Install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XWKK5 Update For Samsung Galaxy S2 GTi9100

Samsung galaxy s2 got latest android 2.3.6 update , this update is named XWKK5 Gingerbread firmware . This firmware is better than previous android 2.3.5 firmware , many users have tested this firmware and there is no lag whatsoever.

It is already leaked for some European regions and if it is not available in your country then you can install it using Odin too.

as always we haven’t change log for this firmware, according to users and developer experience this firmware is very smooth and stable.

This android 2.3.6 update brings some fixes and better internet speed, enhanced phone security and faster booting.

If you want to install this firmware then you will have to use a software called Odin , installing firmware with Odin is very easy so don’t worry and follow the below guide

First Download Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XWKK5 Update for Galaxy S2

I9100XWKK5_I9100OXXKJ3.rar | 333.3 MB
Password =

Firmware Info :

  • Firmware- Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread
  • Build no.- I9100XWKK5
  • Build date- November 23, 2011
  • Supported Handset- Samsung Galaxy S2 

How to install Android 2.3.6 firmware on Galaxy s2

After downloading firmware , follow this firmware installing guide
How To Install / Flash Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S 2 GT i9100

Select these files in odin


PIT =>  u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit
Boot =>  APBOOT_I9100XWKK5_CL754841_REV02_user_low_ship.tar .md5
CSC => GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXXKJ3.tar.md5
PDA => CODE_I9100XWKK5_CL754841_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
PHONE => MODEM_I9100XXKI4_REV_02_CL1065910.tar.md5

and leave other files as they are not required

android 2.3.6 galaxy s2  android 2.3.6 galaxy s2 _1


Root this firmware

if you want to enjoy rooting benefits then you must root your phone , to root this android 2.3.6 firmware you can follow this guide = how to root galaxy s2


If you face any problem don’t hesitate to ask it via comments below , and tell us what do you like in this firmware ?

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  1. storryteller333 says:

    is this the wipe or the non wipe version

  2. Cornflakes says:

    how can i root it?

  3. Nenad Vlajkovic says:

    Hi, can you post link for stock kernel for this firmware, i hate yellow triangle, so i want to remove it with stock kernel.

  4. Frank_lowtur says:

    Lot of files, wich ones must use?

    • PIT : u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit

      Boot : APBOOT_I9100XWKK5_CL754841_REV02_user_low_ship.tar .md5
      CSC : GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXXKJ3.tar.md5
      PDA : CODE_I9100XWKK5_CL754841_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5
      PHONE : MODEM_I9100XXKI4_REV_02_CL1065910.tar.md5

      and these two files – 5
      KERNEL_I9100XWKK5_CL754841_REV02_user_low_ship.tar .md5

      are not required

  5. Please post firmware download on another site , still using 2.3.3 , help a brother out

  6. Hi, the rar contains the following files:


    Please, which files are the right ones?.


  7. Kiran9930 says:

    i had just download the rar file but when i was exacting it was asking the password

  8. Sumitdhingra says:

    Seriously Thanx to Android Flip .Com :)

    MUAH 😀


  9. muhammad farish says:

    i’m using galaxy gio with firmware 2.3.5 gingerbread.. can i use this firmware on my device? will this firmware will solve my video playing lack problem??

  10. does it fix mic echo when using back cover

  11. Now when the phone starts it asks for a password?

  12. Afiqsabri says:

    kuldeep, how do i use speedmod kernel on this fw and how to reset the counter back, tried to use jig, not working

  13. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    Is it non-English version?
    can it be converted into English?

  14. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    Can it be used in Australian SGS2?

  15. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    Thank you Kuldeep for the quick response.
    Currently I am using XXKG6.
    My phone is rooted & backed up using Titanium back up.
    Do you think it’s going to make a huge difference if I flash my phone with this one?
    Also, is there a way to root it & restore all the applications & settings using Titanium back up?

  16. Can I use it with an Indian CSC? Will I have signal problems if I don’t? How do I backup my 24 applications that I have installed?

  17. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    Unable to proceed with firmware upgrade:
    I don’t know why my SGS2 with XXKG6 firmware is not being recognized by my PC or laptop!
    I tried both USB debugging and USB utilities, but nothing happens.
    With the debugging turned off, when I connect my phone to PC/Laptop, I can see a small usb icon (mtp connected) on the left top corner, but the PC/Laptop still can’t see it.
    It was ok when I upgraded it from stock rom to XXKG6 a few months back.
    Any solution will be appreciated.

  18. Akshay112991 says:

    cn i go from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6 .????????

  19. Sumitdhingra says:

    Can We Downgrade The Firmware Too ?

    Like If M Unhappy With The 2.3.6 :)

    Can i Downgrade it too 2.3.3 😀

  20. installed! thanks!

  21. dude! i got this yellow triangle during the start up after rooting! what did i do wrong? and how do i get rid of the yellow triangle!?

    • You didn’t do anything wrong, yellow triangle is just a warning, if you still want to remove it then flash stock kernel like we flashed cf root kernel

      You can find kernel in firmware folder, it is file named KERNEL, There are two files flash any

      • Rahul_nrg says:

        ok cool!

        in which section must i load the kernel? pit, bootloader, pda, phone or csc? should i using odin3 v.1.83 or odin3 v1.85?

  22. is this hv all of samsung apps inside?

  23. Sumitdhingra says:

    Can You Tell Me From Where I Can Get Indian Version of 2.3.4 :(

    Bro Plz Leave me a link :(

    I Need To Indian Versions In My s2 :(


  24. Sumitdhingra says:

    I Need This Version
    Kuldeep Help Me Bhai :(

    Product Code: GT-I9100LKAINU
    Latest Version: Android 2.3.3
    HIDSWVER: I9100XWKE8/I9100ODDKE2/I9100DDKE2/I9100XWKE8

  25. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    I am still struggling PC/Laptop recognise my SGS2!
    I have installed mobile odin on my device.
    Is it possible to use it to upgrade to gingerbread 2.3.6 from my internal/external SD card using mobile odin by any chance.
    If yes, can you please refer me to the website?

  26. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    I managed to upgrade the firmware using mobile odin.
    Now the phone shows:
    Android version:2.3.6
    Build number: Gingerbread.XWKK5
    Kernal Version:

    However, the baseband version is still: I9100XXKG6 ( I HAD XXKG6 firmware installed before current upgrade). Is that OK?
    Also, the sound is quite distorted right from the bootup.
    I am still unable to get connected to PC.
    BTW, I did a factory reset, but my wall paper is still there.
    Please help.

  27. Alex Steel says:

    Hi!!Can you upload the file in megaupload or fileserve?Hotfile is REALLY slow. Thanks

  28. Michaelburman68 says:

    Its a rar file i don’t know how to unlock this and it doesn’t actually work!!!!!!!

  29. Hi Kuldeep,

    I am having problem connecting to WIFI with security 802.1x EAP and whenever I change Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPV2, it goes back again to NONE. I checked with the IT here in our company and the inputs were correct. Before updating ti 2.3.6 I can connect normally. It might be from the update itself.

    Please help,


  30. Hello guys, I just updated the firmware following the instructions correctly and rooted it with CFroot, (I was running XWKJ3 2.3.5), after updating the firmware I’ve been having hspa+ connectivity issues, when I run speed test it constantly fails saying that there is a network connectivity problem, any thoughts? Can I go back to XWKJ3 with odin (since this fw flashed a different bootloader)? Tried to install different modems too, same situation…

  31. Geff Chang says:

    Does this have English?

  32. upgrading to this firmware killed my packet data!! HELP! i can no longer connect to internet via my wireless provider! ONLY wifi!!!!!

    • i figured out the problem. the CSC file included had different APNs. i am in the US and found the following information for AT&Ts packet data:

      Name: AT&T
      APN: wap.cingular
      Proxy: leave blank Port: leave blank
      Username:[email protected]
      Server: leave blank
      MMS Proxy:
      MMS Port: 80 MCC:310
      APN Type: leave blank

      hope this helps someone else!

  33. Shubham nad says:

    Those who want to update their s2 to android 2.3.4 please comment to the following post.

  34. Vickyliverpool says:

    It asks me a password, can you tell me what it is?

  35. Vickyliverpool says:

    Guys i need your help. They ask me a password, do you know which one is it? once i have rooted the phone! i’m scared!

  36. Valkyrie1402 says:

    how to change language?

  37. Excuse me, but why is it not possible to video chat with Google talk in this firmware? Any solution?


  38. after update Kies does not recognise software. So i cant update via the official route anymore.
    any ideas on this?

  39. Dude… You didn’t reply to my last post. Not sure if You had read it or not. Anyways here it is again:

    I had asked how should get rid the yellow triangle and you suggested loading any kernel from the firmware pack. I wanted to ask… in which section must i load the kernel? pit, bootloader, pda, phone or csc? should i using odin3 v.1.83 or odin3 v1.85?

  40. Also… I wanted to alert you about something. I think this firmware has some serious bugs. Reason why:
    1. Sometimes when I open my browser and want to type something, the keypad does not appear. So I have to restart my browser.

    2. Sometimes the phone hangs and re-starts on its own. How do I know this? When I start the phone, I am prompted to input my sim lock code and that only appears when I start the phone.

    Any fixes or updates?

  41. doesn t work for me. I will find some better update.Thanx for nothing but waste of time.

  42. can s2 gti9100g update this 2.3.6 xwkk5?

  43. hey kuldeep how is 2.3.6 better den 2.3.5? cause rite now im using 2.3.5 and waiting for ics 4.0 working version which can b used for daily purposes… so shuld i go for 2.3.6 in meanwhile? is it worth the pain?

  44. Nilabh Singh says:

    I updated l this firmware but then in the first go, it hung. Possibly due to the usb port of the pc. So i had switch it off. Then I unbricked the phone using the technique which you mentioned in a post few weeks. Big big big thanks to you mate for that. I updated then usig my laptop and it was done within three minutes but I am wondering about the space which the earlier failed update might have been using or might not have been using. So, I wanted to ask if clearing the cache memory by putting the phone either in recovery or download mode(i dont know which one is it so tell me that too how to do it) would help or not..
    please help.. because i have been seeing some unused space and was wondering where is that goimg..
    so.. help!!!!

  45. can i upgrade/install(directly) XXKP1 Android 4.0 Firmware software on my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100G Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread.DZK11..??

  46. DANIEL DONKOR says:


  47. just stuck at setup connection only

  48. Hatim Dawasaz says:

    I tried uprading my Samsung S2 from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3. but Odin process Failed & now i am able to get my phone in Download mode. Its crashed & the only thing i see then it turns on is a phone & computer icons with an ‘!’ mark (caution) between their connectivity. Any thing i can do to make it my phone alive??

  49. Hi. My SGS2 is locked to Bell Mobility in Canada. Is it safe to install 2.3.6 on it? I read somewhere that this update should only be installed on unlocked devices.

  50. Rahulpuri88 says:

    odin is not showing added sign wen i cnnect my phone i hav tried this 3-4 times?????????????

  51. vlademirsky says:

    Worked like a charm… Thanks a LOT… :)

  52. Do not flash the .pit file and uncheck re-partition before you proceed

  53. I cannot connect to the 3G from the carrier. Any suggestions?

  54. Smtabrej Alam says:

    this 3.3.6 noy support hindi fonts wat i willl do help me i have galaxy s2

  55. Smtabrej Alam says:

    hello sir i am using galaxy s2 and now i updated os 2.3.6 this os is.not support hindi fonts what i will do plz…. help me

  56. Msdoktor says:

    very thing is in french. jhow to change to english

  57. Wacki Dee says:

    whats the meaning of wipe and non-wipe version?

  58. Wacki Dee says:

    this is my custom rom before but when i change to XXKL1 1st day is ok but on the next day. . alot of application keeps on crashing and my wifi doesnt work. . so i decided to return in this rom and decided not to root it because im just a regular phone user not the same with others. .

  59. I didn’t see until I saw these comments that this was a wipe version, so now my phone is fully wiped….. Thanks a lot :S

  60. I have flashed my SGS2 with this, a couple of months, now i get message from KIES; Your device does not support software upgrading via kies.
    Any help…

    • You can’t use your phone with Samsung KIES after installing leaked beta firmware. If you want to install firmware update that is released through kies ,Google it and download firmware file then install as we normally do using odin

      • Thanks a lot… I thought this one is, but anyway…
        And another thing, with this one will i be able to use OTA, since ICS is coming in Europe in some countries Tomorrow and the next week…

        • You can use OTA there is no problem , but without using kies how you can install OTA update

          For this there is two methods –

          1. directly download latest OTA firmware file and flash it with Odin 2. First install any stock firmware on your phone using odin , i recommend you to install latest stock firmware. Then using kies update it

  61. Kahobabuva says:

    camera not working properly after installing this version…it lags …..doesnt start immediately and if i go to gallery from camera and try to come out of it it takes at least 10 seconds with a blank screen….samsung galaxy s2

  62. HI.
    I have the unblocked galaxy s2 i9100 from Romania.

    baseband version I9100XXKI4
    KERNEL #2

    I want to update 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 and unrooting the current firmware. Will this work?

  63. KULDEEP, did you got a asian language pack of gingerbread 3.2.6?? , the I9100XWKK5 can’t write chinese on SMS , when i try send a chinese letter SMS ( message may be corrupted on recipient device. change input mode to automatic )

  64. hello i have s2 pl6 this is same framewear ??

  65. galaxy s2 says:

    can i find root for 3.0.15-i9100XXKPA-CL51925se.infra@SEI-44 3


  1. […] that I know of. Here is the link to where I go the firmware and the instructions I was following: Install Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread XWKK5 Update For Samsung Galaxy S2 GTi9100 I was only trying to update the firmware because my phone was starting to ask me to install the […]

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