How to Root Lg Optimus one P500 Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

Recently One of the best android phone Lg Optimus one P500 got its first Android 2.3.3 update , and it was very good news for its users.  when it comes to rooting a question pop ups in mind – “how to root Optimus one with stock Gingerbread ?” and it is obvious for previous froyo root users.

Today we will root Lg optimus one P500 running on Stock Gingerbread 2.3.3 , with the help of tutorial below. if you are new to android and don’t know about rooting , benefits of rooting android then follow this article below to understand why we need root .

What is android Rooting and advantages of rooting android phones

Instructions to Root Lg Optimus one P500 running Stock 2.3.3 Gingerbread

[ Method 1]


  • First of all, grab root package from the link here
  • And download needed driver pack from link here and install on pc then reboot pc
  1. Enable usb debugging mode by going to settings>applications>developer
  2. Extract root.rar to safe place like desktop
  3. Go to ADB folder , if you are on window 7 run cmd7.exe  OR  if you are using Windows xp then run cmdXP.exe .
  4. After starting cmd7 or cmdXP, type following commands

  5. adb devices


    adb shell

    (symbol will change to $ or #) and copy paste following command into your terminal

    echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf
  6. After doing this, Reboot your phone
  7. Now go to root folder on desktop again, and start SuperOneClick.exe
  8. Select GingerBreak method and press root button
  9. Wait few seconds and its done.

If you wish update superuser app from android market.

[Credit: XDA -dubravk0]

[ Method 2 ]

  1. In First step we need to setup ADB on our pc , to setup ADB on your pc follow this article
  2. Install Android SDK on your windows PC , follow this guide
  3. After setting up all things , restart your pc
  4. Download SuperOneClick tool and install it
  5. In adb run this
    adb devices 
    adb shell 
    echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf
  6. After that open SuperOneClick and root using pneuter.
  7. Reboot phone and update Superuser from Market.

These rooting instructions works fine on LG Optimus One, it can have some problems while updating superuser, kept force closing, but after restart, it will work fine.

Hit thanks to [thesoundofsilence member from XDA] if this was useful for you.

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  1. i already tried not working only fake rooting none ofthe application is asking for su

  2. is it necessary to root lg optimus one before launching update ???????? plz rply i dont wont take any risk

  3. while updating power went off so now what should i do…
    it is just showing Emergency mode…. in the beginning, once i switched it off it is permanently off….
    not at all switching on…..
    i tried every thing.. what to do now???

  4. Dear Mr. Kuldeep,
    I just would like know that is there any software to view Hindi language in this phone (LG P500). This phone doesn’t have Hindi language.
    Please help me..
    Regards, Gajender Bisht

    • No man never think and worked on this , if i got solution will inform you

      • SendtoNarayanan says:

        LG P500 with 2.2.2 does not display any Indic (Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Gujrathi etc) characters.

        However after 2.3.3 (official v20b) firmware update I am able to see all Indic fonts without me doing anything!

  5. Hindi in your Android phone .
    Hindi reading method in opera mini
    1 – First install latest version of “Opera Mini” on Android powered tablet or phone which is available free on Android Market. Otherwise go to official site of opera. (Read about Opera Mini & download)
    2 – After that go to address bar & type opera:config and nothing should have www or http://.
    3. Then come to the menu & at its end see “use bitmap fonts for complex scripts”. No sentence will be written in front of. You change it to Yes.
    4. Save it.
    Now Open any Hindi site and see hindi font on your mobile / tablet instead of square font.

    Install Hindi font (including all Indian language) as system font – go this link:- (Only for Advance users)

    for typing in hindi, go this link:- Hindi typing in android Phone – PaniniKeypad Hindi IME

    Read hindi news papers without installing of hindi font, go this link:-


  7. Jatin Thrilled says:


    Buddy i just wanted to kno abt the warranty n rooting!!!

    Actually m havin lg optimus one P500………so m planning to root it…

    But i wanted to know if i root my phone, will me warranty be void …….!!!

    plz plz let me kno

    thnkz!!! :)

  8. Seeranrun says:

    Hello sir would appreciate your help in resolving issue when i try to root. Whenever i plug in my LGP500, there is always an issue with the ADB driver which states your new hardware was not installed properly. I tried re-installing the drivers from the Lg support tool several times but to no avail. As an effect of this, i cannot access ADB shell as it always reads, “error: device not found” Please help. Thanks.

  9. Excellent article! I feared rooting my optimus one thinking it would be a geek’s work! but hey, that was made very easy! thanks a lot! now shall be trying custom roms! 😉 thanks again!

  10. manishji_isin says:

    hello Kuldeep i am have lgp500 2.2.2froyo can u help how to root the phone

  11. Narayanan Devarajan says:

    Works with Gingerbreak’s (method1) my LGP500 (Stock ROM with 2.3.3, India). My earlier attempts were failing even though I followed the steps exactly.

    I understood that “enabling USB debugging mode” in step1 gets reset to disabled to state after reboot as said in step5. So, enabling USB debugging mode again did worked in less than a minute.


  12. A 4r Anurag says:

    These Methods are not working with LG Optimus one P500 … ROM MGR shows :SYSTEM/BIN/SU missing: … after installation of 2.3.3 i am unable to root any more ….
    kindly Help me i have lots of HD game to install but these installation failed … i am geting a MSG like ” ERROR IN PASSING CODES ” :(

  13. Nikhil Sandesh says:

    can some one upload a video on you tube .lease and one more. can u make lg p500 look like Samsung galaxy s2 ,a kind of rom or theme .please i want my lg p500 to look like samsung galaxy s2 . and is there an another way to root my lg p500 2.3.3 because all things work but the superoneclick does not work it crashes

  14. Will this work for the Lg Optimus S?

  15. Can we unroot it too?

  16. Shadowking1711 says:

    ok i did it but idk if its working

  17. madhav kilambi says:

    Hi Kuldeep Sir..

    while updating to 2.3.3 using LG tool, it prompted to disconnect the phone, remove& insert battery and to connect again. but phone got bricked in Emergency mode. hard reset not working. removed battery quite a few times but same problem. pls help.

    thanks in advance.

  18. I used method 1, successfully root my LG Optimus One 2.3

  19. Madankrishna432 says:

    wow !! its superb and very easy

  20. I am not able to see gingerbreak method in dropdown , seeing only psneuter.

    however choosing the psneutrer I am able to root, but with system apps not releasing memory

  21. Aditya Shirodkar says:

    Thanks mate :)… Worked for me :)

  22. Harshdeshmukh12 says:

    where does symbol $ to # changes and where to copy (echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf)this

  23. Easily rooted my phone with method one.. Without selecting the gingerbreak (I am too surprised) thank you very much

  24. Jjaslow23 says:

    Will this work on the Lg Optimus 2x?

  25. Thanks man works for me great ;)) guys usb debbuging needs to be enabled and need to carefully write the cmd commands 😉 if you dont it doesnt gona work 😉

  26. Seems like SuperOneClick failed to initialize… :(

  27. Deepakh63 says:

    how to type the commands in adb . plz make me understand that step.

  28. vijaydaniels says:

    superoneclick-failed to initialize

    application error

    what to do now

    • Manidce Chn says:

      it means ur computer is does not have .netframework which shou;d me atleast graeter than v2.0 .
      download and install it ……..then it works fine….

  29. Manidce Chn says:

    i downloaed the driver but i didn,t install……….what to do know

  30. Manidce Chn says:

    just rooted my optimus one running on gingerbread…………..

  31. Eliezer_alinny says:

    como eu libero o root do meu ele é o 2.3.3 so q eu vi um video q pra consegui tem q voltar pra 2.2

  32. Maung Naing says:
  33. Parshvashah2310 says:

    hi fb buddy,i have upgraded my 2.2 to 2.3.well working with aall apps.
    but now using ur 1st method,(all points done correctly),when i click root,it does some processes and ;running gingerbreak;note comes and then nothing worth happens..wats the problemm??

  34. Ayush_soni63 says:

    You have copied the info from her-


  35. It works 100% gauntree………………. Follow Method 1 step by Step it worked for me ! Thank You!!

  36. muy bien explicado gracias!!!!!!!!! 😀

  37. anantha narayanan says:

    hello boss
    i couldnt install superuser
    wen i try to install, its showing an error message
    will this incompletion in rooting cause any trouble to my phone ??

  38. Abdulkhadir2727 says:

    we have to install superuser form market before rooting?

  39. I cannot find cmdXP.exe in the ADB folder.
    Please help

  40. the root package has some problem….everything is not being extracted….help..!!!

  41. not working..!!!problem while extracting root.rar…..the error reads “Extracting Dependenciesbusybox Error: CRC mismatch in file “Dependenciesbusybox” in the archive “C:Documents and SettingsnirvanaMy DocumentsDownloadsroot (4).rar”


  42. wht do you mean when say copy paste this in to your terminal….?????????

  43. finally done rooting…!!!
    Thanks guys….!!!
    if you have xp then you need dotnet 2 to run superone click……

  44. Nikka Cristobal says:


  45. Vishnuprasad Pinnamaneni says:

    got my phone rooted in just 10 minutes succesfully..thank you Kuldeep..

  46. David deevan says:

    when i open superoneclick.exe then window is show this msg
    the application failed to initilize properly(0xc0000135). click ok to terminate the application.

  47. Nayan1247 says:

    Method one worked Flawlessly ! Though i referred to the xda page. Thanks Kuldeep.

  48. Saikiran_a says:

    yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo using method 1 my lg optimus one p500 was rooted. Thanks buddy very much hurrraaaaayyyyy

  49. Saikiran_a says:

    yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo using method 1 my lg optimus one p500 was rooted. Thanks buddy very much hurrraaaaayyyyy

  50. method one is perfect my phone is now rooted perfectly thanks alot :)

  51. r der ny chances dat my phone ll brick after rooting?

  52. Jeyakumar J says:

    Thanks.. It works !!!
    need to update from SuperOneClick

  53. Ion Testescu says:

    looks like trojans to me.

  54. Thanks Kuldeep.Followed Method 2, worked fine for me….

  55. Pulkit123g says:

    Hi how can i change rom of lg p500

  56. Thanks..working on my p500 2.3.3

  57. how can i download cyanogenmod themes from android market?

  58. Anand0008 says:

    hi kuldeep, thx a ton. i have finaly rooted my lg p500 with your 2nd method. :)

    now i wanna overclock my phone to get speed boost up. could you tell how much cpu i need to set and which app i shud use to do it??

    thx again :)

  59. Works Like charm thanks man 😀

  60. paulohernandez8 says:

    Hi Sir,

    I think my phone (lgp500 2.3.3) was unrooted. I suspect it happened when i updated my super user. How do i know if my phone is still rooted. when i use terminal emulator i was prompted with $,
    when i input “su”, superuser denied the access.
    What shall i do. Please help me. thanks

  61. Blackheat says:

    Stupid links doesnt work

  62. I can’t open the ”root.rar” file!

  63. Hey great article. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  64. Faseone23 says:

    Dunno what these guys are complaining about. Rooted fine on my P500h. Thank you Kuldeep!

  65. Wijnand says:

    Method 1 just worked! Perfect!Now I can start experimenting with mods of my phone.

  66. Dhamdhere Pratik says:

    I tried 1st method ,it didnt work wht should i do , got error like no device found

  67. Datmast says:

    hello. My phone is LG P500h V20d. Can I root it by those methods? tks

  68. I have a problem running the driver.msi file. I get an error saying “This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package”. I’m running Windows 7 SP1. Any help please?

  69. thanxx a lot.!!

  70. Superoneclick always got hanged in the middle of the process every time :(

  71. method 1 worked. Thank you!

  72. for a fee days it worked well but then after it says root access not granted!

  73. Randomiheepo says:

    THANKS!!!! IT really workedd!!! thanks maaannn :))))

  74. Hi! I have an LG OPTIMUS ONE 2.3.3 GINGERBREAD but it was NOT a stock Gingerbread it was a 2.2 froyo when i bought it I updated it myself using the official LG Optimus app that upgrade you’re Optimus One phone in to 2.3.3 PLEASE REPLY WILL THIS WORK ON UPDATED VERSION?

  75. Aman Sharma says:

    when i enter the last command in cmd7.exe it says ” cannot create

    echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf : permission denied ”
    :-( plz help… what is missing..??

  76. Hi I have noticed that I no longer able to “Select GingerBreak method and press root button” from the SuperOneClick.exe as under extracted root>exploits directory there is no gengerbreak file! this file is infected with trogen virus and my antivirus deletes the file altogether! can you lead to a cleaner source file pls??

  77. guys only root ur devices if there’s custom roms available for ur phone on the internet…and if ur phone hav a gud dev. support…or else dont take risk for rooting n void ur warranty.


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