How To Install / Flash Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S 2 GT i9100

This Tutorial is about flashing firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S2 GT i9100. I posted a step by and easy tutorials , please read complete guide once and then apply , if you skip any step then you will brick your phone.

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible. Please read all warnings and notes and follow steps carefully

(I) Know about everything

There are some things that you may know before flashing firmware on your phone , little bit huge so we separated it here – FAQ about firmware flashing on Samsung androids

(II) Preparing Your phone

1. Go to settings>>applications>>development and enable usb debugging

2. Follow this guide – Preparing your Android phone before upgrading / installing firmware 

If you have rooted phone or using any custom ROM Then you will have to clear cache and wipe data which can done by booting your phone in recovery mode and select Wipe data/factory reset and also select wipe cache partition

(III) Download required things

  1. Download ODIN3 V1.83 – it is a tool that is used to flash firmware on your phone
  2. Drivers – Download and install drivers that are required to detect your phone by pc
  3. Download Firmware for your phone
  4. Download  .PIT File
  5. An Archive (.zip / .rar) file extractor, usually all pc owners have this tool . In case you don’t have any use 7zip archive extractor

(IV) Instructions to Install Firmware

  1. First extract SAMSUNG_USB.rar and install drivers on pc
  2. Extract Firmware files on safe place, you will get some .tar file so please don’t extract .tar files [Password=]
  3. Run Odin3 v1.83.exe by right click and select run as admin 

  4. After extracting Firmware

    =>(A)  If you got three or more files then Select Re-Partition , Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time

    Side Note – .PIT refers to the partition information table you only need it if you screw up your partition table or if the firmware specifically requires it because of a change in the partition table layout. It’s very likely you may never have to use this. — via xda forum

    So if you are sure your partition tables are untouched then untick repartition

    =>(B) If you got only single file then select Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time 


  5. Now its time to Select .tar files from firmware folder,  

    =>(A)  If you got three or more files then
    Click on PIT and Select .pit file
    Click on PDA and Select .tar file with CODE / PDA in the name
    Click on PHONE and Select .tar file with MODEM in the name
    Click on CSC and Select .tar file csc / csc-multi in the name
    (See Image below carefully to understand which files to select) 


    =>(B)  If you got only single files , then

    Click on PDA and select single .tar file

  6. Switch off your phone
  7. Now boot it in download mode , to do that press & hold volume down and middle key and while holding both press power on key 

    if your phone is unable to boot in download mode don’t proceed to next step ,please try again until it boot in download mode


  8. When entered in download mode connect your phone to pc with the help of usb cable
  9. You will see ID:COM section turn yellow and in message boxes “ADDED” appears, that means your phone is ready to start flashing process

    Added msg
  10. Now Click on “START” Button

    hit start
  11. Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device, it will reboot when it finishes.

Congratulations you have successfully installed firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S 2, Now last step left is clearing cache data.

  1. boot your phone in recovery mode ,to do that  press and hold VOLUME UP and MIDDLE KEY ,while holding both press POWER ON
  2. you will see your phone booted in recovery mode , in recovery mode touch screen will not work so use volume UP and Down navigate through options and MIDDLE KEY to confirm
  3. choose “wipe cache partition” from menu
  4. it will clear the cache data
  5. now select reboot system now

if you faced any problem , feel free to ask it via leaving comments below

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  1. Thanks for the instructions. How do I get Flash Player to work in the stock Internet app with this ROM?

  2. i did not update this version before it i want to tell u that my phone is bricked i think its not turn on its saying that firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode and try again what to do first plz help me i am worried :(

    • It is bricked due to some mistake :(

      but we have solution

      (1) How to unbrick samsung android phones

      (2) reboot in recovery and select wipe cache then select wipe data/factory reset

      (3) Try to boot in download mode , and flash firmware using method above

      ***in case if you are unable to boot in download mode then

      Try Home + Volume Down + Volume Up + Power
      Remove battery and press volume down+middle key+power on now without releasing buttons insert battery

      Once you are in download mode you can recovery everything

  3. Perfect…able to install 2.3.5 as per ur guide but with Odin 3.1.85


  4. nothing happen leh…

  5. I followed your instructions very carefully… triple checked everything and unfortunately it all stopped at “Now Writing….. Please wait about 2 minutes”

  6. Sahil6060 says:

    How to remove Samsung Id in GS2 ?
    I cant remember my previous password..
    So no option to Factory Reset..
    Pls Help !!!

  7. Almighty Ktm says:

    I have upadate my phone but my samsung kies doesnt detects my phone…..whtz going on with my phone why doesnt kies detects my phone after update…could you help me with this problem please….


  9. Hi, if upgrade from stock 2.3.3 to stock 2.3.5 do I still need to wipe cache? Hadn’t installed any custom firmware nor root. The phone is already unlocked (it was “branded” prior to installing 2.3.3)

  10. Loverboy4alluk says:

    when i use this method its keep taking me to blue screen where it says update from sd card but i dont have sd card what should i do currently i have GT-I9100 and version 2.3.4 what should i do

  11. hello kuldeep i update my sgs2 with this firmware with odin3-v1.85 with sim and sd card out, but after everyting done and reeboot my phone the process has stopped unexpectedly error mesage comes. pls help, is i done anything wrong :(

  12. Mark Arias says:

    my android market & other apps are gone, how can i restore them?

  13. Adithya Ramesh says:

    Is it necessary for me to clear the cache data? because i dont think theres much of cached data, like arnd max. 100mb :) so is it compulsary to clear the data? THNX!! i am nw flashed with xwki8 !! =) thnx fr all ur help and support!! please answer my question asap!!

  14. Drg_fever says:

    Once installing the firmware, and when my phone rebooted, its asking me to confirm password. What do i do?

  15. Pis*ed Off.... says:

    First you say: 2.Extract Firmware files on safe place, you will get some .tar file so please don’t extract .tar files [Password=]

    (a) When yu extract with &, you get a Winrar file – when you open that up, there’s only a load .bin & .img files (no .tar) Anyway, then you say…….

    5.Now its time to Select .tar files from firmware folder,

    =>(A) If you got three or more files then (I did, I got 8 files in total)
    Click on PIT and Select .pit file (no problem)
    Click on PDA and Select .tar file with CODE / PDA in the name (Where the fu8k is the .tar file? It’s not in the firmware folder???

    I get that English isn;t your first language – but try to write clearer instructions.

    This sucked!!!!!

  16. i cant turn on my always go to recovery mode

  17. Jms_bll2004 says:

    (I9100XXKI4 2.3.5) is this compatible with gs2 from southeast asian region?

  18. i was tring to update to version 2.3.5 and in my PC i entered all what i have to do… and in odin3 it said FAIL! in red… so i was panicked and removed the bettery… now when i trun it on i just see a photo (mobile)—-?—-(PC) !!! PLEASE HELP ANYONE ! i dont need an update just i want my mobile back on !

  19. hello,
    I flashed the phone with the firmware. But the claro and samsung logo keep on coming.
    The Phone doesnt start. I have to remove the battery to stop this. But when battery is inserted and this same thing continues after we start the phone.
    What could be the problem
    The phone can be put in download mode though if required.

  20. Shan_viji6 says:

    how long would it take to reboot when we ‘click’ start…

  21. there has been a warning showed on the screen, i think i boot my phone in recovery mode b4 it finised… what should i do….

  22. after ID:COM section turns yellow, in the message sections it stucks at SetupConnection..

  23. Kshitijmore says:

    when i put my device in download mode it doesnt get detect but when i switch on the mobile it comes in odin added whats the problem?

  24. Rajkumar karadalli says:

    Thanks, it worked for me without any issue.


  25. he kuldeep tell me how to root this for this firmware………………….

  26. Bricked my phone : Phone is booting in Download Mode : Now flashing as above said.
    however, it is stuck at :
    Firmware update started :
    Boot.bin (15 min.)

  27. what to do reply ASAP please.

  28. Demsang Palden Mukhiya says:

    I bricked my samsung galaxy s 2 trying to flash. is there any help or solution for me? My phone won’t respond to any thing, Neither to odin, usb jig nothing nor to any other things.

  29. how to root this update…………………..????????????????????

  30. it hang at boot.bin even after one hour..what to do???

  31. Kshitijmore says:

    my samsung s2 is not getting detected in odin so if i reset my my phone then the problem will be solved??? pls help me

  32. Kshitijmore says:

    still its not working for me!!! odin is not detecting my mobile!!!!! please help

  33. UVERtainment says:

    is there anything specific about the kernel version that u nid to use? currently mine is runningon android 2.3.3. my kernel version is I9100DXKI2.

  34. Fulhamgardens1 says:

    I flashed the rom again, because of distorted sound issue.
    I hoped that it might fix the problem.
    But now, on reboot it keeps going back to download mode.
    I have removed the battery and hard reset again and again and keeps looping back to download mode.
    As you know, my phone is not recognized by the PCs. (I flashed using mobile odin on the previous occasion with no problems).
    I cannot connect it to a PC and use Odin to reflash.
    BTW, just once after flash, at reboot, it halted and there was “picture.jpeg” loading failure shown on the screen.
    After that only download mode is there.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  35. I had stuck at data.img after i click start on odin for around 1 hour.. Any suggestion will be appreciate.

  36. I cannot boot into recovery mode.When i try to to that , phone stucks an samsung logo saying “ramdump Mode (arm9 mode). what should i do?

  37. I already succes upgrade from 2.3.3 to 2.3.6…but when plug usb cable to pc,MTP symbol appear at left screen..any answer???

  38. i follow all the step..and in the turn out to be failed..why?

  39. no csc file i gt fr xxkp1

  40. Hi Dear..
    Regarding ICS beta..after extracting i am getting four file naming Modem,Code,Apboot and Kernel..surprisingly no PIT or CSC-GT file here…can u please guide me..thanks

  41. Guptaabhinav1986 says:

    i tried this.. but the firmware file names extracted from the zip is not matching from the steps aboved..

  42. Guptaabhinav1986 says:

    the file names i got the from the firmware zip files are:

  43. Kickkrishna8 says:

    kuldeep sigh ,is android 2.3.5 is official released to galaxy s2 ,i9100 pls tell me bro

  44. Ssmmemyself says:

    got a problem….no csc name in the file for the ice cream sandwitch firmware….got kernel and apboot in the name….which one to choose?

  45. Jamesheryanto says:

    Working great, Thanks for simple guide …..

  46. raaj melco says:

    i may sound like a illiterate ,so please bear up with me,and excuse me.
    i would like to know just for once how to upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 to the latest version and how to root . i had tried to follow earlier and i managed to freeze my phone .if you could please guide me i shall be very grateful.

  47. Shivakumarteli says:

    Dear Si r I tried to flash with mobilodin but it showing ‘ logo jpg, draw failed .I required immidate help please

  48. Shivakumarteli says:

    I try to flash android 4 firmware using mobile odin app ,but forgot to set usb debugging mode.After flasing my set has bricked ,it is showing that ‘ logo jpg, draw failed on blank screen
    Now my galaxy s2 is not recognised by odin after setting to downloading mode also.Since I am very new to android I am worried that i may loose set .Please help me immidately

  49. Hi Kuldeep:
    When I extracted the file, there were a number of almost duplicate file names – see image.

    I used ‘user’ files but should I have used ‘home’ files?

    Which files should you actually use?



  50. Boy Adrian Ab says:

    when i download the firmware there’s no csc/csc- multi file.

  51. WiFi does not work!! Help

  52. Justest Jt says:

    why i cannot enter recovery mode??and why the phone only display galxy s2 icon with yellow triangle mark in the bottom of icon???help me plz

  53. I have flashed my samsung galaxy s2 via odin using single file I9100XWKL1_I9100ODDKL1_INU but it did not delete my previous apps, moreover the factory reset is just deleting my apps not sd card data though I have selected to erase sd card data too..Last time when I have flashed for 2.3.5 it had 3 files and it was a fresh install asking me to enter email id and time but this time it did not happen….can you explain me what is the difference between flashing using single file and flashing using multiple files…???? I have googled about it but they’re it says it does not make any difference…

  54. Rar file for firmware does not contain any file with name csc / csc-multi
    Instead i have a file name with APBOOT & KERNEL

  55. Twobabyfeet says:

    how long dose the modem part take it wont pass modem

  56. Anonymous says:

    How can i start my galaxy s2 after interrupting the update process?

    I was trying to update my galaxy s2 from android 2.3.4 to android 2.3.5 using Odin but during the download process i unplugged the cable and now the phone is not starting up and is is showing a phone icon, 2 dots, yellow warning sign, 2 dots and then PC icon.

    Any help…

  57. Will this work on android 2.3.6? I now have XWKK2. So I just update to XWKK5 like this? It will work on 2.3.6?


  58. Quadrant benchmark point: 2.3.4 — 3781 / 2.3.6 — 4100

  59. Peterleechxj40 says:

    how long should process take

  60. Chris-suggitt says:

    Saved My phone cheers, it crashed and followed your info and works perfect

  61. Samblooms13 says:

    Hi Kuldeep Singh,

    I should say you have dont a great job by posting this info. I was not able to find clear instructions like this. Installation went fine for me but there is a red flashing bar that flickers in the edge of the screen randomly. I am thinking that is because this is not the complete ICS version or i have done something wrong

  62. Verge Gamotan says:

    hi! i am getting Can’t open the serial(COM) port… what does this mean?

  63. Mr 236469 says:

    what if i nothing pops up in the ID:COM

  64. Mr 236469 says:

    Stuck at 2min What do i do

  65. Gaurav Sharma says:

    i flashed the galaxy s2 sucessfully but the phone is still not showing imei number and is not detecting the SIM either. I wonder if you could help me on the same.

  66. I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low…quien es el gilipollas que no puso bien el password del zip… :-(

  67. Any idea how long this will actually take? Mine has been sitting at Now Writing..Please wait about 2 minutes for 20min.

  68. Bharat_1234 says:

    stuck at setup connection

  69. Coolduderahul82 says:

    Thanks got the instructions. My problem while upgrading is that it takes me over a week to get it organised the way it was be4 the update. Could you lay out a step by step procedure of backing up contacts application data etc.
    Thanks again

  70. Kenneth Ocio says:

    It’s ok to use WinRar as extractor

  71. A Amalaselvakumar says:

    hi while flashing android 2.3.5 gingerbread xxki3…im getting a failed message in ODIN saying “complete(write)operation failed.

  72. i tried to upgrade my s2 but its failed. now my phone is not booting up also. some can help.thanks in advance

  73. Market can’t be used display ” server error”. Any help?

  74. After the flash it ask for an password? Can anyone give the password?

  75. I just flashed this ROM. When I tried to open the Gallery and Camera, it popup the message that [media scanner running…], then closed it by itself. Restart the phone, still same.

  76. i extract firm ware i got only one csc tar file then got error cant extarct full i download full file its was something 373 mb

    so can i flash my mobile or download it again ?

  77. Ociokenneth123 says:

    Hey dude if my phobe is xxki3 ginger bread and it’s ok to download this or i just have to wait xxki4 ginger bread

  78. Ociokenneth123 says:

    Hey dude if my phobe is xxki3 ginger bread and it’s ok to download this or i just have to wait xxki4 ginger bread

  79. can this update function at GT-I9100G also ?

  80. can this update function at GT-I9100G also ?

  81. i did everything said above and my phone still has the 2.3.4 version :(

  82. i did everything said above and my phone still has the 2.3.4 version :(

  83. i get fail zzzzzz yyy

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    I9100_CODE_I9100XXLP2_CL57619_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_I9100XXLP1_REV_02_CL1095381.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXALP2.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:10)..
    File analysis..
    Set PIT file..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  84. helpppp now my phone end up with black screen. 1 phone with link ———–!———-pc
    what happen now

  85. Misukay_89 says:

    you saved my phone. God bless you

  86. whats the meaning of if you have single file?

  87. I face some problem when i install this Firmware…….. just look at the picture that i attached……..

    after going to setup connection… becomes no response…… what should i do???

    please send reply as soon as possible

  88. Bon soir, j’ai flashé mon Galaxy S2 avec le rom ce dimanche 19 février 2012 et ca marche très très bien

  89. Mikerey9194 says:

    hello sir i tried to update my sg2 through odin ,long story short my phone is stuck on firmware update screen .ive been trough all the sites on how to fix this problem.but now it wont connect to my computer can you offer some advice i have the recoveery package already

    • Switch off your phone
      Reboot in recovery ( Middle key + Power on )
      and select wipe cache
      then select wipe data/factory reset
      Try to boot in download mode , and flash firmware using Odin

      In case if you are unable to boot in download mode then Try Home + Volume Down + Volume Up + Power on to boot in download mode


      Remove battery
      and press volume down+middle key+power on
      now without releasing buttons insert battery
      Once you are in download mode you can flash firmware using Odin

  90. sorry friend, here it is not “MIDDLE KEY” to continue, its “POWER KEY” to continue

  91. Edin Ibrahimi says:

    Has anybody a background wallpaper problems while swiping pages on the homepage .. it lags a bit on my phone

  92. How long time dos firmware flash take

  93. Raouf Alshaer says:

    Mr. Kuldeep,
    First let me congratulate you on this excellent site, i was going around for days now, this is the best explained tutorial on how to flash a Rom.
    i Have an SII from germany with this information: PDA: I9100XWKI4, PHONE: I9100XXKI1
    CSC: I9100DBTKH1 and build: Wed Sep 14 20:34:11 KST 2011, Kernel: Gengerbread. XWKI4 and as i am in the UAE i need the arabic Language as will as the english, I found an arabic Rom with different CSC and build (on this link ) when i down load it it has only one file, if i flash it would it work ok or it will damage my phone.
    Please can you help
    Thank you

  94. Olaoluwa Oladimeji says:

    pls i interupted the upgrade. now i cant boot my samsung galaxy s2

  95. mine is stuck at set ip connection. i’ve been waiting for long

  96. after flashing any of the ics rom custom or any other my screen lock stops working nd power button also by pressing power button for a while my galaxy s2 turns off plsssssssss help me wht to do

  97. after flashing any of the ics rom custom or any other my screen lock stops working nd power button also by pressing power button for a while my galaxy s2 turns off plsssssssss help me wht to do

  98. Yash Patel says:
  99. if ive got a FAIL on install and the phone dosent power on … not in recovery mode or download mode … what i have to do ?

  100. Shakir_bai says:

    i got my phone i9100 softbrick now its not going in downloading mode.please help me?

  101. Pedro_lacoste_19 says:

    a pasta zip tem password podiam dizer kual a pass

  102. VEENGUYEN _ says:

    I’ve done everything. After I’ve cleared the cache and stuff, and thEn selecting reboot now, it wont turn on! HELP!

  103. I keep getting the notification thing for the software update disclaimer but when i press confirm it says processing failed. How do i fix this or make the notification disappear?

  104. Leonardo A Jaime says:

    woow!!! it works like charm!!!

  105. Leonardo Jaime says:

    it reset the flash counter, restore default recovery, deploys xxki3 kernel (works great) and everything works like stock phone with stock gingerbread 2.3.5. great work!

  106. Abrar Ahmed says:

    can i use this firmware guide with I9100XXLP2_I9100OXALP2_OXA for my gt-i9100g, my baseband is i9100gxxkl4.

  107. hi..greeting from luxembourg, i just repaired a galaxy s2 i9100…thanks a lot and big up for the work …that’s sharing dude 😉


  108. I wana go back to 2.3.4 GB
    Can i flash my sgs2 with other countries firmware?

  109. In my i9100XXLPH zip there is no ‘.pit’ file but there is “I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXLPH_CL118559_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5″ this file present..other 3 files is same as yours..what should I do??…HELP plzz

  110. Thanks for your valuable help guys!!

    otherwise i lost all my data, apps settings etc. for Samsung Galaxy S2
    thanks once again

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