How to Unlock Android Device If you forgot Screen Pattern Lock

Today my friend called me,

bro I forgot my screen pattern lock and i don’t know what to do, its asking for google account details, i forgot my google account password too.

Did you ever faced the same situation, I did many times not because my memory is weak but my friend lock their phone to hide their data from me.

But you know geeks are geeks.

I unlock their device very easily by using these little tactics, I wont suggest you to do so until you have some crazy friends like i do.

So there are four methods to bypass screen pattern lock.

[1]. Google account

First and very easy method is to input your google account credential you registered your device with.

Note 1: If you forgot your google acocunt password you can go to = http:// and reset it.

Note 2: If you’re using right details but device not accepting password, it can happen because you have two step verification turned on for your google acocunt, in that case you can go to app specific password generation page and generate a password, now use it and your device will unlock.


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[2]. Screen lock bypass pro

This is best option to remove pattern lock without loosing your data and no geekry required. Pretty simple $2.99 app.

Note: This solution will only work when you internet connection is active on your device and your device is registered to your google account.


(1). Make sure your device is not on charging mode, if so unplug the charger from your device.

(2). Go to your pc browser open google play store and search for “screen lock bypass” or directly go to this link. Click install and wait…

(3). You will see google play store is installing “screen lock bypass” app wait till it installs.


(4). Once done, plug your phone to charger, its required to activate app.

plug charger

(5). Now you will see this screen, click on activate button located in bottom left.

actiavate screen

(6). Now last step, choose “Remove Lock Password”


(7). Device unlocked. Yay!



[3]. By using ADB

This method works great, but little geekry here,  you must have understanding of what ADB is and how it works, read an awesome post on ADB  by addictivetips.

First of all, Turn USB Debugging on your android phone. Android 4.0 or higher users go to Settings >> Developers option | Other android users can find this option under Settings >> Applications >> Development

Method 1

(1). Connect your phone to computer, make sure its connected through ADB.

(2). Open command prompt and enter these commands

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';


(3). Once done reboot your phone

(4). Don’t be afraid by the pattern screen, input any pattern and your device is unlocked now :)

Method 2

All steps are as method 1, instead use this code in cmd prompt

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key



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[4]. Hard reset

If nothing works, this one is last option, but it will delete all your data from phone. It wont affect your SD card data but i recommend you to remove it.

  1. Boot your phone in recovery mode, power off your phone, now press and hold volume up and middle key while holding both press power on.
  2. Your phone will boot in recovery where you have to select, “wipe data/ reset factory defaults” option.
  3. Confirm it.

Once done your phone will reboot. wait for 3-5 minutes because for first boot it will take some time.

Voila, its done your phone is unlocked but data is gone, unfortunately Sad smile

Have I missed something ? or you are facing a problem let me know via comments

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  1. The main thing you forgot which doesnt require charging cable and interner connection as well as no details are required just 2 min process no pc either required.

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