How to Unlock Bootloader of Sony Xperia SOLA


Everyone loves to install custom ROMs and custom apps in android phone, but without unlocking your phone’s bootloader you can’t unlock your phone’s full potential, same applies for latest sony android phone xperia Sola.


Although there is no new official android version has released yet for Sony Xperia Sola, but many different kind of custom ROMs and custom apps are available for it.

That’s why i am writing this bootloader unlocking guide for Sony Xperia Sola users. Keep going but first read some considerable points carefully.without unlocked bootloader enjoying custom roms and custom apps is not possible.

Most considerable things

(A). Unlocking bootloader will void your device warranty.

(B). To get back the warranty claim back you have to relock the bootloader.

(C). Today we posting you the only way to unlock the bootloader, but also we don’t have the method to relocking bootloader yet. We are on the way to make a another guide to relock it again soon.

(D). Kindly perform this tutorial, if you are an advance user and you are well known to the concept of unlocking bootloader, rooting, custom ROMs.

(E) Also check that your device will be able to unlock the bootloader by- dial *#*#7378423#*#* in your phone, a service menu will appear, here just follow Service info >> Configuration >> Rooting Status.

Here if the Bootloader unlock allowed comes “Yes” then you can continue otherwise you can’t able to unlock the bootloader.

Disclaimer: We are are not responsible for any kind of error or damage to your device cause of using any kind of info of this tutorial. So do anything only at your own risk.

Now let’s head to the tutorial. Be ready and task every step carefully.

Tutorial to Unlock the Bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola

Step 1. Get all required objects and files below
  • A Sony Xperia Sola handset
  • A PC with a internet connection with good network strength
  • Download the latest Android SDK from
  • Download the standard android_winusb.inf-file from here Direct link.
Step 2. Prepare your phone and PC (pre-requisites)

Considering all terms you can also use our brief and more efficient guide on preparing the phone before an update, by following the below link-

Preparing your Android Phone Before Upgrading Firmware

(a). Make backup of all your important data such as SD card, SMS, Contacts, Call logs and APN and MMS settings, to avoid the risk of losing data cause of sudden error during the process. Use the below recommend link-

How to backup your Android phone before upgrading firmware

Note: Don’t use the pc suite for backup, cause these kind of backup is usually not detectable for further ROMs.

(b). Disable all kind of security suites and firewalls such as antivirus, to avoid interruption during the process.

(c). Must enable the USB debugging mode by following- Settings>> Applications>>Developments>> USB debugging. And here just ticked the “USB debugging” option.

(d). Charge your Sony Xperia Sola at least 70%

(e). Note down your phone’s IMEI no. separately in a notepad or paper so you can get it easily later. You can view the IMEI number by entering *#06# on your phone.

Note: Install the latest Sony drivers in your PC compatible to your device

Step 3. Procedure to unlock the bootloader of Sony Xperia Sola

1. First of all you have to visit the official page of Sony to unlock the Bootloader, just in the web browser of your PC.

2. Here just click on the tab, “Start unlocking the boot loader”.

3. In the next page some instruction are given related to the unlocking procedure, so just take look on it and click on “Continue”.

4. Next page is come up a term and asking you “Are you really sure”, so just read out the term and if you are agree then just click on “Yes, I’am sure”.

5. After that some “Legal terms” are shown, read them and desirably tick them both and then click on “I accept”.

6. In next page ( heading as “Create Unlock request”), three blank blocks are shown, so enter their required data as Name, pre-noted IMEI no. and your e-mail address.

7. After filling the appropriate date, just click on “Submit”.

8. Then a unlock code will given to you, just note down it.

9. Now install the downloaded SDK in your PC.

10. Now unzip the file “” and replace this unzip file with old “android_winusb.inf” file located in Android SDK >> extras >> google>>usb_driver folder on your PC.

Note: If you can’t find usb_driver folder, then install the Google USB driver packager using android SDK manager.

11. Next turn off your Xperia Sola.

12. Press and hold ‘Volume Down’ button of your Xperia Sola and then connect it to PC using it’s USB cable, so you can land in fast boot mode.

13. After connecting you will be asked for drivers, so just browse the usb_driver folder and select the android bootloader interface file.

14. Now open the command prompt and go to the tools folder within the android SDK folder.

15. Now enter the command “fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version” and if you will get any response such as “0.3” then it means your phone is perfectly connected.

16. Now enter the below command (to unlock the bootloader) in command prompt-

fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY

where you have to replace the KEY with the unlock code which we get in step 8.

17. When the above command process will finish, then just reboot your phone and disconnect it from PC.

That’s all.

Congratulations! you have successfully unlocked the Bootloader of your Sony Xperia Sola.

Enjoy and Have FunwlEmoticonsmile2_thumb16

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  1. Admin Kamar bujanG says:

    Sorry Out of topic.
    Can u make tutor Unlock Bootloader for Xperia Neo L 2012 vis Test point not via official Sony Website.. Please

  2. Pls help with unlocking Sony Xperia Neo L MT21i bootloader

  3. To Load FASTBOOT MODE (BLUE LED will : Volume Up + USB cable connected to PC -> light up)
    You need to be in FastBoot Mode for fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version be able to show the soft version. Otherwise you will just see “Waiting for device”…

    See more details here

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