How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace Running android 2.3.5/2.3.4/2.3.3 Gingerbread

After Upgrading Galaxy Ace to android 2.3.5/ 2.3.4 / official 2.3.3 update ,many peoples rooted their phone to enjoy at its best. Rooting android brings really cool features but also there is a lose of warranty avoiding . previously i got some comments asking

how we can unroot galaxy ace with 2.3.4 ?

If you also rooted your galaxy Ace and want to unroot it to get warranty back then you are at right place.

Today i am posting a Guide on How to unroot Galaxy Ace with android 2.3.5/2.3.4 , this guide is also working with old 2.3.3 firmware . this is very simple and safe method also we don’t need to use PC , just by using phone we can unroot it and root it again if needed.

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible.

Requirements to start:

  1. Download “” file from here
  2. Memory card

Instructions on How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Ace running on 2.3.5/2.3.4/2.3.3 Gingerbread

  1. Download ‘’ file from link above
  2. Copy it to your Sd card [i suggest you to copy file on Root directory of SD Card]
  3. Switch off your phone
  4. Now boot it in recovery mode, you can boot phone into recovery mode via Holding down Middle key and press power on key
  5. In recovery mode touch screen will not work so use volume UP/DOWN to toggle through options and middle key to confirm. Select the option “update from SD card” and confirm by pressing middle key
  6. Now Select the file “” file  from memory card
  7. It will take several seconds ,Wait until the confirmation screen comes
  8. Click on “reboot in normal mode” to restart the phone
Hurrey you have successfully unrooted your galaxy ace running on android 2.3.5/2.3.4/2.3.3 , in future if you need to root it again you can follow this guide
if you faced any problem feel free to ask via leaving comments below

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Kuldeep Singh is founder of androidflip , young blogger from india who loves to write about android and technology. Follow him on twitter @androidflip


  1. Kesterpogz says:

    ok this answers my question. thanks! :)

  2. Nykid417 says:

    need help updating my galaxy ace having trouble trough kies know i have to try it manually can some one help please

    • Are you trying to update 2.3.3 via Kies ?

      and what is your current firmware version

      • Nykid417 says:

        thanks for the reply my current firmware version is pda:kc2/phone:kb1/cs:kb2(tgy) and kies is telling me that my current firmware could not be upgraded so how should i upgrade it

        • Nykid417 says:

          just incase i didnt give to the rite firmware its froyo 2.2 or s58030 dont know which one is it

          • Go to settings > about phone and tell me firmware version

          • Nykid417 says:

            it says baseband version s5830LUBKA6 so i hope this is rite and i got a new ace even with this new phone kies is telling my that your phone is updated already but it says froyo2.2 on the phone info not gingerbread,why kies is giving problems cause my brother got the same phone but his phone got upgrades through kies but not mines but they are the same phones sorry to write you to much but just want to know the rite info

          • No probs you can ask as much you can , i suggest you to flash official released 2.3.3 firmware via ODIN instead of kies. ODIN is just a another way to install firmwares on phone . dont worry it is safe

          • Nykid417 says:

            thanks for the kind response, to use ODIN is it simple like kies or you have to read carefully and download a couple of things and follow the steps cause am not to good with unzipping and following steps

          • it is not so hard ,following my simple steps is really easy. ODIN is a tool for developers

          • Today you will find the Oficial Gingerbread update for your Firmware using Kies. You will get the S5830LUBKP7 Wich is the Gingerbread 2.3.4

    • Are you trying to update 2.3.3 via Kies ?

      and what is your current firmware version

  3. When unroot I got below error:
    E:Can’t open /tmp/sideload/
    Installation aborted

    • do you correctly select file in step 6

      • Yes, I did the correct step, I used to root early. both and at root directory of sdcard.

        • copy and rename it
          hope it will work

          • hello, I have the same problem, and no mater if I try to root or unroot (as at this point I have no idea if any of them worked), I get the same error. I did what you suggested to Peter, but I still get the error.

            My fw is S5830LUBKP7 gingerbread 2.3.4

            Do you know what could be causing this?

            Bythe way, I’m in Chile so KPH or others don’t work with 3G here…

  4. Antalroos says:

    Dear Kuldeep, I need your help! I used your other post to root my Samsung Galaxy Ace, but now my 3G is not working anymore. I also lost all my apps and numbers (these I have in a back-up file, but not my apps). Now I’ve tried to unroot it, and that’s not working either, so I’m getting a little frustrated. Can you help me by either fixing my 3G or helping me with unrooting it?

  5. Nykid417 says:

    hay i updated my phone to gingerbread 2.3.4 i see improvements but i would know if its necessory to root the phone?? and what is rooting for??? please let me know

    • Nykid417 says:

      by the way the upgrade was to my galaxy ace

      • ha ha ha , it is understood that you upgraded for ACE. but it seems you are like me who loves to explore.

        1. Rooting is not necessary, it is all up to you .
        2. what is rooting ?
        rooting is a process that will give you the permission to use your phone as administrator, after getting all permission you can modify your phone as your needs. company don’t want to give root permissions because after rooting you can remove their branding and all things of company.

        androids are like PC , just install any ROM or do any modification like we do on windows PC. but modification needs run our pc as administrator , same is here we need to run our android as administrator. rooting will give you complete control on your phone.

        This is an article that will help you to understand benefits of rooting.
        what is rooting and why you must have a rooted android phone

        • thanks for the help i want to download some HD or good grapic games but dont know how to,how should i download high end games please give me some info i’ll preciated

  6. Jhustified says:

    does this unrooting process work on 2.2.1? if can i unroot 2.2.1..thanks

  7. Ok so i have 2.3.3 bhut i tried this and it didnt work i downloaded the file and at the reboot menu i did the thing and it said ok confirmed bhut then i rebooted my phone and its still showing version 2.3.3 on information screen

  8. I met this problem:

    E:Can’t open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted

  9. Louiemangan9 says:

    thankyou you are amazing!!!!

  10. Agarwladitya31 says:

    wen we copy and just click on update from sd card the option comes system and meta-inf and system wich 1 to select??

  11. i rooted my galaxy ace using your direction after that Remove Pre Installed Android Apps from
    now how can change all what i’ve done and get my galaxy ace factory setting ( all oreginal apps and remove the root) please help me

    • Getting back pre installed apps is impossible , you will only get default apps

      Note: default apps comes with gingerbread , pre installed apps are installed by Samsung

      You can do a factory reset by —

      1. Switch off your phone
      2. press middle key and power key and dont release until you boot in recovery mode
      3. Select wipe data/fatory reset
      4. then wipe cache
      5. then reboot system now

      it will delete all data , so make backup before doing this

      • thank you a lot for you answer
        so what i understood that i can get my factory setting and remove the root with these steps
        1. Switch off your phone
        2. press middle key and power key and dont release until you boot in recovery mode
        3. Select wipe data/fatory reset
        4. then wipe cache
        5. then reboot system now

        then i will have all the apps that comes with my original Firmware (Froyo) before updating but not the ones that Samsung proved.

        so if that right
        i want to know very important thing if i kept all what i’ve done to my galaxy ace (the root and the removed apps) can i get the new update when android issued a new one and how

        thank you alot for your help

        • Yes you van get update on your rooted Ace

          • thanks a lot for you kindness
            so i can get the software update throw the about phone in the setting


            i sent you a message with important information about my galaxy ace if you can help me
            i will wait for your help
            if you don’t want to send email i will wait for your help her
            thanks again

  12. will this works on galaxy mini?

  13. unrooting worked fine for me on ace 2.3.4 after rooting with file 😀

  14. Hi i have a 2.2.1 Ace n its rooted , I want to update it but i don’t know how to update ?? Please can u help ??

  15. Major problem. I had rooted my phone and stupidly deleted the settings app (using a root uninstaller app) thinking it was unnecessary as I could access settings with the bottom left button on my Galaxy Ace. I backed up the settings app (settings.apk) first on my SD card but when I went to reinstall it after realising my error it says that my security settings won’t let me install non-android market apps. Of course I can’t change the security settings as I deleted the settings app. Then it force closed.

    I tried to unroot the phone as per your article but the ‘settings’ have simply disappeared off the phone. I don’t know what to do as my phone is of little use without being able to change the settings. Please can you help me.

    I’m on Gingerbread S5830XWKPO Android 2.3.3 Many thanks.

  16. Armaan Goya says:

    i rooted my phone using ur guide…bt now i cant reboot the phone in recovery mode…please help…

  17. Is this trick works with other galaxy phone series?

  18. eldarinelven says:

    Hello… Need your help… I updated my android to 2.3.4 and rooted my galaxy ace without any glitch… But now my phone doesn’t have a 3G network… Only 2G… Pls help me… Thanks…!!!

  19. does unrooting your fone will also remove the custom rom? i want to remove my custom rom and go back to stock rom.

  20. Hi! I have followed you instructions above. My question is, are there any other indicators that the phone is unrooted and has restored to its original settings before the phone was rooted?

    • Download root checker app from market and check if your phone is rooted

      • I tried using root checker ver 3.2 by Joey Krim. However, during my first test (advance mode), the output says

        “Root Access is not properly configured or was not granted.
        Superuser.apk – – is NOT installed!
        The application Superuser is recommended as it provides basic security and is available for free in the Android Market
        Standard su binary location:
        /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
        Standard su binary location:
        /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
        Alternate su binary location:
        /sbin/su: Permission denied
        SU binary not found in the system declared PATH
        Results provided by Root Checker from joeykrim in the Android Market –
        Sent from Samsung Mobile”

        Second time around and it displayed the same output. However, starting at the third trial and so on, the output says

        “Congratulations! You have root access!
        Superuser.apk – – is NOT installed!
        The application Superuser is recommended as it provides basic security and is available for free in the Android Market
        Standard su binary location:
        /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
        Standard su binary location:
        /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
        Alternate su binary location:
        /sbin/su: Permission denied
        Root user id:
        Root not properly returning its user id
        Root group id:
        Root not properly returning its group id
        Results provided by Root Checker from joeykrim in the Android Market –
        Sent from Samsung Mobile”

        It was weird though, I’ve got a feeling that something’s wrong, either my unrooting process or the app itself. Any ideas? :/

  21. Sameeqadir says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    i have galaxy ace, i am not able to do any operations, like typing, watching videos, setting changing, while all this operations automatically it will come to home screen, i reinstalled froyo from authorised service centre and i installed 2.3.3, and now i have installed 2.3.4, but still i have the same problem, can u please solve my problem. i purchased this phone 2 months before but still i am not able to use. please kindly help.

  22. Karan Sahn92 says:

    kuldeep i need your help URGENTLY !!
    i did root my phone using your guide, and after that my frnd installed Clokworkmod recovery on it, now when i want to UNROOT it, i do it properly, following each step correctly, still my phone has root access ! i want to get back to stock recovery also,
    it . also i want to unroot it successfully !!!!!

    • re flash your firmware using Odin , as simple as that

      • Karan Sahn92 says:

        is there no other option ? Can i reflash my stock rom using kies ? i dont want to complicate things..
        If not then please tell me how to do it so using ODIN. thanks. i want the OFFICIAL FIRMWARE , so that i can apply the future updates, i dont want any leaked firmware. thanks –

        • if you are worried about “official future updates” then don’t worry we can install them without kies , when you are running leaked version and official update came out, just download newly launched official update and install it using Odin

          *** we are always ahead of official update, if Samsung have 2.3.4 official then we are proving 2.3.5 , it also provided by Samsung but not for public

          • Karan Sahn92 says:

            thanks ! i updated my phone (USING KIES lol)
            even i wasnt expecting it to be successfull ! i have ddkq6 update now, The only problem i am facing now is with the USB connections, Whenever i connect the USB, it charges , no option comes in the notification bar to connect to pc or act like mass storage. I tried usb debugging in settings also, nothing worked, my computer ((( the same which used to connect to my previous firmware without any problems ))) Shows usb device not recognised !! Please tell me how to solve this ! thanks

  23. Sameeqadir says:

    I have updated my galaxy ace with 2.3.4, but i have a problem with my phone, so i want to take it to the service centre, it will cover under warranty or not, because of updation. please let me know.

  24. How can i unroot my galaxy y running on 2.3.5

  25. hello i have rooted the phone succesfully but suddenly it started presenting problems with the audio (volume went really low at full multimedia volume) and also my internet access seems to have major laggs lately (after rooting)… because all this i decided unrooting the phone and followed every step.. now the superuser app deleted by itself but the root checker still says i have root access… is it rooted or unrooted? need help plz reply

  26. lil_miss.chatterbox says:

    I can’t download apps on my galaxy ace (android) its says its downloading but its stilp like that after 2 hours. Also it’s not letting me download fom internet. I am not sure if just my phone or the sd card. I had noticed it only works with wifi.

  27. Dylan DSouza says:

    Hi Kuldeep!
    Thx for all your great work,
    I hav a question…What do i have to do if i want to unroot my SGA which has a custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod ?

  28. Dylan DSouza says:

    Your root tool sucks it bricked my phone.

  29. do i have the warranty back then ?!

  30. Akshayjam90 says:

    Hey my firmware version is 2.3.4 DDKQ6. Can I unroot my phone using the zip posted here??
    Thank you.

  31. Sunit Pani says:

    can u give me a link for the official gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware of galaxy ace DDKQ6

  32. my samsung ace 3g stopped workin suddenly what should i do???

  33. will this work for the samsung galaxy s i9000 aswell version 2.3.3

  34. Hey Kuldeep……
    m from chandigarh….and i got a rooted galaxy s2 at&t…which i obviously hate

    how can i unroot it???
    please do reply……o_O

  35. im unrooting and the says complete but back in phone i still have the superuser icon!

  36. not working…..on samsung galaxy

  37. Zain Junio says:

    can we unroot samsung galaxy mini by this method

  38. Will this work even if i installed some custom rom

  39. i unrooted my ace….now how to get the system apps back that i deleted after rooting

  40. How to selectrecovery mood

  41. Messedupmee says:

    Does this work with samsung galaxy mini?

  42. its not working for me
    still showing
    in kernal version -perf-cl660404 root @dell123#1

    Please help

  43. Newbie Here says:

    Please Help!!
    How to Unroot GT-S5570 JVKT1 i want it so that i can use full version in any apps in google play

  44. Kuldeep, I Unroot My Ace But Is There Any Method To Remove The Kernel Version From root @ Dell122#1 To Withot The Root?

  45. how can solve installation aborted in samsung ace

  46. Hi.. I have upgraded my galaxy ace with cooper pac.. My phone became a little slow..I want to get back to the previous version i.e., 2.3.4 and get an official 2.3.6 upgrade to get my warranty back. So, How can I unroot now.?? Will the unroot found here works for my phone. Please help me.. :)


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