How to Use Android Phone as a Bluetooth,Wi-Fi Mouse/Keyboard for PC

Hey friends as we know there is no inbuilt feature in android phones related to controlling PC via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi . In few phones like Sony ericsson there may be a inbuilt feature.

So here I am going to tell you some interesting and useful apps to use your android phone as wireless mouse/keyboard for PC.


Interface via-Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

This is widely used app and also much useful in this field. This app is more than a remote controller for android phone. Main benefit of this app is It’s a completely free app . It have many intersting features as mentioned below


  • File explorer :- Using the file explorer we can explore all files which are saved in computer.It also can edit and play files according to there extension in computer.
  • Screen capturing :- Screen capture feature is not a major feature but interesting and maybe useful sometime if you are a blogger , it allows us to capture that particular area in PC which is hovering by mouse.
  • Password protected :- So no one can control your PC without your permission.
  • Access of internet :- By this we access internet over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Scrolling :- Scroll a page in PC as in Phone screen ( a invisible scroll bar at the right side of phone’s screen).
  • Support all types of android and window.


  • Install the server(.exe) on your PC and app (.jar) in your android phone.
  • Run the app in phone and make a new connection by menu button >Connections.
  • Tap menu and chose new.
  • In PC after installing the server right click on server icon and chose the preferred connection Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi is on in both side.
  • After clicking in a popup box is appeared with some info put this in your android phone (in blank boxes).
  • Now save it and right back to the black screen with three mouse buttons at the top.

Warning :-

In case you are using Wi-Fi then make sure your phone is connected with your PC Wi-Fi with suitable Access point.

In case you are using  Bluetooth then make sure Phone and PC were perfectly paired

Grab this app and server here

2. Bluetooth Remote PC

Interface via- Bluetooth

android bluetooth remote pc                 android bluetooth remote pc 2

It is also a interesting and free app.It has same procedure as PRemoteDroid. It have same a server file for PC and jar file for your android phone. Other more required info will get by its download link which is as under.

Grab this app here

3. Vectir 2.5 PC Remote control

Interface via-Bluetooth/Wi-fi

                                                       Vectir WiFi and Bluetooth Remote Control for android

Vectir is not a free app but a powerful app for this purpose.You can try it by this demo version of vectir which is as under.

Grab this app here

4. Unified Remote

Interface via-Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

unified remote for android                 android unified remote

Its’ a easy and most popular app for remote controlling your PC via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi for android user.

Grab this app here


5. Bluetooth Remote

Interface via-Bluetooth

 android as Bluetooth mouse                      android as Bluetooth wi-fi mouse

It is basically a remote controlling app for PC.It is not free but not much expensive but very much efficient.It’s a full functional remote for PC.So try this app if you can.

Grab this app here

6. GRemote Pro

Interface via- Wi-Fi,Bluetooth,3G

It is a premium app.One most important thing is that it is runs on PDA , so here is a benefit for you if you are a PDA owner .

Grab this app here

So you have lots of option available for bluetooth mouse app , if we missed any important app OR you know better way to use android phone as Bluetooth/wi-fi mouse , please leave comments below . your comments are very helpful for peoples to judge which app to choose.

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