root ..wht cud be the issue of it .anyone help me .i need it be done urgently.

  84. Lopesta25 says:

    it was awsum rooting my phone…..but dont know wat happens after i have rooted..but i have heard ppl saying thatafter rooting phones the processor speed increases……..is this thing true???????????????

  85. Simon magaya says:

    ummmm nice works even on gingerbread 2.3.5 thanx..

  86. i hav got a new samsaung galaxy ace and upgraded it with gingerbread 2.3.4 and it is still in warranty should i root it ??????????????

  87. Hello Kuldip. I successfully rooted my first android. At first I was worried that something might go wrong, but it went smoothly. I wonder if you know any free 3g/gprs tricks using busybox and openvpn. Thanks for this nice tut. – Abhishek

  88. Hello Kuldip. I successfully rooted my first android. At first I was worried that something might go wrong, but it went smoothly. I wonder if you know any free 3g/gprs tricks using busybox and openvpn. Thanks for this nice tut. – Abhishek

  89. Pauli Gladiatus says:

    My phone is bricked now what am i going to do???im 14 i cant buy anything,if my mum knows about a 229 euros phone wrecked in 2 mounths she kills me PLS helpppp

  90. hello sir can root galxy ace 2.3.5 using above rooting method..thanx

  91. Hi after I used this guide the phone wouldn’t connect to my service provider anymore, I entered all the APN info correctly too, do you have any idea?

  92. Kuldeep once u had suggested an app which can be used instead of app2sd… as u knw that in galaxy ace rooted app2sd is not working… so which is the alternate app

  93. can i use tis root on my samsung galaxy ace 2.3.4 DXKPD? or tis can jz be used on samsung galaxy ace XXKPH?

    THX =)

  94. Android..!!! says:

    Heyyy I dont see any difference… After rebooting nothing seems to be changed and no messages appearing related to rooting

  95. can i use tis root on my samsung galaxy ace 2.3.4 DXKPD? or tis can jz be used on samsung galaxy ace XXKPH?

    Pls reply dude, really need your help . thx for your cooperation=)

  96. wolverine says:

    What version will i get if i root my 2.3.4?

  97. wolverine says:

    how do i know if my phones now rooted?

  98. can we use this ways to update 2.3.5 android version?

  99. I tried upd_1.zip, and got error and aborted,
    and then tried “AceGingerRoot.zip”, it showed update completed and got superuser icon in the app drawer.

    I thought my Rom is rooted, but when I tried to open Titanium backup, it seems it’s still not rooted?

    Can you help me out? THX!

    • I have this exact problem too! upd_1.zip didn’t work – just lots of errors. AceGingerRoot.zip completed succesfully. Superuser is installed, but Titanium won’t work, Busybox wont install and Root Check says no root.

      2.3.4 DVKQ3

      Please help!?

  100. Marecar123 says:

    i have a big problem when i run apps such as games is i’ve got application crash,i’ve rooted my phone but there is no diffrence

  101. why my superuse dont show any apps in the list??
    and for downloads also the same..
    help me~!

  102. This Is the best Tutorial, It works no brick!

  103. i updated my ace firmware from DXKP9 to DXKPD.before rooting using this tutorial. it worked and just took a few seconds. thx a lot.

  104. sharkgodlike says:

    my wifi got error and cant connect.how to fix it?plz help me!

  105. in my phone it showed that it cant open the zip folder

  106. i followed this and it seemed to work as it gave me the superuser app. but i still cant get superuser access for any apps.

  107. tells me
    E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

    what do I do?

  108. aloqstaq_2003 says:

    hi…already root my galaxy ace using upd1.zip file, after reboot and check using root checker and result is your device not properly root access. How can i do?

  109. DizzyNoodles says:

    Hello Kuldeep!

    Thank you so much for posting this, it worked like a charm. But I have a question, i rooted my samsung galaxy ace like described, but i still can’t remove the pre-installed apps. So I checked if it worked with Root Check Basic, and it says that my phone is rooted. Am I doing something wrong?

  110. how can i know my phone is rooted?

  111. Alexandra Black says:

    I’ve got this exact problem too :(

  112. Blackmomba85 says:

    there’s a problem after rooting my Ace..

    bluetooth,wifi & internet Tethering is not working!

    please Advise.

  113. Gustend Dne says:

    Error 7 :(_

  114. Hi, I am very interested in trying this out, but want to confirm one thing, is this rooting process possible also for XXKPO version

  115. Thanks man! It`s great! I`m so happy it works :)

  116. Hi Kuldeep…your trick worked for me…Thanks a lot for useful posting…first attempt and its a success….Thanks a lot

  117. Viihfreire says:

    Instalation aborted with upd_1.zip And with AcerGingerRoot.zip the superuser opned but then nothing happened. So not working here. Thanks anyway.

  118. Chirag Kodial says:

    upd_1.zip wasnt workin on my ace… so i downloaded acegingerRoot.zip… but nw i want to unroot! but the unroot zip u hav given is not workin… its not openin… plz help!!

  119. Mauricio Labarca says:

    THANK YOU Kuldeep Singh and @Krystofer , the xda thread to root this never worked, the AceGingerRoot.zip finally solved it.

  120. Heyy i m unable to switch on my bluetooth n wifi ,also nt able to turn on the hot spot! M usin galaxy ace android 2.3.4 plz plz help me i also tried the combination of *#*#526#*#* but still failed

  121. Hey i use galaxy ace 2.3.4 m unable to switch on wifi n bluetooth also i cant turn on the hot spot i tried *#*#526#*#* to resolve it but failed plz help me

  122. thanks!!

  123. Do I need to UNZIP file: upd_1.zip and then save to SD, or just to save as a ZIP file? Thank in advance.

  124. It’s not fair, missing a tutorial for linux! Here are the command line to do the same thing: Heimdall flash – zImage kernel (of course you must uncompress the. zip)

  125. Jishnu 9009 says:

    Is it works for 2.36 ??


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