Download Android 2.3.6 T989UVKL1 Stock ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

The upgraded version of firmware for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S II is now available for download. It has been upgraded from T989UVKID to T989UVKL1 version. The new firmware comes with Gingerbread 2.3.6 loaded and with some bug fixes.

Download T989UVKL1 Stock ROM for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II

Earlier, the new firmware update was spotted on Samsung’s Kies server as a “test mode” which in few days will be rolled out officially.  T-Mobile’s news team has said that this upgrade will fix problems with Caller ID, Battery and Wi-Fi Calling on Galaxy S II.

Here is what T-Mobile support site says about the firmware:

“Good news everyone. A software update has already been released to activate Wi-Fi calling on the HTC Amaze,and a software update is coming out that will do that same for the Samsung Galaxy S II. Both updates are being done as an over-to-air update, meaning that you will receive a message on your phone telling you that an update is available, once it is pushed to your device.

For the Amaze, you can manually update the software. I have done this and I find that the Wi-Fi calling experience is actually better it was with my MyTouch 4G.

Unfortunately, a manual update is available for the Galaxy S II, so patient and you should receive your update soon.”

Many advance users have already updated their device (manually) with T989VUKL1 stock ROM and they suggested that the Wi-Fi calling and battery issue has already been fixed. T989VUKL1 stock ROM is already available from Kies server or one can be downloaded from this link with password:

If you find any difficulty with the ROM installation, then don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

Via T-Mobile

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  1. my galaxy s2 is dead after updating , I’m now sending back for replacement, I lost all my personal data and picture, so I’m advising any one who is making the update to do backup before doing so.
    I appreciate any comment to get back my data- my phone is bricked .

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