How To Flash / Install Firmware Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

This Tutorial is about flashing firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 . I posted a step by and easy tutorials , please read complete guide once and then apply , if you skip any step then you will have bricked phone.

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible

(I) Know about everything

There are some things that you may know before flashing firmware on your phone , little bit huge so we separated it here – FAQ about firmware flashing on Samsung android phones

(II) Preparing Your phone

1. Go to settings>>applications>>development and enable usb debugging

2. Follow this guide – Preparing your Android phone before upgrading / installing firmware

If you have rooted phone or using any custom ROM Then you will have to clear cache and wipe data which can done by booting your phone in recovery mode and select Wipe data/factory reset and also select wipe cache partition.

(III) Download required things

  1. Download ODIN v4.38  – it is a tool that is used to flash firmware on your phone
  2. Drivers – Download and install drivers that are required to detect your phone by pc
  3. Download Firmware for your phone
  4. Download  TASS_v1.0.ops File
  5. An Archive (.zip / .rar) file extractor, usually all pc owners have this tool . In case you don’t have any use 7zip archive extractor

(IV) Instructions to Install Firmware on Galaxy Mini S5570

  1. First extract SAMSUNG_USB.rar and install drivers on pc
  2. Extract Firmware files on safe place, you will get some .tar files , please don’t extract .tar files
  3. Run S5570_Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe by right click and select run as administrator 

  4. Make sure you have Auto Reboot and Protect OPS checked
  5. Click on OPS box in odin and select TASS_v1.0.ops 

    select TASS_c1.0.ops file in OPS tab
  6. Now its time to Select .tar files from firmware folder,  

    =>(A)  If you got three or more files then

    Click on BOOT tab and select file with  APBOOT in the name
    Click on PHONE tab and Select .tar file with MODEM in the name
    Click on PDA tab and Select .tar file with CODE / PDA in the name
    Click on CSC tab and Select .tar file csc / csc-multi in the name 
    Choose Nothing in  EFS
    (See Image below to understand which files to select)   


    =>(B)  If you got only single files , then 

    Check One package check box then Click the One package tab , and select single pack .tar file

    Selecting One Package in ODIN
  7. Switch off your phone
  8. Now boot it in download mode , to do that press & hold volume down and middle key and while holding both press power on key 

    if your phone is unable to boot in download mode don’t proceed to next step ,please try again until it boot in download mode


  9. Connect your phone to PC with the help of USB cable ,
  10. Just after connecting you will see first box from left in odin will turn yellow and ADDED message will appear, that means your phone is ready to start flashing process
  11. If you done all above step successfully then you can hit “START” button in odin to begin flashing process
  12. Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device, wait for 5 minutes , your phone will reboot after successful installation. COM Port box should indicate blue color and display “PASS” it means flashing process was successful 

    Pass Alert after fashing done

Congratulations you have successfully installed firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570, Now last step left is

(V) Clearing Cache Data

  1. boot your phone in recovery mode ,to do that  press and hold MIDDLE KEY + POWER ON
  2. you will see your phone booted in recovery mode , in recovery mode touch screen will not work so use volume UP and Down navigate through options and MIDDLE KEY to confirm
  3. choose “wipe cache partition” from menu
  4. it will clear the cache data
  5. now select reboot system now


Sometimes it is possible that you get another language , in this situation don’t get panic , watch this video below and change your language to your desire on

Voila you have installed firmware on  Samsung galaxy mini, if you faced any problem , feel free to ask it via leaving comments below

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  1. hello, is this official??
    after i install this firmware can i root my phone by this one??

    • Above guide explain how to flash any firmware manually on galaxy mini,

      Rooting depends on your current firmware version , rooting guide you mentioned is for gingerbread 2.3.4 firmware

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    hello, how can i fix samsung galaxy mini hangs on boot?

    i’m using original stock rom..

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  6. Somoo_love3 says:

    ผมทำตามทุกอย่าง ไม่มีอะไรเกิดขึ้นเลย รอ30 นาทีก็ไม่มีไรขึ้นมาเลย

  7. C_A_T_A_234 says:

    hi i have a problem i have followed the tutorial and the phone didnt rebooted and i waited like 10 min and pluged the phone from the usb
    And now it wont start what should i do?

  8. Sonagarakd says:

    same thing happened with me
    i tried Gingerbread S5570XWKS2
    n got bricked plzzzz help ..i want ma phone back…

  9. Your post is useful, thanks all !

  10. Jigar panchal says:

    after flashing wats d proccessor.?
    n wats d peocessor before flashing.?

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  13. Srinivas Bhamidipati says:

    hi how can i root my android after i update with this 2.3.5 could u plz give me a link for root

  14. thank u sir

  15. Chindam Satya says:

    thanks lot kuldeep, it is successfully upgrded to gingerbread2.3.6

  16. Dude itz in somme langauge

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    hy i downloaded gingerbread version 2.3.5 from sam i extracted the files i gt two files an ssr drill file and another .tar.md5 file it doesnt ivn have the ops file how do i carry on from here plz advice

  23. Sujiatmoko says:

    You are the great one …
    thank you very much


  24. Omg, it is taking hours to complete. I think my batt is getting low. Can I just close the Odin Multi window ? Antything will happen ?

  25. thanks for ur detailed procedure… helpful… thanxs a lot

  26. Thanks. Upgraded mine already and its working super ok. I’m from Philippines.

  27. Gohbk2003 says:

    Kuldeep,, How much time its take to restart ????

  28. I have fixed my issue… its take around 5 to 5.5 min but before starting you need to reset the phone to factory reset….
    Will : Thats why you update stuck for an hour…….

  29. Aan Andd1 says:

    Phone is almost bricked :/
    Suggest some way of manual overrun please.

  30. Aan Andd1 says:

    Phone is almost bricked :/
    Suggest some way of manual overrun please.

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  41. Thank you! Updated successfully. :)

  42. Is this official?

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