How to Play HQ Videos (OGM, MKV, FLV, AVI) On Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

If you own Samsung galaxy Ace then we have a pretty surprise for you about entertainment. Now you can play HQ video files on Galaxy ace S5830 in a easy way and with the help of some android market apps.

But first let’s recheck the main systematic features of our Samsung galaxy ace S5830 which are leading main role in playing HQ files.

Features (Systematic) of Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 :

  • Processer – 800 MHz
  • OS – Android 2.2 Froyo, upgradable to v2.3

These above features are also be the requirements of certain app to play HQ files in Galaxy ace. so let’s get freedom from the task to converting videos for mobile in 3GP format.

How theses apps work:

These particular app smartly decode the video format according to your phone’s resolution that’s why you have no need to convert them manually via any video converter.

Recommend – For experience an efficient use of these players just upgrade your galaxy ace to android 2.3.4 or any available gingerbread state.


Now take a look on these HQ video players, toady we have two best player for this purpose are- Seaman player and Rockplayer Lite.

These players are as well as also compatible for other android handsets if that android handset satisfies it’s requirements which you read further in description of this players.

UPDATE : ———-

VLC media player is also a great video app for android but it is still in beta, if you want to test it then follow our post of vlc media player




seaman player android seaman player android video preview seaman player android settings

It’s one of the best player for galaxy ace to play HQ files directly. Just install this pretty app and enjoy the HQ video files directly on your Galaxy ace. Let’s have a look about it’s features and requirements below:-

  • Compatible Android version- Android 2.2 and upwards
  • Compatible processor- 800 MHz or upwards
  • Capable of playing formats- MKV, FLV, MP4, OGM, AVI etc.
    Advantage — Pretty best for playing FLV and AVI formats
    Disadvantage — Often hangs up while playing OGM and MKV files just in low processor handsets

Availability — Free app via Android market

So if you have a older version of android like Froyo in your Galaxy ace then we recommends to try this at once. We hope it never disappoint you.




rock player lite for android rock player lite for android video preview

It’s a better option then Seaman if you have android Gingerbread upgraded. It’s also the most popular player in this field. Check out this at below-

  • Compatible Android version- Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread or upwards
  • Compatible processor- 800 MHz  or upwards
  • Capable of playing formats- OGM, MKV, AVI, FLV, DIVX, MP4 etc.

Advantage — Very best for playing all types of formats if having of better processer with latest firmware

Disadvantage –  Not efficient for playing MKV files. Sounds quality get poor while playing MKV files

Availability — Free app via Android Market

These players will rock you while playing all kinds of HQ videos. That’s all about of these player for Galaxy ace.

There are other player are also have in the queue about them we discuss later on our website. Enjoy and experience of playing all kinds HQ files on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830.

If you found any other best player for galaxy ace then don’t hesitate to post a comment below , I will try to add it if legit

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  1. Best Player is “BS Player lite” for samsung galaxy ace, it does not freeze or gets slow down your playback…

  2. i’ve used seaman but nothing change…my ace still play video slowly…….

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