How to install ICS Android 4 on Kindle Fire

A new look of android is now available over the air for Amazon Kindle fire, yes you are guessing right that is Android 4.0 ICS. This is a amazing news for tablet lovers. As all of you know that amazon kindle fire is one of the best tablet among all the android tablets.

After the release of Ice Cream Sandwich in android every tablet user is also have the same excitement as any other android smartphone user.

But a sad thing is also come up with that is the bugs troubles occurring after the installation of this ROM. Developers are still trying to fix them as earlier as possible.

There is also a considerable thing here that the installation want to be a rooted kindle fire set with TWRP 2.0 installed. So this thing will help you to make the decision more accurate. Cause of the rooting and installing process of kindle fire is much complex to task.

Watch the video tutorial below created by liliputing

So let’s begin the flash.


  • A rooted Amazon Kindle Fire with “FireFireFire bootloader” and “TWRP 2.0 recovery installed”
    Follow this link to install these above things
  • Make a backup of all your important data i.e the SD card, contacts, messages, APN, and other such things

Required downloads

  • “” (recommend version- packaged by XperiaPlayer including SD card fix)
  • “” (this will install Google Android Market and other Google apps)
  •” (latest launcher app from CynogenMod 9)
    Follow this link to download these above files , After download just copy these above files to root of your SD card of your Kindle fire


Procedure to flash ICS on kindle fire:


1. Boot into TWRP

First switch off your Kindle fire and reboot it in TWRP 2.0 mode. Now press power button to switch on first then as soon you see a yellow triangle with fire icon in middle just press and hold the power button until it turns to orange instead of green, Later about 10 to 20 sec. your device will boot in TWRP



2. Backup system

  1. From the appearing tabs first choose the option “Backup” to make a backup of your current system.
  2. From the further menu choose the desire items for backup (recommend items- System, data and boot) and tap on the button “Backup now”.


  3. After the completion of backup process tap on the button “Main menu”.

To restore : If you want to restore any time, just boot the your Kindle fire in TWRP mode and tap on “Restore” button and choose your created backup


3. Wipe DATA

Now in the main menu choose the option “Wipe” and then the “Factory recent”.


After completion of Wiping data press the back button and then again back button or simply the home button to come up to the main menu.


4. Flashing Android 4.0

  1. Now tap on the “Install” button to flash the ROM.
  2. From the further window choose the file “” if appeared or by browsing it manually from your SD card.
  3. Tap on the button “Flash” to begin the flash/install.


  4. You’ll see some texts with progress bar. Here ignore the upcoming error messages and wait until the flash is complete.
  5. Now just tap on the button “Reboot System” to boot your Kindle fire into Android 4.0


If you want to install the remaining two files the “Google apps” and “launcher app” just come back to the main menu of TWRP and use the steps 7 to 10 and choose these files “”  and Trebuchet.zipinstead of  “”.

Recommend: For fresh installation tap on the button “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” just after installing of last ZIP file.

That’s all. Follow the on- screen prompts to set the basic setup and have fun with your Kindle running with the new Ice Cream Sandwich.

For more queries visit XDA Developers
Hit big Thanks to
liliputing. Tutorial, image credit goes to liliputing

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