How to Import and Export Contacts from Android Phone to SD Card

Importing and exporting contacts in android phones is not being an old process. It is still a necessity of users because there is no limit of making friends and relatives in our life.  According to the present condition there is no permanent contact no. our friends because latest offers of call rates, messaging, internet and competition force us to buy a new no. Meets new friends is also the cause of handle the contact info of phone.

In older phone there is a headache of importing and exporting contacts but in present age it is easier to use. Managing contacts is much easier in android phones. In android phones there is also need of this feature frequently cause of rooting and upgrading of firmware. Here the mean of Import and export are:-

  • Import- Copying contacts to phone from SD card.
  • Export- Copying contacts to SD card from phone.

Today we are telling you the simple way of managing contacts in android phones. Just follow this way:-


Exporting :-

    1. First we need to enter in the contacts area in our android phone.

    2. Now tap the menu button in this contact window. It wills pop-up a slide menu in the lower side of contacts window. As under.

      Export contact from android

    3. Choose the manage contacts from the pop-up bar.

    4. Now in the window of manage contacts select choose the "Backup to SD card" option. As under.

      Export contact from android

    5. Confirm it again in the next pop-up.

      Export contact from android

    6. Now the exporting is process is starts and over in few seconds.

    Importing :-

      1. Now for this purpose you may get into to the memory card.

      2. Open the contacts folder in which generally the export contacts backup file is held.

      3. Run the VCF file in the contacts folder.

      4. Now the importing process is starts and will over also in few seconds. As under.

        import contact from android

        Here the VCF file is the format in which the contacts backup is created in SD card and it can be run by the android OS.

        Enjoy! This is the simple inbuilt and useful process of importing and exporting contacts in androids.

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