Most hot selling android devices in African Market

Earlier it was all about Nokia, Blackberry cell phones but when the popular mobile houses launched their products punched with android operating systems, like it or not, it was a phenomenal change everywhere. From eclair to gingerbread and then ice-cream sandwich it was a bed of roses for all those companies who invested in this operating system.

What are the surveys saying?

In a survey conducted amongst South Africa’s 500 million people who use cell phones, 20% people who use android mobile phones believe in the products of LG. This gave the company the chance to prove against the rumor of its decreasing market value. Other prominent companies like Samsung and Sony Ericson also share a good position in the android market of the continent.

Optimus series launched by LG seemed to have earned a great response by the African people while the C100/105 and “chatterbox” mobile is also quite popular amongst the masses. It seems that their tag line “Life’s good” is working at its level best in the continent of Africa at least.

The storm named Samsung in the android market:

While HTC and LG mobiles use both android and windows for their operating system, Samsung is dedicated whole heartedly towards android. Samsung is growing every day, and the newly launched galaxy S4 has just given all the more reasons to the people of Africa to choose Samsung over other android devices.

And so is the market review of their products. The survey reveals above 40% of the android products belong to them. And not far behind is Sony Ericson. When they launched X10 mini pro after their Walkman series, it not only changed their market position, but also was the best selling products of that year. They stood by their name and fame.

Huawei’s helping hand to increase the reach of android devices:

Then again according to Huawei survey, their Ideos was the ultimate phone launched in Kenyan market. With all the features of a touch screen android device, storage, 3g Wi-Fi that can connect as many as 8 devices together and act as a hot spot, together in a compact and economic phone of 100 dollars only.

It was only the people who made this product such a big hit in the market that within 5 months they are looking forward towards selling their 100000. This small budget phone was made to make android phones accessible to the common mass and it has achieved that target as per the reviews.

The whole story at a glance

It was not more than 3 years ago that the market was dominate by other operating systems, and within such a small span they have turned around the table and as they say, the ball is in their court now. When Google smartphones like Moto-Moto was out dated by Lenovo products it was celebration time for android world.

By then android market was spread for over 70% of the African continent. Even a big shot mobile house like Nokia was brought down from 3rd rank to 10th rank and is even feared to lose its position from the top 10 products.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and traveling. Beside this she is fond of luxury cars and wishes to own one day Koenigsegg CCXR

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