Install Android 2.3.5 On Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 [XWKS2 Gingerbread Firmware]

In Some regions android 2.3.5 update for galaxy ace is rolling out over the air and over kies. If you havent found any update in your country then no problem you can install it manually with our beloved software Odin.

This firmware version is names as XWKS2 with build date September. Also this is the first Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update for galaxy ace and slowly being pushed worldwide, although this update is an European update thus any galaxy ace owner can install it through Odin.


  1. Flashing of touch buttons,
  2. overscroll glow effect,
  3. much faster than all previous release

Firmware info:

Model:                       Samsung Galaxy S5830
Build number:    S5830XWKS2
CSC:                            S5830XENKS1
Version:                  Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
Build date:             September 17, 2011

Download S5830XWKS2 stock ROM

Download android 2.3.5 xwks2 stock rom for galaxy ace s5830


Install Android 2.3.5 XWKS2 Firmware on galaxy Ace

  1. Download this firmware file from link above
  2. Extract it using password =
  3. Follow this guide to install this firmware — How To Install / Flash Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830
Note: if you face any error in 2.3.5 then do a factory reset in recovery mode (swtich off your phone , press home+power on key then select wipe data/factory reset from menu)

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Kuldeep Singh is founder of androidflip , young blogger from india who loves to write about android and technology. Follow him on twitter @androidflip


  1. Torchwood says:

    updated, rooted and booted working nicely and thanks to all your help im even restoring all my programs messages and settings… nice work

    • Thanks , stay in touch 😉

      • hi , i m using samsung Galaxy fit….2days back while connecting through kies got an option to upgrade it to gingerbread…but some how it didnt work….showed error. and service center saying they dont have any info….but few of my friends got the gingerbread update DDKQ5 update via kies for Galaxy fit…..could u plz guide how to get official update of gingerbread in my GFIT…..thanx in advance

  2. HI, i recently buyed galaxy ace and its version is 2.2.1 and baseband version is s5830ddkc1 can i update my phone to this version, and one more thing is there any major bugs and issues in this version……..

    please help..


  3. Sonusinghcoolfrnd says:

    hi dude.. thanks very much..

  4. Miklosschembri says:

    after i type in the password it’s giving me an error (wrong password) but the file extracts any way BUT with only 1 file; ss_dl.dll. Help?

    • Stijn Raedts says:

      Yes in odin use “one package” in the options menu, This lets you use the one package button to extract the other file in the map you downloaded above ss_dl.dll. (if you didn’t get this file try downloading it again). After this you can do the regular steps.

      • Rui Pereira says:

        I’ve download it but its says file corrupt or wrong password. the password change? Or should I download it again?


  5. Stijn Raedts says:

    hey I did the update but when I start up the phone I keep on getting get a message on a black screen but I can’t read it because it is in another language what should I do now?

    • Stijn Raedts says:

      Nevermind I got it working on my ace. I solved it by downloading the firmware again, and now it’s working well. I even got my country’s language as starting language (I’m Dutch)

  6. Rui Pereira says:

    I’ve download it but its says file corrupt or wrong password. the password change? Or should I download it again?


  7. Rui Pereira says:

    And what exactly do you notice in this version? for example the battery life increases?


  8. Sonusinghcoolfrnd says:


  9. Parthratho says:

    hey the problem is dat after downloading and extracting the file. The folder shows S5830XWKS2_S5830XENKS1_S5830XWKS2_HOME.tar.md5 file with another file called SS_DL.dll. and wen u click the properties it shows 0bytes of space. And wen downloaded the rar file it shows 120Mb. donno wat to do pls help.

  10. Ranjit1786 says:

    its not extracting ……wrong password…kindly give correct password…

  11. I updated the firmware, now, can i root it? how?

    • Hello Jkpe,

      You update from which version? I’m trying from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5 and when I reboot I’m stuck at “” stopping and my phone not working at all.

      And why do I need SS_DL.dll???? Anybody knows?

  12. Hi, I successfully updated my s5830.

    If It can, I downloaded and extracted the firmware and I removed the extension .md5 to have only the .md5 and I flashed the phone.

    After reboot, I had an strange error (I don’t remember exactly the name) and I wiped cache partition in recovery mode (using middle + power on) but I still had the error.
    I wiped data/factory reset and after reboot, I had no more error.

    For information, the wipe will erase all your data.

    If it can help somebody…

    Have a good day

    • I made an mistake when I wrote my message, sorry.
      I removed the extension .md5 to have only .tar and I flashed via ODIN with one package option..

    • Hi,

      You remove the error by doing a wiped data/factory reset?? That’s weird…
      What was your previous version? And what do you think of the new version that you installed?


    • ya it really worked ..i also got an error ..then i did factory reset ..n no more errors…thanks

  13. Hi

    I have installed 2.3.3 via KIES but still getting the black screen of death that I was on 2.2.1. Is it ok to mix updates via Odin and KIES, e.g. Odin for 2.3.5 and perhaps KIES for the next one and does ‘rooting’ work for both update paths?


  14. odin is not working plz help me

  15. Darren X Owens says:

    Took 10 minutes easy and runs sweet cheers

  16. i hv already download the odin but the msg is occure like that
    “Odin multidownloader has stop working”, after putting main firmware file in odin

  17. somehow i received an update from kies about this, can this updated from my DDKQ5 to this new 2.3.5 using kies without the need of clean factory settings???….

  18. Gargashish1990 says:

    I am stuck ad downloading mbib download i waited for almost 15 mins and nothing happened plaese help

  19. whr can i find the cwm rooted kernel?…

  20. hi has anyone else noticed a considerable drop in how long the battery lasts? when i was using the DDQ one the battery life was almost a day and a half and this time its back down to just a day?

  21. is it true that after the upgrade, the screen becomes a little more rough. pixels appear larger…

  22. It doesn’t work at all! I’ve tried three times and at the booting process I receive an error saying “The process Application Wizard Expert has encountered an error bla, bla, bla…”. Current ROM is DDKQ5.

  23. im using it..n frequently my phone restarts itself..not the bootloop logo.its like the 1st appearence of phone startup loading all icons n SDs all that.. is someone had this same problem??. im using back 2.3.4. asian rom. workin good.

    • Same problem here but it stops if i put it in flight mode. Looks like something to do with connection to a signal or wifi.

  24. Hello kuldeep singh… i have a galaxy ace and recently upgraded it to 2.3.4(ddkq6) via kies and then rooted it with the help of your guide… now just wanted to know if i want to upgrade it to 2.3.5 through kies, do i have to unroot it? or can i just update it as it is right now?

  25. Bhasinavi says:

    I have upgrade but after that home screan was not coming and it’ss show wizard error. Then i rollback to earlier version.

  26. rooted my galaxy ace with this guide. it showed the setup wizard error after wipe cache data reboot. but then i did wipe data/factory reset in recovery menu and after reboot i got 2.3.5.

  27. SARAVANAN R says:

    by update this new firmware can i install adobe flash player in my new samsung galaxy ace.plz tell me…

  28. password doesn’t work !! =(

  29. Hi Kuldeep, I did the entire procedure according to your instructions. Finally, it says: Sorry! THe application set up wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

    Kindly tell me what should i do now?

  30. Hello Guys!
    Differences between 2.3.4 and 2.3.5 ?!!?!?

    Muchas gracias!

  31. I tried to install this update twice and I still get this error. Setup Wizard(process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    What’e the reason?

    • Nickojohn32 says:

      I got the same problem yesterday. I even flashed the firmware thrice to get this thing done. What I did was to select “wipe data/factory reset” in recovery mode, click “yes”, reboot and voila! Everything is ok. I must say 2.3.5 is way better than 2.3.4. 😀

  32. Jerungz_black says:

    thanks Kuldeep Singh.your blog help me upgrade and learn about my samsung ace.thanks………….

  33. Psyco Jay72 says:

    got problem with (process and my phone not working at all

  34. What’s the password?

  35. is not working…

  36. ! C:UsersOwnerV2.3GT-S5830_XEN_S5830XWKS2_S5830XENKS1_S5830XWKS2.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file GT-S5830_XEN_S5830XWKS2_S5830XENKS1_S5830XWKS2S5830XWKS2_S5830XENKS1_S5830XWKS2_HOME.tar.md5 (wrong password ?)

  37. Hi kuldeep, I would just like to ask.. Is there a limit in flashing a firmware to SGA?

    • no , you can flash as many time as you want

      • I just want to confirm if this is ok… The situation is I backup’d my apps, contacts, & apn to my SD card before flashing the firmware. No wipedata/factory reset was done at the moment.

        First trial:
        I flashed the 2.3.5 firmware in download mode (using ODIN 4.38). But during the first trial, I noticed that my phone was rebooting by itself even though the process wasn’t done yet. So I quickly turned the phone off (even though process isn’t finished yet). I let the process finish and ODIN displayed a “pass” with 5 min and 16 sec time procedure.

        Second trial:
        I then opted to flash again the firmware as I was doubting it was really successful considering that I also receive the error “Setup Wizard(process has stopped unexpectedly.” I did not turned the phone off during this trial even though it reboot again by itself. Odin displayed a “pass” again with 5 min time procedure.

        Third trial:
        Finally, for the third and last time, I flashed again the firmware as I haven’t got rid of that error. This time, I did “wipe data/factory reset” and reboot. All things seem normal. However, I noticed that the speed of my phone has lessened as compared to stock ROM (with all 63 apps installed in my SD card and 10 apps in my internal storage). My RAM uses 207MB out of 278 MB even though 108 MB is running by certain apps/widgets. Is that normal? Sorry for the long talk but I want to conserve the identity of my phone (without custom ROM, rooting, etc.) before the warranty is voided. I’m hoping for your consideration. TIA!

  38. A LOT OF THANKS !!!! 😀

  39. Redeagle0102 says:

    i cant extract the firmware software

  40. Vergil_lontoc says:

    Is this Official?

  41. hi.

    my ace restarts automatically.

    i tried resetting to factory settings and even formatted the sd card and removed it. but first the network goes full down showing a circle instead of bars and then wen i try to use the phone it restarts itself. and then again works fine…

    plz help. i will be obliged :(

    my ace is still in warranty..

  42. after updating Galaxy 5830 Ace from Odin can it still be able to receive future updates form Samsung KIES? just bought this fone and official Firmware is 2.3.3 XWKP7

    • Adding one more question :) after updating can i go back to my Orignal 2.3.3 XWKP7 version. if yes, can u plz explain how?


  43. Md Lukmanhakim says:

    Install Android 2.3.5 XWKS2 Firmware on galaxy Ace

    Download this firmware file from link above
    Extract it using password =

    password cannot use

  44. Cj Keong91 says:

    hi, i want to know is there support chinese language??

  45. Alexandre Fontanella says:

    the password is:

    i installed this version about 5 days ago and till now i can say thats the bigger diference is the improvement with the battery, that lasts about 50% more.

    BUT, in other hand the GPS doesnt work

    anyone have this problem with de gps? any way to fix it?


  46. couldn’t find the true firmware region…I typed the PDA version on samfit toll but it says like the region is unknown so how Am I supposed to know which firmware region will I have 2 download?

  47. password given is wrong. the correct password is “”

  48. HI, Is there Arabic lang or keyboard or font in it.

  49. Jerungz_black says:

    thanks….now my samsung ace 2.3.5

  50. rar pas:

  51. Prajwalrai says:

    Hi, I have downloaded 2.3.5 file. It has 2 file. One is ODIN one package. What to do with one more SS_DL.dll file?

  52. Hitmangold says:

    Wrong password.

  53. thanks it work to reset to factory

  54. do i have to erase .md5 to make it .tar file? is that ok??

  55. Rrishabh18 says:

    Why is the firmware not supplied in the man site

  56. Vasuiscool says:

    how to change language…..its dutch here n i cnt do anything!!!!!

  57. Rrishabh18 says:

    Its not working. It says some kind of setup program has to be closed. And when I force close it only the navigation bar works

  58. Azrulnizam2401 says:

    why my galaxy ace is unable to boot in download mode?please help

  59. Azrulnizam2401 says:

    why it always shows ‘the application setup wizard (process com has stopped unexpectedly. please try again’..i cant go to home screen..please help

  60. Taysa Soares says:

    It has a way of getting it in Portuguese (Brazil)?

  61. where to download file like ap boot etc from..???

  62. hi my baseband version is s5830xwkpa and build number is gingerbread.xwkpy can i use this update ???

  63. Try cyanoged mod 7.2 for long battery life. Promise this is true

  64. Cy mod 7.2 the fastiest room and less error occor.

  65. will this work on my european ace thanks?

  66. wtf is thi hourly traffic limit

  67. Moiz Alibhai says:

    where is ops file?

  68. raj mestry says:

    guys pls tell me how to recover my galaxy ace gingerbred 2.3.4 plz send me any reply asap….

  69. Shravan Krishnan says:

    Am using TheMyth ICS stock rom. would very much like to revert back to stock rom. is there any alternative method of installation? I don’t have a backup of my original system. What should i do?

  70. Chester3866 says:

    I using ace gt-s5830 froyo 2.2.1 . When I download the link then show “unable to download , not support content ” how ?

  71. does it has arabic lang in it ?
    quick reply plz ?

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