7 amazing free android apps for new users

Android is one of the best creations from Google. This operating system is among the most popular OS in different set of smartphones and tablets from a wide range of brands. One of the striking features of Android is the availability of a wide range of applications, which are being developed by crafty and smart […]

3 Reasons, Free android apps are bad for Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Today, the mobile technology has given loads of support to professionals and business community. The modern day smartphones and tablets give you ample amount of opportunities to carry out their day to day activities using a wide range of applications available. Android is the most popular choice for the modern day mobile device users owing […]

Android Device: A complete overview how lock and password reset features work

Losing a high end smartphone is the most hated thing to happen in any user’s life. This is not only a big loss of money but also your contact and other vital data, which you have stored inside your device. Most of the time the users fear that the data or contacts found in the […]

4 Cool Android Features that the iPhone Lacks


Android and iPhone have been neck and neck in the smartphone game for quite some time, and it’s for good reason. Both devices offer admirable features, but there are just several that Android offers that iPhone clearly lacks. These are just four of the features Android users enjoy on a daily basis while iPhone still […]

6 Hot Android Gadgets of 2013


Android gadgets have brought about a revolution in the technology world. With new gadgets being introduced on a daily basis, it is time to review some of the best Android gadgets of 2013. Below are listed some of the best Android gadgets that have been making waves. 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung with the launch […]

Latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Features

Android Jelly Bean

Google has got latest Android Operating System, Android Jelly Bean for smartphone users. It is the ever smoothest and fastest version of Android Operating System releases so far. With millions of useful apps and features Android Jelly bean is really a great OS which offers fun and easy access to get things done. The simplicity and […]

What is to Get Excited about the LG Optimus F3?


Small to mid-sized businesses have a herculean task at hand: how to skimp their frugal means to come up with the best possible business communication system. Actually, they have to devote an enormous amount of resources and skills in order to achieve just that, and many fail in this undertaking. Having a limited amount of […]

5 great reasons youth prefer android phones not windows

Google is known to launch some of the smartest and coolest products in terms of features and innovation, and that’s the reason it has been pioneer in technology world. Its mobile operating system – Android is among the best of its creation, which has some of the most incredible features that are hard to find […]

A Short Evaluation of the HTC One Google Play Edition


Android smart phones have become overwhelmingly popular across all income levels and sectors—be it businessmen, professionals and simple homeowners alike. As opposed to the closed ecosystem of the iPhone OS, and its staggering price, the Android OS environment is an open ecosystem that offers a comparable collection of apps and features for a thousand different […]

Top 5 budget friendly full HD smartphone 2013


HD smart phones and low budget are not two terms that you ever get a chance to use in the same statement. However, that is something that all of us would love to do – imagine a high quality smart phone at a budget price! 1. Lenovo K900 This has been called as a premium […]