How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727 (AT&T) to the latest ICS firmware build UCLF5

Galaxy S2 at&t Skyrocket

Owners of At&t Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I727 or usually known as “Skyrocket”, a new firmware leak has been available for you dubbed as UCLF5 build code. It is basically stands on the official Android 4.0 ICS and also includes the bootloader upgrades. As the name says that it much be similar to an official firmware code but there is still no official release news has been kept yet. This firmware is also not tested yet. So some bugs can be exist.

If you are an impatience user of skyrocket waiting for your official ICS release, then ready to enjoy with this leaked ICS firmware, by testing this firmware at your own base. So as we covered a tutorial to manually update your Skyrocket to this leaked UCLF5 firmware. Let’s begin this update with looking on a quick description and some considerable things just about the update, below.

Quick Description About the Update

  • Update to Firmware – Android 4.0 ICS
  • Firmware’s build Code– UCLF5
  • Firmware’s status– Not officially released
  • Just for the HandsetSamsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I727 (At&t)
  • Upgrading via– Manually by Odin


These above info gives you an easy idea to justify that you are surely the one to task this update to your phone. Now the tutorial guide will begin, just follow the tutorial, step by step and also carefully to avoid interruption or error between the process.

Disclaimer:- We are are not responsible for any kind of error or damage to your device cause of using any kind of info of this tutorial. So do anything only at your own risk.

Tutorial to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I727 (At&t) to Android 4.0 ICS UCLF5 Firmware

Step [1]. First download this required file
Step [2]. Prepare your phone and PC (pre-requisites)

Recommend– Use our brief and more efficient guide on preparing the phone before an update, by following the below link-

(A) Make backup of all your important data such as SD card, SMS, Contacts, Call logs and APN and MMS settings, to avoid the risk of losing data cause of sudden error during the process. Use the below recommend link-

(B) Disable all kind of security suites and firewalls such as antivirus, from your phone and PC to avoid interruption during the process.

(C) Must enable the USB debugging mode by following- Settings>>Applications>>Developments>> USB debugging. And here just ticked the “USB debugging” option.

(D) Charge your Samsung Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket) at least 70%.

(E) Ensure your Samsung Galaxy S2 have the modal no. SGH- I727. If it is not have this modal no. then don’t be try to upgrade.

You can check the phone’s modal no. by- Follow Settings>> About Phone in your phone.

(F) Install all the latest Samsung drivers in your PC compatible to your device.

You can get the compatible USB drivers for your skyrocket just below-

Link 1 | Link 2

Step [3]. Follow below procedure to flash the ICS ROM

1. First extract the downloaded XXAFL2 firmware package in a desire folder of your PC.

2. Now launch .exe file named “I727UCLF5_OneClickBin_DEABC2C0A29DD59C387453B159AF9730.exe” from this folder.

3. It will launch Odin, now keep Odin opened in your PC.

4. Now switch off your Samsung Galaxy S2.

5. Plug your phone’s original USB cable to your PC, but not in the phone yet.

6. Switch your Galaxy S2 in download mode by- press and hold down the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons of your phone and then plug the other end of the USB cable into your phone until a the screen turns on, displaying a text which says “Downloading”, you can then let go of the buttons.

7. Check the Odin’s message box displaying “Added”, which means your phone is perfectly detected by Odin.

8. Keeping the settings of Odin as it is, just click on “Start” to begin flashing process of UCLF5 firmware.

9. Wait, until the flashing process get finished. Your phone will automatically reboots and a “PASS” message on the upper left of the Odin will displayed which means that the flashing is successful.

10. Now safely unplug your phone from the PC.

Note:- However, if Odin gets stuck or you get a “FAIL” message, just disconnect your phone from the PC, close the Odin window, remove and reinsert your phone’s battery and start the procedure again from step 1.

That’s all.

Just easily! You have successfully update you at&t Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH- I727 with the latest Android 4.0 ICS firmware having the build code as UCLF5.

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Have fun with Skyrocketsmiley

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  1. Samsung also released new user manuals for phones upgraded with ICS (Galaxy II and Galaxy II Skyrocket). The new user manuals have significantly more pages (to cover the new ICS features) than the previous versions. Printed user manuals for many Samsung cellphones (including the latest S III) are available on ebay for those who are interested.

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