How to Increase 3G speed in Android Phones

Today is the battle time of speed in all phones especially the surfing, downloading, chatting etc. These all works need 3G for high speed data transfer. As the launch of 3G over 2G is a good news for internet users but now 3G speed is also become low cause of having a lots of user and in a single bandwidth.

Especially the android users are also feeling this problem of low speed of 3G. In coverage less area or other hilly areas users face this problem every time. Android users which have the latest device they also face this problem.

So now we tell you a simple way which is help you to optimize the 3G speed of your android phone in such conditions.

Here are the instructions:-

  1. First take your android phone and open Menu>Settings.
  2. Now in Settings open Wireless & Network and chose Mobile networks from list below.
  3. In Mobile networks check (tick) the 3G Data dialogue box.
  4. Hit the back button twice.
  5. Now open About phone tab and chose System Updates option.
  6. From there hit Update PRL. Check notes below about PRL.
  7. This may effect and you will see a big change in coverage.
  8. Wait for some time.
  9. Go to Home screen and hold the power button.
  10. Hold this power button, after a few half seconds till a menu is displayed.
  11. Now release the power button quickly.
  12. Activate the Airplane mode from the appeared list.


  • In step 6. Updating PRL make the towers establish or refresh according to near coverage and if the phone catches some quantity of signals a big change in your 3G coverage is happen suddenly.
  • As in step 12. We tell you to activate airplane mode you can change mode to normal by repeating this process of step 9. To 12.

Above tip seems strange than our other tips , but you have to believe  this because it works . Actually i found this tip on DremBloggers blog . First time i also think it will not work  but after trying it i found little improvement in my phone’s 3G speed.

Many more ways to increase the strength and speed of 3G signals in your Android phone will be coming soon……

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  1. i must do this everytime i surf 3g or only once?

  2. Why have you suggested to activate the Airplane mode? Does this only work in Airplane mode?

  3. Shafath Mohd says:

    “In Mobile networks check (tick) the 3G Data dialogue box”
    Cant find this option..In mobile networks>Data Enabled
    >Data Roaming
    >Network Mode
    >Access Point Names
    >Uses only 2G networks
    >Network operators

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