How to backup your Android phone before upgrading firmware

With every second ticking forward, there are bunch of exciting firmware updates available across the blazing tech market to keep your device up-to-date. And moreover Android phones need some special mention when it comes to day-to-day firmware updates to solve different prevailing firmware or custom ROM problems.

Here we are going to discuss on how to backup all your important data before the much needed firmware up-gradation in your gingerbread or honeycomb based device.

Backup your all data before firmware up-gradation

After doing the required firmware update, your android device will lose each and every data, information, settings, and valuable apps stored in the phone. So that is why it is very crucial to save all your data’s of your device. So here are some significant methods on how to create a complete backup of your device before up-gradation. The procedures are-

1) Backup your data first in your mobile SD card

Various applications are available in the tech market which helps to backup the data in your Micro SD card of your mobile phone.

  • To backup media files like pictures, music, Videos and other sound files, just move all the files to a SD card by changing the settings in your mobile phone.

2) Making a back up of the information’s in your PC

The foremost thing that should be carefully picked is the app that you will be using to backup your data in your pc from your android device. Many apps are available in the android market regarding this. One of the most used apps for this purpose is Astro.

Use the software to sync your mobile with the pc with the help of USB cable. After the device gets synced fully with your pc and you can see all your informations that was in the SD card of your device, save the data’s and disconnect your device. Now your device is ready for the firmware update.

You can also use your phone software like Nokia pc suite for Nokia or Samsung Kies for Samsung and other, as per your device brand to backup all your data in pc.

Note: Check your administrator’s permission and software version and also the antivirus or firewall’s exception list.

Also disable all the softwares on the pc that are present on the phone just to avoid unnecessary interference during firmware flashing.

3) Backup with Google

If you hold a Google account, straightaway you can connect your android device with it. If you don’t, create one and then connect.

  1. After connecting, click on Auto-sync or simply Sync.
  2. After the Sync is done, all the information of your device is saved in the Google server under your profile domain. Your job is done.

4) Backup of installed apps

As firmware upgradation will delete all your pre-installed purchased and free apps on your phone, a backup should be made of it. Before making this backup, make sure your phone is a ‘rooted android phone’.

Then use any available app searching from the android app market. I recommend to use titanium backup app

Backing up with Titanium backup

This app gives direct access to the system and makes it an easier job for you to manage all your apps, media files and contacts together in a much more fluent manner. It has two types: free and premium. Recommended is the premium counterpart of it as it includes some extravagant features like versioned backup, backup encryption and unlimited backup scheduling.

Follow this complete guide of using titanium backup app

5) Backing up of APN Settings

To restore your APN and MMS settings you have to follow these steps-

Go to Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and note down all the settings displayed on the device.

Then after the firmware upgrade reconfigure it manually by putting the same settings as before.


Follow the steps mentioned above to enjoy a seamless and fluent firmware flashing with your valuable data saved in convenient places from where you can retrieve it whenever you want. Hope from now on, you won’t face any problem regarding this topic.

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  1. This information helped me bring my Galaxy S2 back from almost brick, unresponsive mode. Couldn’t mount sdcard, Windows failed to install driver, device wasn’t identified. Nothing worked. Thanks a million, it is better than ever.

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