Free up Maximum Internal memory on your Android Phone

Annoyed with low internal memory ?

hmmm, i was too Sad smile

Did i said was ??? yes was. i researched a lot, did everything that can give me extra free internal memory, resulting freed up 180+ MBs and now my phone is working fine, RIP “low internal memory” message Smile

Wish granted, your question answered, how I did this ?

I’ll tell you how i did it but first check your free space, see what was mine. (don’t surprise by 1.6 free gigs, all images below are of  my xperia, just for example)

Memory Checked

Exciting ??

Lets start.

(I). Settle Apps First

settle applications

[Image credit =]

Application usages most of space on any device whether its pc or android smartphone. So first we will try to save as much space we can on apps.

1). Move app data to SD card

You can move your application data (in most cases its 80-90% of total app size) to sd card. Say you have an app eating 15 MBs you can move it, after doing so it will only eat 1 MB or maybe less and rest 14 MB will be moved to SD card.

Dart basic but most of user don’t know about it, if you too do it now by following these steps, it’s pretty simple.

Step 1. Go to Settings>>Applications>>Manage applications. Now click on “On SD Card” tab and you will see list of apps

on sd card apps

As you can see none of checkboxes are checked that means none of my apps are moved to SD card.

Step 2. Now click on app you want to move, and tap “Move to SD card” button.

choose app

Wait until your phone moves app and you will see total size of app is changed, in my case instead of 13.48MB it is 804KB only. Big saving yay!

app moved

Note: you can’t move all apps because of two reasons:

  1. It’s a system app
  2. Developer not added app2sd support, which is required to move app data on sd card

Solution of 2nd problem: root your phone and use Link2SD, its an awesome app with lots of feature, you can download and read more info about it here =

2). Clear app cache

Apps like facebook, browser and maps can eat a lot internal memory because data caching, by clearing cached data you can free up internal space.

Lets do it,

Step 1. Go to Settings>>Applications>>Manage applications and click on app of which you want to clear cached data, lets take facebook, i  don’t use mobile facebook still it have 2MB cache data usually for a hard core users it can be 20-30MB.

facebook cached data

Step 2. Click on “clear cache” and you’re done.

3). Delete useless apps

Oh come-on you are acting scary, don’t tell me that you need 50 apps or 100, make a list and write down most important apps, think do I really need these apps? I am sure you will have only 10-15 apps to keep on your list

So why keep clutter, uninstall them buddy.

Bonus tip: Use this application and you will never have to think which i use most. it’ll report Smile with tongue out

4). Uninstall app updates

When a system app updates e.g. facebook newer version is installed as an update, so if you don’t use this sys app or you’re satisfied with its older version you’re welcome to uninstall its updated version.

By doing we will get many MB of free space, definitely.

Step 1. Go to Settings>>Applications>>Manage applications, Click on app

uninstalling app update

Step 2. Click on “Uninstall updates”

Step 3. Also disable “auto update” of this app and you’re good to go,

(please note don’t try to uninstall updates of play store app as it will update again without your permission, i posted above image just for an example)

(II). Delete SMS, MMS & Emails

  • Delete old SMSs you wont need 1000s of old messages.
  • Delete MMSs, as they  eat good amount of space
  • Delete old and crap Emails

By doing so you can free up good amount of space, i got 30MB+ by deleting messages alone. Tip: You can use app like “auto delete sms” to delete sms regularly.

(III). Contacts

Despite phone, we can sync facebook and google contacts to our phone which can add many contacts to your phone that you’ll never use. I recommend to –

  • Keep contacts on one place, either on google, facebook or phone
  • Merge contacts it will not save much space but its easy to manage :)

(IV). Backup and archive method

This is the best solution if you want to free internal space but want to keep all phone data. Just make backup>>save it to SD card then delete from phone>> free internal space, yay!

You can restore it whenever you want to. I highly recommend you to use good ole awesome app, “mybackup pro” to do so. as it has – simple interface and good features.

First make backup of thing you want to temporary delete or archive. it will store this backup to SD card so you can move it to your pc or anywhere you feel it’s safe.

mybackup pro app

That’s all.

arrrr I forgot to show you my results, got 180MB+ free


I will add more info to this tutorial asap when i get new ideas to free internal memory, if i missed something let me know.

Drop your jumping questions in comment box below, I’ll be more than happy to help you.


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