How to Solve Android Wi-Fi Problems with Quick Simple Steps

I posted Many tutorials and guides for android on this blog . Previously I got tons of comments asking – my Wi-Fi is not working , my Wi-Fi disconnects, my Wi-Fi is stuck on Obtaining IP and something else .

You can read couple of comments below

By Choice Mc

I would only have one question – why is it that my WiFi isn’t working at home, but at work it works perfectly fine :/ should i change any home router settings? or is it just my phone’s fault? Cuz i’ve been hearing a lot about Ace’s WiFi problems. Any idea?

By Kavish

i upgraded my ace to 2.3.4 but i facing some issue with package data connection…some time it doesn’t work properly when i use after using wifi….i need to restart the cell to solve this problem…is there any other way to solve this problem…

And some says it is working fine , no effect of upgrading.

By Alan Go

thank you very much for this post. i have upgraded my froyo 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 , now the wifi is working very fine

By Rick iki

everything is working well! video rec 640×480..wi-fi faster..

I can bet , you are thinking “how is it possible ?” some says working & some says not working.  same phone model , same upgrade file. then what is the main problem.

I am not saying there is no problem of wi-fi due to phone’s fault  but there is very less chances having Wi-Fi error due to phone’s fault, it worked for me and i am 99% sure this is Router configuration Problem. i faced this type of problem many times but after adjusting settings in router i got my Wi-fi working again . i got these errors not only on Android but also on My PSP , my android laptop too.

As my knowledge – The reason behind this problem is the security type of router and incorrect IP address configuration in PC. that is not true if one Wi-fi works with laptop/any gadget than it will work with android . it depends on what configuration your wi-fi device needs. I am not going too geeky here so lets get back to the point

You can follow these Simple tips to solve wi-fi problem in android phone and I am sure it can solve 99% cases==>

  1. Switch off phone , reinsert battery and try again

  2. If you are using security on Wi-Fi router than remove it , and check again 

  3. As I already said some devices don’t supports router that is supported by other devices . So you have to go to router configuration in PC and Check each settings is according to your Device needs

Now in some cases if it is Problem of phone then Follow these ==>

  1. You can use this Paid Application –  Fix My Wi-Fi , Android market link here

  2. You can follow this method too . it fix wi-fi problem occurred due to driver failure. This method is specially for Samsung Galaxy Series Phones

    open your keypad and type in *#*#526#*#*

    wait for sometime until it says ‘process was successful’ . you can repeat this method every time you face this problem


If you have any good solution then share it with the world

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  1. Tnx bro, you’re the best!

  2. YEEESSSS!!! omgg you’re a life saver man 😀 the #*#* thing worked wonders

  3. Another very convenient app : Easy Wifi Connect which allows you to connect your mobile to a secured wifi network without typing the security key but only by scanning a QR Code… ( )

  4. help me to fix my android wifi when every time a switch on the wifi it reset after 15 second..

  5. when i try to connect my office wi-fi
    it says like

    1. scanning
    2. connecting
    3. optaining IP address from (wifi-name)
    4. disconnected

    i’m using 2.3.7 cynamod (galaxy i5500) and ASUS router.

    any help buddy?

    FYI: i can connect other wifi networks

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