Best Extended Batteries For Samsung Galaxy S2 GT i9100

Long battery life is the most desired thing for every android phone user. We found battery strength problem often occurs due to complex application process in android OS. Even on some of the best android phones like Samsung galaxy s2.

Today we will talk about galaxy s2’s extended batteries . Samsung Galaxy s2 comes with a 1650 mAh power battery which is not enough for this giant smartphone.


So , What is the Solution of bad battery backup ?

Extended batteries are the best solution to get rid of this horrendous battery hazard.


Why I Purchased an Extended Battery for My Galaxy S2 ?

  1. After purchasing extended battery, my galaxy s2 is turned into a powerhouse I can perform every task and run every application for as long as I want.
  2. I can Listen music for long hours without worrying about battery Smile
  3. I love watching hours long movie while traveling , and it is not possible without extended battery
  4. If you have forgotten your charger there is nothing to worry because we have extended battery
  5. I hate carrying weight , but thank god these batteries are very light in weight. Perfect fit in pocket Open-mouthed smile
  6. Extended batteries are very cheap , worth of its price
  7. Quick charging feature , I can charge my extended battery much faster than standard battery

In other words you will never complain about battery issues if you have extended battery in place.

That’s why i decided to buy an extended battery for my galaxy s2. But wait there are tons of battery , among those choosing best one is really annoying Sad smile

To make this process easier today I am posting some top extended batteries for galaxy s2. All batteries below are very good in quality , price and comes with 1 year warranty too.

Buy any one of them all batteries are great and tested Open-mouthed smile

Top extended batteries for Samsung Galaxy S2


1. Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S2 2X battery

Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S2 2X battery

This high rated extended battery is much popular among users. It has the power which extends your phone’s battery life to slightly double. This is perfectly fitted and compatible for your Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Power- 2x1800mAh
  • Voltage- 3.7 V
  • Type- Li-ion battery
  • Includes- Universal wall dock charger
  • Twinkles- Smart LED visual for charging status, built-in over charge protection




2. Anker SlimTalk 3200mAh External battery pack


This seems also be a much popular extended battery pack. This is actually an external device with 3200mAh battery power which increase your phone’s battery life as much as you need all the time without any interruption.

  • Power – 3200mAh
  • Includes- USB cord and mini USB tip
  • 1 year warranty
  • twinkles- Flashlight  support, 2 way charge (PC/AC), perfectly fits and easy charge cause of mini USB
  • Small and light weighted- easy to carry


3. Anker Astro 5600mAh External battery pack


It is one of the biggest extended energy source for battery compatible to Galaxy S2. As according its capability of 5600mAh, you will gain triple of your standard battery life. It is a nice equipment in this field with high cost but a with great satisfaction.

  • Power- 5600mAh
  • Includes- group of connectors
  • One year warranty
  • Twinkles- flashlight and LED indicators,
  • High capacity, easy to carry with small size


4. Anker 2x1900mAh Li-ion battery

Anker 2x1900mAh Li-ion battery

This Anker product such a special option among extended batteries. This battery package has 2 external batteries each of 1900mAh. This total of battery power never disappoint specially in travelling cases.

  • Power- 2X1900mAh
  • Voltage- 3.7 V
  • Travel charger which charges both batteries on same time
  • Type- Li-ion battery with A grade cells
  • 1 year warranty




5.Satechi 5200mAh Portable Energy Station



It is just lower than Anker Astro pack. It is also highly power capable of 5200Mah with high reliability. Satechi also be famous company in this field of goods. This Satechi instrument is nice solution to avoid battery problem in daily life.

  • Power-5200mAh (2amp) 18 watt
  • Includes- connectors
  • Twinkles- battery life indicator & auto Off when fully charged
  • Stable and longer life
  • small size- easy to carry



That’s all for today. Keep following to get more and new extended batteries for Samsung Galaxy S2.

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  1. Anker SlimTalk 3200mAh External battery pack is my favorite , having extended battery gives me more flexibility while traveling

    or in adventure areas 😉

  2. Please also suggest for Samsung Galaxy ACE…and also tell whether these are available in India

  3. Is there any extended battery for LGP500 model.?

  4. Vaisakh D.S says:

    Any suggestion for Galaxy S GT-I9000

  5. pest extended battery is that i have buy one from ebay it is 9600mah you can make 3 time full charge the sg2 and has more..

  6. Karthikeyan Vamsi says:

    Can you please suggest for Galaxy pop/mini (GT-S5570)…the stock battery is 1200mAh…doens’t even last for 8hrs ! :( i tried everything :( can you suugest a better battery please :(

    • 2. Anker SlimTalk 3200mAh External battery pack
      3. Anker Astro 5600mAh External battery pack
      5. Satechi 5200mAh Portable Energy Station

      are also compatible with galaxy mini , i recommend you to purchase Anker Astro 5600mAh External battery pack

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  8. I bought the anker 1900 Mawh batteries and charging dock,and at 26 $ I still feel ripped off. These started causing my phone to randomly reboot, it eventually got so bad that it corrupted my data cache. I had to reset my phone and wipe the data cache. Do Not Buy These Batteries they will ruin your phone

  9. I bought 3500 mah battery from with battery cover and using it for last six month…. its awesome….

  10. Brynisha030506 says:

    Will the batteries that you list in your article work with Samsung galaxy s2 i777?

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