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Many times people asked me about how to remove pre installed android apps, these built in apps are really annoying for power android users. This is why because these apps are not much useful and users have not the permission to uninstall these apps from their android device. Pre installed bloatware apps also cover a lot of space in phone internal memory.

As we know we can only uninstall / remove apps that are install via android market manually . Built in apps can’t be remove/uninstall by the users in phone simply. This problem can be now solved by an app called Titanium backup . This is a free android market app which have the main feature of making backup of your android phone.

This app can backup your all apps to sd card and you can also store this backup on pc too. pretty awesome huh!

Titanium backup requires root permission to install on your phone. If you don’t know much about rooting then you can follow this article to know about rooting and its advantages.


What is android rooting and what are profits of rooting android phone

This app has the feature to uninstall pre installed apps.  So today we tell you the way to do this job easy way


Follow this way to remove pre installed apps

[1]. Things we will need :

Install titanium backup in your phone via android market or Download this from here.

Download Titanium Backup

[2]. Procedure to remove app using titanium backup :

  1. First find rooting guides for your phone regarding to your current firmware version and root it. You can find rooting guides in our rooting section or simply Google it
  2. Install the titanium app. for safety make backup of system apps , guide for installing and making backups via titanium backup will help you to do this successfully.
  3. Now if all of the above steps were done then simply launch the titanium backup app in your phone.

    run titanium backup app
  4. Tap on the "backup/restore" tab on the home screen of titanium backup.

    click on backup restore tab
  5. Now you see the list of all apps that also includes the pre-installed apps too.
  6. Choose any app you want to uninstall and you will see screen like this

    click on app and select uninstalled
  7. Simply tap on the uninstall button and remove the particular android apps from your phone.

Enjoy! You have successfully removed build in app, next time when you need to remove pre installed android app just  follow this simple guide with our handy titanium backup app

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  1. I used this to uninstall some apps on my galaxy 5. But after I hard resetted the phone they have returned. Is it normal?

  2. Funny how these “easy peasy” guides never are.
    This one doesn’t work for me, it says “can’t find apk file”
    Now what?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, have to say I do experience the same crap as @SB does, with one major difference. The apps reinstalls automatically after maybe 60 minutes. I used this guide to remove Swype from Galaxy S2 so that I could install Swype Beta from Worked fine for about one hour, and it crashed when 1

  4. Dhawk2303 says:

    I thought you could ONLY do this with the Pro Unit?

  5. When I choose uninstall the phone turns off and when its on again, app still there. Samsung ACE Android 2.3.4

  6. Scratch that, its working! Thanks a bunch Kuldeep!

  7. Rolens Sahadewa says:

    i have the same problem like Jack. Any solution?

    • I never had such problem, try to restart your phone after that check permission in super user app. and dont forget to check “unknown sources” & “usb debugging” in setting meu

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