How to Update Samsung Galaxy Mini to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread [Step by Step Guide]

Update: 10-Aug-2011
Latest and official Android 2.3.4 is available , Go here

Previously we upgraded Samsung galaxy ace to android 2.3.4 , now its time to enjoy latest android gingerbread on your Samsung galaxy mini .this latest update brings better Gtalk ,good performance and smooth touch. This update is not official and you cant update your phone by over the air and samsung kies, its a leaked firmware version which is installed manually with the help of pc. but dont worry we and over 10000 peoples are tested this firmware and results are working , working , working.


  1. Download update file from Mediafire link OR Hotfile link
  2. Download Odin 4.38 from here

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible.


  1. Make sure you have at least 80% charged battery and I highly recommend to use this method on laptop or on pc that have UPS
  2. Install latest version of Samsung Kies on PC ( to latest drivers installed on PC )

Steps by Step Guide

  1. First we need to switch off your phone ,also remove your SIM Card and SD Card
  2. Extract update file to desire location ( password- )
  3. Open Odin Multi Downloader on PC , be sure to tick the boxes and Protect OPS Auto Reboot

    Click on OPS and select the .Ops file

    If you not found .ops file in .rar archive than here it is

    Click on BOOT and select the file called  APBOOT
    Click on PHONE and select the file called MODEM
    Click on PDA and select the file called CODE
    Click on CSC and select a file called CSC

    Note : Leave EFS empty


  4. Before connecting to the pc put your phone in the download mode which can be done by press and hold Middle Key (OK Key) + Volume Down Key than Power key


    Note :
    Don’t proceed if you are unable to put your phone in download mode


  5. connect phone to pc, If your phone is properly connected Odin Multi Downloader signal the COM port in yellow,now we can click on START.
  6. wait for 5 minutes , your phone will reboot after successful installation. COM Port box should indicate blue color and display “PASS” it means flashing process was successful
  7. enjoy Gingerbread on this pretty mini handset


if have any doubt,feel free to ask via leaving comments below

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  1. Unpluggedmeerkat says:

    Hi, I have downloaded the files from your link but they are .md5 files and not recognised by odin! Please help! Thanks :)

  2. DagariK says:

    thanks for guide, i’m from Colombia, this upgrade has spanish languaje?, i’ll be waiting for your comments thanks

  3. Sev7ven3 says:

    where is the .ods file

  4. Neoseven86 says:

    .ops file is missing where i can get it??

  5. en buelan says:
  6. i’ve been downloading the link but it was ended up there any problem? what should i do?help me thanks!

  7. Thanks!
    I updated my device. However, Arabic is not supported at this version? Any work-around? or am I missing something?

  8. Donnypaul says:

    odin stuck on message —cannot open the usb port
    what should i do ??
    and is this going to be in english if it works

    • I have the same problem ” — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32″ with all firmare versions I try on my S5570. No answers yet? No translation for the error code?
      Btw., my phone has a yellow (not green) “Downloading…” and my Windows 7 x64 Device manager does not show port “COM 13″ found by ODIN.

      • Kies was running as a service. Killed it using taskmanager (ODIN did not work yet) startet it and exited. Now everything is fine and Odin works.

  9. hi is samsung galaxy mini called also as samsung galaxy pop..

  10. hi before upgrading to gingerbread how can i have a backup of original firmware(fryo) as i am not having one?? any link pls.. sry for my silly doubts.. not a techie at android phones :)

    • ha ha ha , actually i open this blog to help non-techie peoples. you are doubts are welcome , you can disturb us as many as you can but please take patience to get reply

      :) you cant backup your system without rooting ,if you want to root your phone warranty will void.there is 0% risk of get damanged via updating. if you are unlucky while upgrading to gingerbread and lost your phone it can fix by company in just 15 mins

  11. @kuldeep thx mate for ur support :) actually i am now gng to try this update .. if it suits me then i am gng for rooting.. one more thing.. how to bring the phone to download mode? i tried Voulme down + OK button(center button) its not working for me.. do i need to switch off my phone when i am trying this?

    • yes you need to switch off your phone and wait some time to properly shut down. and press volume down +middle key and while holding both keys ,press power on button

  12. @kuldeep amazing fellow u r… it worked now.. anyways now @ office.. will have to dload and test it at my home.. will share my experience here after upgrading .. thx a lot man :)

  13. Murtaza Talib says:

    Hello I am going to try my up date., but tell me some thing will it sole my problem of wifi. as in previous version it used to say obtaining ip adress

  14. Vallu665 says:

    a long time to wait for the phone to update? 5 minutes is enough? I am afraid that the installer does not work: (Does the phone warranty if you upgrade it? sorry I translated this text to the translator:)

    • Hey Vallu ,

      There is no problem with this update , go for it working fine and you will not lose warranty. this update is like official but not via kies and FOTA [Firmware over the Air]

  15. Murtaza Talib says:

    hello soo it was quite ease though but still the wifi is not working still says obtaining ip address.. what to do with this!!//

    • What are problems wi-fi is saying

      • Murtaza Talib says:

        the problem is.. when i bought this set i just couldn’t connect it to my wi-fi. As i turned my wi-fi on its searched it connets it and in a sec disconnects it then every time it says obtaining ip address and just dosent cconnects to any wifi.
        i checked my router its working fine on my nokia set wifi connects and works fine… but on samsung it dosent same problem obtaining ip add

  16. Works like a breeze… Thanks for this update…

  17. Official Pranav27 says:

    I am having this samsung galaxy pop and its just brand new, bough a week ago, I just wanna know if I upgrade to android 2.3.3, and if by any chance it get failed then is there any way to backup all the things and get back to FYORO without letting the company know what I did so that I can save my warranty.

  18. Vallu665 says:

    hello! I upgraded my phone and work perfectly but one problem I do not work a normal web wi-filla works, but normally we do not (whether the phone anymore froyoa back to 2.2 I have 2.3.4 now, therefore, gingerbread, and I can not act without Security Guide for Wi-Fi, Nokia C3 is online Samsung Galaxy ideal but does not work: (what could help? can someone else backup to restore my phone help people to help!!

  19. Pranav Upadhye says:

    How Can I downgrade My Phone Back To 2.2.1?Cuz Gingerbread is way tooooo slow!!!!

  20. can dese changes be reverted??? i.e can i go back to official froyo??? n when gingerbread official update for galaxy mini will come??/

  21. Krishnabhargav 8889 says:

    …….. Cannot open USB serial port.code5
    Its displaying this message in the message box what should i do??

  22. Hi Kuldeep Singh I did exactly what you said everything was succesfully complete including the last Blue Screen PASS. my phone is Samsung Galaxy Pop (CDMA) and now after a complete process my phone is DEAD its all blank screen and now it don’t even start what I did wrong :-(

    • ohhhh, it is for GSM only , not for CDMA

      • next time Kuldeep Bhai you have to be more specific if you are talking about Galaxy Pop [GSM or CDMA] :-/

        by the time Samsung Gallery guys repair my phone and bring it back to normal till then i will keep singing a song

        Oh my god लग गयी, क्या से क्या हुआ.
        देखा तो कटोरा, झाँका तो कुवा.
        पिद्दी जैसा चूहा,
        दूम पकड़ा तो निकला काला नाग
        नाग… नाग… भाग.. >>>
        भाग भाग DK bose, DK bose, DK bose
        भाग भाग DK “Bose dk” भाग….
        भाग भाग DK bose, DK bose, DK bose
        भाग भाग DK “Bose dk” भाग….
        आंधी आई, आंधी आई, आंधी आई, आंधी आई.
        भाग भाग DK “Bose dk” भाग….
        भाग भाग DK bose, DK bose, DK bose
        आंधी आई है…

        • That’s my favorite song ,

          • Hi Kuldeep,
            Today i was at Samsung Gallery and after 1 hour to time even Samsung Gallery guys were not abel to restore back my phone after the Gingerbread update my phone is complete dead NOW THIS IS WARNING TO THOSE GUYS THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO UPDATE IT WITHOUT ANY BACKGROUND STUDY the solution to my mobile was to change motherboard i was lucky that Samsung Gallery agreed to change the Motherboard or else it would have cost my HUGE or say VERY HUGE for eg. by adding some more I would have been able to purchase a same new mobile GUYS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T UPGRADE IT UNTIL YOU ARE 200% SURE AND IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO TAKE THE RISK OR LOUSING YOUR PHONE.

            it was just my experience and I have just expressed and shared my views rest up yo you guys


          • I cant believe you are from India, they told you and you accepted , they are fooling you. there is very very very less chances of get bricked during update . and 99% phones dead because we miss some step.

            and if phone dead during update , it is like corrupted Operating system , so phone wont boot up.

            and as you said phone completely dead after update and motherboard will replace, these type of cases are very very rare. and Samsung guys are try to fool you , don’t afraid . millions of peoples are upgrading their phones and enjoying latest version before official release.

            :) who don’t take risks is not called MAN :)

    • The Good thing is your warranty is not void , you can ask company to repair it . they will repair your phone less then 1 day, but remember never accept that you have updated your phone

  23. Ashique Zakariyya says:

    I found the working Gingerbread 2.3.4 ,instructions and details by searching too much.

    get it easely from me.
    Great wishes

  24. Gargesh90 says:

    Hey will the service centre guys do the upgrade 4 free???

  25. it keeps telling me StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

    in the message window plz tell me what is the problem

  26. hey dear. there is a problem i downlod .S5570XXKPI_SERKPI_XXKPI(2.3.4).
    from the link you said.
    when i extract this file.
    it ask me for password. what can i do.

  27. kuldeep singh plz help.
    i dont no what is this language. in Gingerbread. i wanna change it in english what can i do. plz tell me fast

  28. yar bhai. mene ye sahi se intall to kar liya. but. yar pata nahi ye launguage kon si aa gai. plz do some thing,. thanx

  29. Keshavanand Kaushik says:

    I Rooted my phone on 30/7/2011.This is what I,m done with—
    This post reveals my analysis on kuldeep’s comment as Smsung’s Device is Awesome
    Once again I must remind U that It was only a day before Yesterday that I followed it with Rooting as per Ur directions.
    Now commenting on Samsung’s Awesomeness which U highlighted,is something I,m not in agreement with.This Model had been purchased soon after it’s Launching,around FEB. 21.Throughout this period I,ve made up my mind before saying all this.U being a sensible fellow should realize that even ordinary fellows get experienced with their Device’s Pros & Cons over time.
    As for commenting this update U must find out essence before saying that it has added something value enhancements to the usage of the Device or it’s performance.The much talked about Battery performance & changed Keypad features aren’t there.Not a single Icon has changed in the Keypad Design.No Battery enhancements have been detected because of automatic closure of unused applications.It was touted that this update will close down all unused applications.I,m to close them manually.That’s why I,ve commented the improvements aren’t encouraging.In any case the Home screen has changed & a Download shortcut has been added to the Widgets.Now would U stand by Ur evaluation of the Device

  30. i got ” cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32″ pls help

  31. i got ” cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32″ pls help

  32. If we Upgraded the Firmware is Aour all The Downloaded apps will be lost…?????
    plz REPLY…. :)

  33. mini_user says:

    hi kuldeep, im from the philippines. just want to ask if your firmware update will work on my galaxy mini ? some blogs said that they are not recommending this update for galaxy mini located on asia.kindly confirm if its true.then if its not. i will try your update.thank you!

  34. hey kuldeep, great tutorials dude thanx a lot for them…i have a couple of questions though…
    1)…wud there be any problem in flashing my fone wid another region’s firmware?lyk operator services or anything.(im currently in india)
    2)… and is the procedure same for galaxy fit?…( wid a gingerbread firmware of galaxy fit’s)

  35. Gianfranco says:

    how many time it takes to root. i dont have a laptop and i will use a cumputer.

  36. Gianfranco says:

    hey dude i did that. and i got the 2.3.4. now now i have some problem… i can’t take the wi fi, it says error. the screem turn off when i use that for 2 or 3 sec. the market is the same than the 2.2.1 and i can’t play games that I played when i had 2.2.1. what can i do? whanks for help.

  37. Gianfranco says:

    brother idk what to do.. i can play the games in Hd. well the screem crush and turn off for a fiw sec. but the problem that make me crazy is the wifi what i have to do to connect it?

    • First clear the cache . boot in recovery [middle key + power key] and select wipe cache from menu. it will fix all bugs

      • Gianfranco says:

        wipe cache partition?. i did that but i have 2 problems. when i use the cellphone usually the screen goes black for 1 or 2 sec. and the wifi says error can i fix it? by the way i read the gingerbread 2.3.3 is better than 2.3.4 is there a way to back to the 2.3.3 or to froyo or what can i go? thanks for answer.

  38. i updated my mini successfully but am not geting english language….am geting some other language

  39. plz plz…tel me how to solve by getting english language….

  40. ya….i got language….nd its working very nice…man…tanks fr u r reply…dude…

  41. Nitinsarda 24 says:

    hi… i have updated my samsung pop according to your method. it works fine but i’m not able to get 3g link, i’ve tata docomo network

  42. Nitinsarda 24 says:

    can i roll back to froyo and how?
    can i take complete stock firmware back up of my pop in gingerbread and if yes how?

  43. thanks bro! its working fine. May i know how to set the keyboard as in 2.2?

  44. thanks bro! its working fine. May i know how to set the keyboard as in 2.2?

  45. hi Kuldeep, iu say it works for all countries, i´m from Peru (Latam) provider: Claro. the original was Froyo 2.2.1, i upgraded with gingerbread 2.3.3 and appear some troubles with screen and wi-fi / 3G…. i returned to a 2.2.1 european version…. same problems. Can iu help me? thanks

  46. i had updated my galaxy pop to gingerbread now tel me wats new i can do with my 2.3.3…nd if you know plz tel me where can i get HD games for my galaxy pop….with gingerbread…

    • New in GB —>

      New user interface
      Supports for NFC
      Support for WebM/VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding
      New audio effects
      Improved Copy and Paste functionality
      Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard
      Audio, graphical, and input enhancements
      New sensors support
      Improved power management
      application control
      Support for multiple cameras

      and most of best HD Games are Premium so purchase them

  47. Gianfranco says:

    hey dude if you dont know why no tell me that or tell me that there is not a way to change it but what the fuck! why ignore me? i just wanna a answer.

  48. tanks….kuldeep….and now i got my pop with 2.3.3 can i update this to 2.3.4…and wats new i can get in…2.3.4 for my galaxy mini…

  49. Dear sir, can i use this instruction in my “CDMA galaxy MINI SCH-i559″ 850 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO version?

    • yeah man! now im already read old comments”Ohhhhh! this is not for CDMA only GSM”. god really help me! 😛 thank you again

  50. Sahilsaxena_24 says:

    any bugs??? and market is working??

  51. I cant install my kies and the Odin cant see my phone in the com port…

  52. hiee…recently i updated my galaxy pop to 2.3.4(gingerbread)…working well…can i be able to install google voice&vedio setup…i tried it using update from memory downloading a zip file…bt it shows (status o).. help me plz…

  53. Das Joy1991 says:

    hi kuldeep i m in big trouble…how can i upgrade 2.3.4 on my galaxy mini…?????is it safe????better from 2.2????any problem about 2.3.4????after upgradation what was my phone memory status???plzzz ans mee…i m very nervuse and confused…

  54. Tovagulet says:

    Im from Chile, and im wondering if the upgrade comes with spanish language?
    Becuase I went to SamFirmwares and they only have Europe, Asia and Arabic firmwares.

  55. thxxxxxxx. this is work.

    • Your welcome , keep visiting and share our site with your friends

      • Mdychatking says:

        Hi kldeep singh

        In above sentence samsung cdma phone was gone. I support this comment because also my phone was gone not detecting anythings. There are anyway to repair it without going to service centre.

        • No it is completaly bricked (i think) so no way to repair

          May be this will help How to fix bricked samsung phones with one click

          • Mdychatking says:

            Is phone doesn’t response when connected with pc. How can I use bricked. I tested with this tool but not success with windows if linux solution please guide to me. I found a lot of phone was not gone with wrong firmware completely. Why? this firmware. It different only gsm and cdma shouldn’t gone with this reason. Any problem in your firmware? Please checked. I don’t want see another person like of us.

            Thanks for your reply.

          • Yes man this is very huge difference in firmware world , go to service center

  56. Slyboogythatsmyname says:

    it says cannot open the usb port

  57. Tried updating it Just gives me this message

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

    What am i supposed to do???

  58. i wait it too long,, but it no respond as “pass”

  59. Rechinu10 says:

    I see this know what to do. you can help me?

  60. Rechinu10 says:

    I turned off firewall, antivirus, we managed, thanks

  61. Ariez_lov3ietekz says:

    thmkz man…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u r ma life saver….. luf u dammmmmmm much..!!!!!!!
    at 1st time i already download this android but not folowing u… it make ma phone hang…. just showing downloading 4eva… but after follow u.. dammMnNNn..!!! ma phone back 2 life…….!!!

  62. hi kuldeep
    I tried this on my almost new i5500 and after about 15 minutes it was still stuck at halfway mark on odin. so I knew it was not going any where and had to unplug. now it is completely dead. it will not go into download mode or no sign of life. is there any chance of saving it as I really liked the phone.please help

    • Man if you still can boot your phone in download mode , you can save your phone

      try this

      1. remove battery
      2. press and hold volume down+middle key+power on key
      3. while holding these three buttons , enter battery OR ask someone to do it for you
      4. it will boot in download mode , now flash firmware again with method above

  63. Xavier Nieva says:

    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

    -> kindly tell me whats wrong about this ??

  64. Va Anand Ar says:

    Hi. Man first let me tell that. U R doin a great job…i like it…

    man i have got Samsung galaxypop (android 2.2.1)…. Doesn’t supports. Flashplayer…. Now if i update it with gingerbread (2.3.4) then will the device. Support Flashplayer….. Your answer. Is my support…thanks.

  65. omg!!!!!! i did it and now it’s all russian! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  66. hi guys can anyone tell me how to get android 2.2.1 back on my mini

  67. Hi…i’m from malaysia…i’ cant send a sms…y????

  68. Havoc_mark says:

    hello… why cant i upgrade my 2.2 SGmini. when i push the start button it always says “- cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5″.. what will im gonna do?? pls help…thanks

  69. George_phi says:

    Hi, this software will work with Samsung galaxy pop?

  70. Help please, i made it step by step, all ok but when start the cell everything is in Russian language.

  71. Havoc_mark says:

    please help! how can i uninstall cyanogenmod 7 on my samsung galaxy min.. im kinda stock. please help..

  72. penguindking says:

    can anyone help me? i dont have any packet data after i upgrade and root the phone. is there anyway i can get it again?

  73. Max_max5106 says:


  74. hi kuldeep

    after upgrading to 2.3.4 it seems like am nt able to change my ph to silent mode while am getting a call
    i press the down volume key bt still its keep on ringing
    plz help me to solve this problm.

  75. i’m so frustrated. why odin v4.38 keep displaying yellow box with 1(COM16). i’ve waited for an hour, still, the blue colour displaying PASS didn’t appear. i’ve followed the steps. what was the problem?

  76. Hi,
    I own a galaxy pop cdma. I am unable to boot into download mode. Please help.

  77. thank you for showing this!!! just upgraded my mini to gingerbread..!!! [+]

  78. Khawar Schehzad Aslam says:

    Kuldeep i have already installed 2.3.4 on my galaxy mini its working smooth. i wanna ask if you can help me to install Gtalk 1.3 on my phone, i know i dont have front facing camera but atleast i can make a voice call. Thanx =)

  79. Does this require lot of free space ????
    what about the performance does the phone become slower

  80. i didn t understand the download mode part:/

  81. Randeepmangat22 says:

    After Successfully Updating.. ! MY 3G , GPRS , SMS ..nothing is working. I want to go back to 2.2 ! can somebody tell me HOW !

    • Khawar Schehzad Aslam says:

      dude just.. power off your phone… remove your sim card and then put it again.. switch on your phone .. and Done .. =)

  82. Tio Muyink says:

    This is Europe Version…?

  83. i m unable to bring phone in download mode____help me

  84. Nazihshaikh says:

    can this upgrade work for my galaxy pro?

  85. why i cannot open it ….its required passwrod to extract the file…

  86. Rico22_corner says:

    do i have to check or uncheck the boxes (protect OPS, Auto reboot)?

  87. Norberto Kun says:

    Hi there, i had many problems, but I made it! I dealt with system.* , then with usb something.. ugh it was tiring. and now i’ve got one last problem – where the hell 3G has gone? sim inserted, everything is fine, fixed the wifi. but no 3G? i mean internet without wi-fi. In the froyo there was one.. even 3g settings as i remember o.p

  88. hello i have done all the steps but when i press start it says cannot open usb serial port code 32 . What i must do ?

  89. hi..why its take long time to progress

  90. enjoy 2.3.4 now, thanks. clear and direct instructions

  91. Djrocker_Swap says:

    thnnnnnnnnnx its wrkngg

  92. Farhan4job says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    I am trying to load this on my new samsung galaxy pop sch I559,
    can i load the same on my this mobile. Can it create any problem.
    And if it made any (my finger are crossed) than can i correct it again going to samsung store or service center.

  93. Farhan4job says:

    also i have another doubt,
    shall i download the file from mediafire or hotlink. which one you prefer.
    I hope they are the updated one

  94. cool works !!!!!!!!!!

  95. Mrshadi212 says:

    this only working on samsung galaxy mini?? or other phone can to..

  96. will dis work for samsung mini for CDMA ??

  97. Dr Premchandmp says:

    i want to do u have any release of 2.3 for samsung galaxy pop i559 cdma mobile

  98. The upgrade seemed to work fine but now my phone is greek of russian or something! help!

  99. HELLO…i download the .ops file from the link u gave , but i cant find any file that named APBOOT…..please reply me…thanks for ur help ! 😀

  100. Lovegurulavdev says:
  101. my mobile galaxy pop cdma but Middle Key (OK Key) + Volume Down Key than Power key
    not process to go to download moad pls suggest i am waiting your reply……………………………….

  102. Muhammedshameers says:

    pls help me to change my phone language russian to english

  103. RAKSHANGR says:


  104. ANDDREEYY says:

    PLZZZZ HELP!!! i enter in download mode,i connect the phone to computer and……. DON”T APPEAR IN ODIN!! help plzzz :((

  105. Hai i m using samsung galaxy ace first i installed talking tom and it was working but for some reson i reset my phone and talking tom got deleted and then i dpwnloaded it from net net and then i m trying to install that app but it shows installation is failed what should i hav to do pls tell me

  106. Hai i m using samsung galaxy ace first i installed talking tom and it was working but for some reson i reset my phone and talking tom got deleted and then i dpwnloaded it from net net and then i m trying to install that app but it shows installation is failed what should i hav to do pls tell me

  107. Jurko Micko says:

    why have i to remove SD and SIM? is it useful for something?

  108. Eisen Fiesta says:

    Everything is working fine!!

    Thank you!

  109. Nikhilslathia96 says:

    whatz the password

  110. Miranapao says:

    what is the password to extract?

  111. Balboarocky48 says:

    Could you reupload the .ops?

  112. hey buddy i just o
    installed gingerbread on galaxy mini and my phone has turned horribly slow..
    what might be the reason? amd can u plz provode 2.2.1 stock froyo with one package file plz


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