How To Convert iTunes video/music/audiobook Files For Android Phones

Google smartphones are getting more and more popular these days,even apple is facing its hard time. many of gadget lovers switched iPhone to android devices like- Samsung galaxy s2,htc evo and nexus s. these high end android phone are beating iPhone in every sector.

but here is a problem with Android OS, they cant play iTunes music/video/ audiobooks. reason behind it is – iTunes music,video and other files are protected by fairplay DRM protection. and in this protected format android platform cant recognize these files.

So , today I am going to show you how to transfer iTunes music,video and audiobooks to android phones. in this Guide we are removing the fairplay DRM protection from iTunes files.

we are using software called ‘Wondershare Media Converter’ for converting iTunes files to certain format which are supported by android platform.

This smart software completes this task in two steps

1. Removes fairplay DRM protection from iTunes files and then

2. Converts itunes DRM protected m4v. m4b and m4p file to MP4 , 3GP format which is supported by Android Mobiles.


Wondershare Media Converter , download a free trial from here . you can also go for paid if you like it

Instructions to Convert iTunes Files for Android Phones:



  1. Run WonderShare media converter
  2. Import files and open the drop-down list,
  3. click on find DRM, set the path of DRM file folders in the option menu,the software will find and strip the DRM protected files.
  4. Set output formats, the formats is differentiated by smartphone models, which is very clear to choose from.

  5. Start to convert.


Hurrey, Your Awesome Android Phone now can play your purchase from itunes store.

if you faced any problem feel free to ask it via leaving comments below

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  1. Autumnquest says:

    Is this software only for use on Windows? I’m using a Macbook Pro. Thanks in advance.

  2. It says authorization error :(

  3. You may also get DRM media converter to help you get your iTunes music, videos, audiobooks transferred to your Android device.

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