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Hello friends! In the field of popular media player VLC is the top one. VLC media player is multi functional open source player for both audio and video formats that configured with many interesting features like snapshot, recording, audio amplifier, universal support for all known media files and many more. Still we all are using it in our windows, mac, Linux etc.

What’s new :-

Now there is a android version is launched in pre-alpha state.  This mini version of VLC is only for androids. Users can now enjoy there VLC player in their android with more comfort and with some more interesting features.

Quite features:-

  • Universal support for all known media files according to capability.
  • One touch switch mode between video and music mode.
  • Switch of playback screen in different aspect ratio.
  • Screen lock feature to prevent sudden touch to the screen during playback.
  • Various types of filters for music

There are two type of android VLC player that has been created by the developers respect to particular two types of processor platform of android phones.

They are NEON and NO-NEON type.


So first check your processor before proceeding. Use below method to check-

  1. Install any desire file manager. We suggest to use- Astro file manager OR ES file manger.
  2. Now navigate to the /proc directory with the help of file manager.
  3. Now find and open the file named “cpuinfo” in HTML viewer.
  4. In this file you find all the detailed information about to your phone’s processor.
  5. Here try to find the word “neon”.
  6. If you find the above word then that is symbol to install the NEON version or otherwise install the NO-NEON version in your phone.
  7. See a screen capture of that file with the word “neon” in the line of features.

neon vs noneon


      Required downloads :-

      Procedure to install and basic use:-

      1. Both of above downloaded VLC media player files are in APK format. So for install this apk file you must enable the Unknown source option in Menu<< Settings<< Applications.
      2. Get more help for install APK files by our basic guide to install APK files in android phones.
      3. After installation launch the VLC player in your phone.
      4. It opens in video mode as in default pattern.
      5. You can toggle the video and music mode by a one touch button at the top right corner of screen.
      6. For playing some files you must first specify the directories in VLC player from the phone.
      7. For this just go to Menu<< Preference<< directories and choose the desire folders to play.

        vlc media player for android videovlc media player for android search
      8. You can also see the playing list during the playback.
      9. Just swipe left/right on the screen to sort music by songs, artists, albums, genres and to view your playlists.


      As this version of VLC player is a alpha build in so there are some minor bugs are found in version are-

      • Quality of video files not be good in some in playing some of the formats.
      • Unable to play few formats. That’s all. Enjoy the experience of VLC player in your Android.

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