How to Root Samsung galaxy s Android 2.3.5 XXJVT

Rooting is now a common and necessary thing for Android users. You can install custom firmware as well install many of interesting app if your phone is rooted. So today we are telling you the way to root your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 that have the Gingerbread 2.3.5 XXJVT firmware.

Before proceeding you need to know more about rooting, by reading our introduction to rooting guide here.

Check first:

Required Handset- Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

With running firmware- Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread XXJVT

Note: You can check above thing by going in phone as- Settings>> About Phone>> Firmware version= XXJVT 2.3.5


Download the rooting package (ZIP) for XXJVT here OR from here

Procedure to root galaxy s running android 2.3.5 XXJVT:

  1. Extract all the files from the downloaded package.
  2. First launch the Odin (self executable file) which you get from the downloaded package. 

    start Odin
  3. Click on PDA tab and Browse the file named “CF-Root-XX_OXA_JVT-v4.3-CWM3RFS.tar” that we get from the downloaded package.

    select cf root file in PDA tab in ODin
  4. Reboot your phone in “download mode” by- press and hold “volume down”+ “OK button” and then put the power on. Do it until succeed.
  5. Now connect the phone to PC.
  6. You will see the ID:COM block in Odin with yellow shade. It is the symbol  that the phone is properly connected with PC and detectable by Odin.
  7. After this click on “Start” button to begin the process of rooting.
  8. Wait for few minutes.
  9. The phone will reboot automatically after finish of rooting.
  10. Check the additional apps named “CWM” and “Super User” in phone that are the symbol that phone is rooted correctly.

Often troubles:

  • If you face force close errors just after the rooting process than reboot the phone n recovery mode by- press and hold “volume up”+ “OK button” and than press the power button. In recovery mode choose “Wipe data/factory reset”>> “Wipe Cache partition”. After clearing the select the option “reboot system now”.

That’s all. Enjoy and install desired custom ROM and apps with your rooted Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000. Do you faced any problem while rooting galaxy s on android 2.3.5 XXJVT? let us know via comments



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  1. will i lose data (apps etc) by appling this root method?

  2. Roger James Thornton Brown says:

    Will my SGS still get updates via Kies after rooting by this method?

  3. Galaxy S GT i9000 says:

    followed the 2 guides, to update to 2.3.5 XXJV and to root, THANK YOU!!

    greatings from Sweden!

  4. Charlypower1 says:

    thanks ok XD

  5. vivek sachdeva says:

    nice way to teach gud work…thanks

  6. how do i install android 2.3.5 without losing all my apps pls

  7. Simonnicholson27 says:

    that was the easiest thing i have actually eber done with this phone haha thanks guys

  8. Simonnicholson27 says:

    well was working fine but will not even turn on into recovery now

  9. Simonnicholson27 says:

    it will simply just not come on int any kind of mode any help please

  10. Josierockz17 says:

    it got detected by odin but when i press start it said fail

  11. Does as the instructions say…

  12. Antun Link says:

    will this work for 2.3.6 XXJVT?

  13. Why I chosed “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe Cache partition” in recovery mode but the phone still be restarted? It off then on then off then on …

  14. I’ve followed you guide. After clicking Start button in Odin the process is stopped to “SetupConnection” (Message box) from 10-15 minutes. Is it normal?

  15. It was easy and took 7 seconds to do. Thanks very much. :)

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