Install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XWKT7 Update on Galaxy Ace

The new Android 2.3.6 gingerbread XWKT7 firmware has been spotted on the Samsung Kies Server for Galaxy Ace device. The firmware file has CSC mention as NEE i.e. this update is available in countries like Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

This firmware version has been lifted from previous build S5830XWKC2 and comes with Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread loaded.


Samsung Ace users in North European countries can also search for such firmware update via Kies server.

Here are the details about the official S5830XWKT7 firmware:

  1. Build:   S5830XWKT7-NEE
  2. Model:   Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
  3. Product Code:   GT-S5830KANEE
  4. PDA:   S5830XWKT7
  5. Phone:   S5830XWKT3
  6. CSC:   S5830XFKT1
  7. Version:   Android 2.3.6 OS
  8. Build/Modified:   December 09,2011

The S5830XWKT7 firmware build has already been pulled out from the Kies server. So plug your phone to pc run kies and install update.

If this update is not available in your country or KIES is unable to detect your phone then you can install this update using a PC tool called Odin. 

Download Android 2.3.6 XWKT7 Gingerbread firmware for Galaxy ace

Download S5830XWKT7 Stock ROM

The password that is required to extract file =

How to install android 2.3.6 gingerbread firmware on ace s5830

After downloading firmware you have to install it through pc software – Odin , so follow this step by step guide

How to Install firmware on samsung galaxy ace with help of Odin tool


If you faced any difficulty (I am sure you wont) then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below , and don’t forget to tell us – what is new that you like in this update ?

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  1. zhaoyun123 says:

    whats the improvement on this??…

  2. Vungocanhthu2410 says:

    I flashed my Ace up to 2.3.6 as you mentioned and my phone is now soft bricked :(. It is only on the motion samsung logo and cannot enter the home screen. What can I do now?

  3. My Samsung Ace Is Also Damage After Install This Firmware…

  4. any news??? i was just about to try this myself…

  5. Florian Kaufmann says:

    Works great on my side :)

  6. gwapongjohn says:

    whats new in this software

  7. Gwapongjohn says:

    Whats new in this 2.3.6 or any additional features?

  8. Jiofreed10 says:

    i think,if u stuck at the samsung logo,try enter the recovery mode an apply the full wipe data/factory reset..maybe it’s work…

  9. Johnefernandez07 says:

    it doesnt work on my ace the msg says “Sorry: the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.”
    what should i do?

    • enter recovery mode do factory reset and wipe caches including the dalvik one happened to me once on a previous install after that it was all good

  10. My galaxy ace was bought in UAE a couple of months back and has 2.3.3. can I flash it with this ROM? Will there be any problem because it will not be area specific

  11. Moonytoonyking says:

    FIX for all your problems!

    boot into recovery if it keeps boot looping and wipe everything.

    worked for meh

  12. Matheus Marti says:

    What languages is available on this ROM?

  13. How to root this firmwarE?

  14. Hi
    i watched a video on You tube saying

    so whats the difference between yours and his update…?
    seems his one is simple … and whats this procedure ? help me im stucked .

  15. Pratheeplals says:

    after flashing it is shwoing fail to open application and force cloe error

  16. Surajiswaiting says:


  17. Yrudlouie766 says:

    Is the firmware available in the philippines? Please reply ASAP.

  18. i have upgraded my Ace to 2.3.6 but now wifi is not stable.. is there any solution for this?

  19. Id_leirance says:

    after i install its appear to be broke but when you wipe cache and reset, its work all good :) thanks

  20. aizuddinsudeyh says:

    if we do exactly what u taught us, then it should be oke rite? thanks dude.

  21. Sivabalan says:

    I followed the steps, also downloaded the 2.3.6 file from here , and when I booted for the first time, there was some crash then again I booted in reciovery mode and did factorey reset and wipe cache partition and booted again…now no probs…phone is working fine

  22. Yikuangteh says:

    I can’t download the firmware from Hotfile… I keep pressing download but it doesn’t work; it brought me back to the downloading page… Can you put it into Mediafire please!? I need this firmware urgently!

  23. Yikuangteh says:

    I can’t download the firmware from Hotfile… I keep pressing download but it doesn’t work; it brought me back to the downloading page… Can you put it into Mediafire please!? I need this firmware urgently!

  24. S5830XWKT7-NEE what are the languages supported ??

  25. what langage it come with ??

  26. its indian version

  27. please tell its andriod 2.3.6 indian version or not

  28. Gael_shaw says:

    Upgraded from XWKT5 to XWKT7. Quick and easy following the instructions and now my phone runs very smoothly. Previously the phone was nearly unusable at times. Thanks very much abhishek!!

  29. Sdlkfjgh says:

    ‘install android 2.3.6 gingerbread firmware on ace s5830 …you have to install it through pc software – Odin’

    How to install with Mac OS X ?

  30. How to upgrade and Install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread on htc hero

  31. Im stucked in a veryyy big TROUBLE!!!
    i went through each step of Odin properly.. but i started odin.. it started downloading but it is stucked at Mibib downloding only sinc 1 hour!
    and cant even reboot.. it shows a simple logo on black screen like.. PC–!–Usb something like dis!!
    Help Me buddiess plzz asap!! :( x(


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