How to Root Samsung Galaxy S 2 Running Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread XXKG2 Firmware

Previously we upgraded our Samsung galaxy s2 to 2.3.4 Gingerbread , now its time to unlock the power of this Great phone. in this step by step tutorial I am going to show you how to root your Samsung galaxy s2 running Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKG2 firmware. in this guide we are using Chainfire’s modified kernel that can root the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Features of this kernel:

  • Root
  • Superuser
  • Busybox v1.16.2 androidminimal (from CWM)
  • Integrated CWM


This rooting guide is only for Samsung Galaxy s2 running Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKG2 firmware


  1. Download all in one Rooting package for Galaxy s2 it contains all files that you need
  2. Pc running windows, I recommend to use full charged laptop

Instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 2.3.4 XXKG2 firmwares:


Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible.

    1. Extract or unzip the rooting package Using Password ==
    2. After extracting archive you will see two files and one folder as shown in picture below

    3. Open ODIN folder and Run ‘Odin3 v1.85.exe’
    4. Make sure Auto Reboot and  F.Reset Time are checked [ see image below ] , if not checked then check them

    5. Click on PDA button , and select file “CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KG1-v4.1-CWM4.tar”

    6. Now its time to boot your phone in download mode, to do that switch off your phone and wait some time to shut down it properly . in switch off mode (1.) press and hold volume down (2.) press and hold middle key (ok key) and while holding both (3.) press power on key

    7. after booting you will get a warning , press volume up and skip it. you will see a big android icon ,it shows Download mode
    8. now you can connect your phone to PC with the help of USB cable
    9. just after connecting your phone to PC first box from the left in ODIN will turn yellow and it shows “ADDED” in message box. that means your phone successfully connected and ready to start process
    10. Hit “START” button of ODIN
    11. it takes some time to complete and when process completes , phone reboot itself

      NOTE:  during this boot you will see the yellow warning triangle

    12. Now this time we will flash stock kernel file , to do that we will repeat the same process of flashing CF-Root file but this time we will choose

KERNEL_I9100XXKG2_CL375027_REV02_user_low_ship.tar .md5” file instead of CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KG1-v4.1-CWM4.tar”

  1. Run ‘Odin3 v1.85.exe’ and Make sure Auto Reboot and  F.Reset Time are checked [ see image below ] , if not checked then check them

  2. Click on PDA button , and select file “KERNEL_I9100XXKG2_CL375027_REV02_user_low_ship.tar .md5 

  3. Switch off your phone and boot it in download mode, skip warning by pressing volume down
  4. Connect your phone to PC , make sure ODIN’s box is turned Yellow
  5. and Press the “START” button of ODIN

and its done , it will reboot your phone and this time you will notice “warning triangle” during boot is gone. congratulations your phone running on Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKG2 is now rooted successfully

[UPDATE]: Some Peoples are asking me , original kernel flashing [Step 12 in tutorial] not working , it is stuck on zimage flash step. if you faced this problem try this method

Download this file…

  1. extract it and copy to root directory of memory card (i.e. not in any sub-folder)
  2. Switch off phone,
  3. boot in recovery [ press and hold VOLUME UP and MIDDLE KEY , while holding both press POWER ON KEY. don’t leave until it boots in recovery mode ]
  4. Select apply update from SDcard
  5. choose
  6. accept warning and select YES install
  7. let it finish

Reboot phone and enjoy

if you faced any problem feel free to ask it via comments below

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  1. I m having trouble flashing stock kernel file, it freezes short after starting (ID zImage)is where odin freezes. any suggestions pls

  2. can we unroot this?

  3. Itzhak Razi says:

    You have a little mistake. in subsection 7 you wrote “7.after booting you will get a warning , press volume down and skip it. you will see a big android icon ,it shows Download mode
    ” you should press the “volume up” in order to skip. (not down).

  4. Isaak 182 says:

    Trying to do this one, but everytime I apply the install, CWM starts to update but suddenly it stops and says “Installation aborted”? what can it be?

  5. Will this work if you install the KG1 2.3.4 firmware directly from Kies 2.0? Im asking because you state KG2 above “congratulations your phone running on Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXKG2 is now rooted successfully”

  6. Successfully rooted, thank you

  7. hello.. I did this and I go to settings-> about phone -> android version says 2.3.3 but Kernel version says XXXKG2. Did I do this correctly?

    • Cant say but can you tell me , do you get a new app called superuser. if yes then it is rooted

      Go to android market and install root checker app to check your phone is rooted or not

      • It is rooted for sure because I can use Superuser and Titanium back up. I just want to know if I have update to Android version 2.3.4. I thought the XXKG2 was android version 2.3.4. The Kernel version says ” se.infra@SEI-21 #2″ but it says it is Android version 2.3.3.

  8. Saintofthedub says:

    how do i put my phone in download mode?

  9. Annandalewis says:

    worked great!!!! thank you so much!

  10. How do i unroot a samsung galaxy s with gingerbread 2.3.4?

  11. Keeponmovin says:

    Good tutorial. I have been able to root my device but unfortunately, my network access is now gone. Does any have solutions for unrooting?

  12. jayaram reddy says:

    please help me i just follow as u say here but i struck at zimage

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