How to Root Xperia X10 running on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Hi friends , recently we have updated our Sony ericsson xperia x10 to official android 2.3.3 Gingerbread . Here is another good news for you , Team XDA got success to obtain root access for Xperia x10 running on stock 2.3.3 firmware . So now we can root our tasty gingerbread.

if you are wondering about rooting what is it ? why to root ? and what are benefits ? please read the following article and decide to root your device .

What is android rooting and why we have to root our android phone

I think above article is enough to understand what is rooting and why we need it , if you are ready to root your x10 then follow steps carefully. but be careful before rooting

  1. It will void your phone’s warranty
  2. This Guide is only for Xperia X10 running with stock 2.3.3 gingerbread , you can check version by going to Settings>about phone
  3. This Guide is different from old guides , sometime you need to take actions immediately so please read it once you will apply this method.
  4. This method will not wipe your existing data

Disclaimer: Follow this guide on your risk, during this process if your device damaged or bricked then is not responsible

Required Things To Root :

Instructions to Root Xperia X10 running on Stock 2.3.3 Gingerbread

  1. First make activate the Unknown source by Going Menu>Settings>Applications>Unknown source
  2. Now enable the USB debugging by Menu>Settings>applications>Development> USB debugging and also enable Stay awake
  3. Now switch off the phone
  4. Extract Download flash tool pack “”
  5. Open this folder and run “X10FlashTool.exe” file by double clicking on it. After running it you will see this window


    Click on Flash


    Select aZuZu – Kernel Downgrade version from the list


  6. Follow the instruction shown by FlashTool windows

    [ 1. unplug the device 
      2. power off the device
      3. press back button and hold it
      4. plug usb cable to pc ]

  7. If all is done FlashTool will start flashing process , when its done you will see “Flashing finished.” message in FlashTool window . it will also ask you to unplug device and enable Usb debugging, unknown sources. (don’t close FlashTool)
  8. Now remove USB cable and switch on your phone and just after a vibration alert ,immediately connect the USB cable again .
  9. Wait till the Root button becomes visible in FlashTool ,when it appears immediately hit the Root button.
  10. It will start rooting process, when it done you will see “Root should be available after reboot” message in FlashTool
  11. Before your phone automatically boots , remove the battery
  12. Now wait for 5 seconds and insert the battery
  13. Now come back to FlashTool , click on Flash button and select aZuZu – Kernel UpGrade from the list


  14. Hit OK , Follow all messages prompted by FlashTool
  15. If all will done well you will see “Flashing finished.” message, now you can disconnect phone by ejecting the USB cable.
  16. Switch ON your phone, now you have a rooted Xperia X10.

Video Tutorial

You can also follow this video guide created by developer azuzu and for more info  head over to this XDA thread of rooting Xperia X10 


Enjoy root permissions on Xperia X10 running stock 2.3.3 gingerbread ROM, if you faced any problem feel free to ask via comments below

[All credit goes to aZuZu and XDA]

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  1. my phone is on root n also installed xrecovery but when ever i try to0 install
    audio shuttring or bravia engine
    i do back up the old rom
    also reset n wipe the whole
    n when i press install custom roms so its gave me a error like
    E mont no such files
    installation abrod
    how can i install those roms please help me i want those roms

  2. I had to try several times before the final flashing would happen. Essentially, my phone just wouldn’t do it! But finally it managed to catch on and flash! If anyone is having problems doing the second flashing (Upgrade), just try plugging it in several times. I worked for me 😀

  3. Mehdi Esh says:

    i do every thing but on debugging stops and root button dos not come . whats the problem ? i do it more than 10 time’s it’s making me crazy

    • It is little hard but try plugging it several times

    • Maxtheaxe33 says:

      Me too. 7 times now – my wife’s thinks I’m nuts! More foolproof explanation step-by-step/walk through would help with your donations, in my humble opinion. But for now, no thanks and donation….

      • Enzo_cis says:

        I had same issue – Forgot to activate the debugging mode at the beginning. So Active debugging mode for USB and also active developers bit.

        Then follow the process again, this time when you reboot your pc should see the phone connecting….. Wait about 2 minutes then you phone will be detected.

        Hope this helps.

  4. Madvillepocket says:

    ive did this process at least ten times now no success. idk if its me doing something wrong or what but id really like to resolve this issue and root my xperia x10 running 2.3.3 so if you could message me back with more help on this issue it would be greatly appreciated. oh and this what ive done: ive followed all the steps, made sure that the downgrade and upgrade were correct, made sure my flash software is correct (im pretty sure it is cause it looks like the one in video lol) and it says flashed, rooted on reboot and flashed again after i do the downgrade root and upgrade of course. but yes any help would great, thanks

  5. this process unlocks the sim protection?
    thanks to answer

    • No , rooting is not a sim protection unlocking method.

      Note: Dont try on your phone locked with any Network/SIM , all methods are only for international unlocked phones

  6. carlossimonduran says:

    Please i need help. i cant root my phone successfully, i always get stucked in the message “INFO – Root should be available after reboot!” but it does not reboot automatically, instead i have to take the battery out and do the second flashing, but i does not reboot “rooted”. can anybody please tell me whats wrong??

  7. Germanbanana says:

    Can anyone help me, please ? On both pictures you can see that on ” installed busybox” there is no “installed busybox: None” or “installed busybox: BusyBox 1.17.2 blablabla”

    And because of that i can´t get the Superuser app.

    For Info: I use Windows XP on a VirtualMaschine that runs on a MAcbook Pro.
    Is that the problem???

  8. so after the kernel downgrade,should I enable Usb debugging, unknown sources like the program wants, or just turn on the phone and plug the usb after the vibration?

  9. Kishanpatel011 says:

    y is the bloody flash tool download link not working….

  10. I’m having some problems … I use the mini xperia x10 mini pro .. I have installed cyanogenmod 7 on my phone .. but it is not accessible work .. after reboot, it only shows a symbol cyanogenmod7 for some time and again .. I reboot again and the problem is not resolved .. I tried to install it again and boot again .. but another problem arises .. when device is restarted only seen ‘sony ericsson’ and again .. I was so panic .. I want to ask you how to solve this problem and the cause of how this problem can happen .. I also want to ask for help you to guide me to solve this problem and taught me more about the android .. hope you can help me as soon as possible .. tq ..

  11. guys…my phone isn’t strtng….what shud i do…nd can u tell me what has happend…

  12. Muhammadzulkarnain85 says:

    how to Unroot back?

  13. hi! i tried to root my x10 following the above procedure. But i think i made a mistake somew here. Now my phone doesnt start. It just shows the welcome screen and stops there. Is there any way to recover the previous version of the software. If yes then how?

  14. Raven_ramon says:

    Hi… it did not work for me. i was ok until unpluging thye battery in step 11/12.. i just keep getting the same 2.3.3. when finishing all the step.
    when taking out the battery – should the phone be still connected to the computer via the usb cable? what happens if it takes longer than 5 seconds to instal back the battery?

  15. Wsaifullah86 says:

    I’m also having the same problem at the last phone become crazy at stuck Sony Ericsson title at the main screen.someone please help me what should I do.

  16. i got stuck at the starting screen.any1 mind helping?

  17. I’ve got the same problem. The starting screen and nothing’s going on. I guess that happened because i disconnected the battery late. I’m in panic! What should i do? I can’t live without my xperia!!!
    Please solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

  18. When I re-connect my phone after flashing, the ROOT button never comes visible ! HELP !!! =(

  19. Steven Hicks says:

    use this one FlashTool_0.2.9.1-GBready_root_xRec

  20. Keyurpanchal says:

    I have rooted my phone and than restarted. shows superuser also. But My phone doesn’t detect my sim card. Always appears “no sim card”. Now what to do? I can’t repair android os also from pc campaign. What to do?

  21. done with the downgrade process :) it was fine till the fone rebooted ……after dat im not able to connect my fone in the flash mode :( so the last step ( upgrade kernel not possible )…wen ever the phone is switched on, it gets stuck at the sony ericsson name itself…….anyway out?? any idea how to get out of this ?:)

  22. please help kuldeep singh :)

  23. My Xperia X10 is stuck at the Sony Ericsson title, now its just stuck there, can anyone please help? its useless to take the battery out and put it back in, it freezes now

    • Taz mania says:

      try it again guest11. had the exact same problem. was waiting for 20 mins. finally decided to do it again. second time worked perfectly. just follow the steps exactly as written and not as explained from theflasher

  24. Taz mania says:

    why were my comments (replies) removed from guest111 and dmitri???

  25. Abelardo Garza14 says:

    You are amazing.._! Thanks a Lot..!

  26. Sensitive_birdseye says:

    great yaar i have done it in my second try….lol
    coz in first try i’ve been late but in second try i synchronize myselfe with your video and i have done…..

  27. can you have me ? I have some problems within root device… Now nothing can do the phone .. only starting screen sony ericssion,,,,,nothing run.. what should i do?

  28. Respon_89 says:

    i have a question before do a 2nd flash to upgrade did it to unplugged a usb cable …

  29. if who try this way and get suck at sony ericsson startup… just use pc companian to get a format to your phone… this way really working on my phone… and it`s already updating…

  30. II was upgrade my xperia x10.. No problem.. Then istall root.. No problem too.. big tx to admin.. You are so cool..

  31. Andysall2008 says:

    Wat if gingerbread isn’t stock firmware on ur phone instead it was a software update from 2.1……

  32. i made right to point 7. with point 8 i have problem. when i turn on my phone logo sony ericsson is loading but nothing more. help me. button root isnt avaible.

  33. Thanks alot every thing done corectly

  34. Miranparkar2 says:

    my phone is not starting n

  35. omg! my x10 jam at boot up screen “sony ericsson” there ~

    how can open it back with normally ??

  36. Hitesh Biyani says:

    My Phone is not starting after the step no. 7….Please let me know what to do….i m lost

  37. Outonexile says:

    say there is a Trojan in the file

  38. tengku zain azrai tengku ab ra says:

    i already root my x10. but when i want to turn it on, it stucks on the sone ericsson screen. how to solve it?

  39. Hi
    I have a problem. I follow all the steps and finish rooting successfully, after i finished, when i start my phone, its stuck on Sony Ericsson logo. Please help.

  40. Mrtillis09 says:

    Did everything flawlessly. Turned on phone to find it rooted. Everything seemed fine. Then i started logging in with my gmail account and stuff and it says downloading settings, then a screen comes up, choose network(at&t), then later it says failed to download settings. This is disabling my usage of mobile internet in the USA. Anything i missed while manually upgrading to 2.3.3 and then rooting?

  41. Michael Prasetya says:

    what the password of flash tool???

  42. Emrush Amidi says:


  43. why after downgrade,upgrade olso not hv the superuser???root???how can fix it help….Thx..i use x10 2.3.3

  44. why after downgrade,upgrade olso not hv the superuser???root???how can fix it help….Thx..i use x10 2.3.3

  45. Surinder Mehan says:

    Kuldeep ji I am stuck at SE logo even followed by every step. Kindly help me how to sort out my problem. Actually i am lazy fellow and not even tried before to root my SE xperia x10i

  46. Piseth Lee says:


  47. Kala_lala says:

    many many thanks .. keep it up

  48. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, it is really helped me, and it worked for me :)

  49. pls the good one, after completing the root processes, i ask root permisssion and my flashtool is sayiny: accept root permisssion on the phone. what does this mean?

  50. Ali Borsan says:

    Thanks alot!
    This was the best TuT about this solution.
    Finally worked after alot of tries .
    there were something missed on other tutorials and it was just in here.
    but.. how can i unlock bootloader now?

  51. I have rooted my x10 but I don’t know how to install xrecovery please help me……o_

  52. while upgrading it shows this and then keeps on searching xperia
    Installed version of busybox : BusyBox v1.17.2 (2010-09-05 03:37:08 CDT) multi-call binary.
    can anyone help me ????

  53. its urgent plz help me my phone is still off !!! :(

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