Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Update For Samsung Galaxy Ace [ Installing Guide ]

UPDATE : Latest and very stable official version of Android 2.3.4 is available , follow this guide to install

Update to the latest version of Android 2.3.4 for Samsung Galaxy Ace is available, but it is not official (and also not OTA – over the air update ) so we need to done it via pc . from April 18 this year, Samsung had released unofficially for 4 different firmware, Android 2.3.3 without releasing the official version of Kies.

After numerous tests we have noticed that the firmware as they were happening also to improve the performance and functionality of the phone. The Galaxy Ace greatly enhances Gingerbread with 2.3.3, just think of the video camera that can record three times larger. Samsung then thought of doing great things in releasing this version 2.3.4 .

We remind everyone that this is an unofficial version can be installed through Odin, follow instructions carefully and dont miss any step

Disclaimer: Follow this Guide on your risk and if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process, is not responsible.

Requirements to start:

  1. Download needed drivers for your pc from here and install them
  2. Download Odin Multi Downloader v4.38 from  here
  3. Download : Android 2.3.4 update file from here
    Password :
  4. Charge your phone battery at least 80% and using a Full charged laptop is better
  5. Uninstall KIES and disable firewall and antivirus in windows.

Instruction on How to Update Galaxy Ace to Android 2.3.4 gingerbread

(I)  Now you have everything we need, now you need to go and set Odin on PC.

  1. Extract the firmware . RAR file  in a folder
  2. install drivers on PC
  3. Run Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe [Right click on it and run it as administrator , if you are using windows 7]
  4. Tick the check boxes ‘Auto Reboot’ & ‘Protect OPS’ [see image below]
  5. Click on OPS and select the .Ops file
  6. Click on BOOT and select the file called  APBOOT
  7. Click on PHONE and select the file called MODEM
  8. Click on PDA and select the file called CODE
  9. Click on CSC and select a file called CSC

WARNING: Do not select anything in EFS

upgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace to android 2.3.4 gingerbread XXKPH

(II) Now we are ready to start update

  1. Boot your phone in download mode via pressing Middle Key(OK Key) +Volume Down Key and while holding both press power on key
  2. Now you can connect your phone to  PC via USB cable

Note: Don’t proceed if you are unable to put your phone in Download Mode

  1. When you will connect your phone to PC, you will see in Odin first box from left will turn yellow and in message box, it shows ADDED. this mean your phone is connected successfully
  2. Press START in Odin and it will start upgrading process

This process will take several minutes, don’t disconnect or stop this process otherwise you will have a dead Galaxy ACE

let the phone reboots itself and after it you can disconnect, congratulations you have installed latest android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware successfully

Clearing cache data:

During flashing process , some cache data is stored on your phone, so we have to clear it -

  1. Boot your phone in recovery mode by Pressing and holding Middle key and while holding it press power on key
  2. your phone will boot in recovery mode and you will see a menu with some options ,In recovery touch didint work you have to use volume up/down keys to go through options and press middle key to select
  3. select Wipe data/factory reset and select Wipe Cache partition
  4. Now reboot your system by selecting reboot system now.


Follow this guide if you want to root your Galaxy Ace with 2.3.4 firmware

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace on Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Firmware

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  2. Akileo_52 says:

    My screen light goes of wile im using te phone need help on how to fix problem

  3. I`ve updated my Galaxy Ace 2.2.1 for 2.3.4 and everything is working well!
    I was going to wait for official Rom but I`ve changed my mind…

  4. Shivamsharma21 says:

    i have updated my galaxy ace to 2.3.4 when samsung officially annoces update for samsung ace to gingerbred would i will be able to pgrade my phone ofiically >??

  5. Shivamsharma21 says:

    kuldeep does this update affects my phone wareenty?

  6. Himzz_007 says:

    how can we check its really gingrerbred beside its wriiten in settings but can we really diffrenciate fryo whats diffrent?

  7. Himzz_007 says:

    can we expect that when samsung made it offcail like we can upgrade frm kies
    i ahve rooted but can i also update with kies too..

    and second will the camera can capture 720p hd video in the later upgradation??

    • No exact idea about OTA or KIES update launch from Samsung. but if you can take the risk of rooting than updating a firmware that is tested there is 0% risk. there are thousands of my blog readers already updated to 2.3.4 . i suggest go for it.

      and second answer is — may possible

  8. Himzz_007 says:

    and samsung touch 4.0

  9. Himzz_007 says:

    and adobe flash supprot is still missing

  10. El TiGrE says:

    Does this version need to root my device?? Im Asking because i had less than one week that i bought the cellphone and i don’t want to lose the warranty, I wanna be completely sure about this before upgrade it to Gingerbread

  11. Josh Craigie says:

    when i download that file it comes as a media file, wot do i do, plz help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Edcarsky says:

    Guys, when i started to updgrade into 2.3.4, TOR (Orbot) not working anymore, any advise? this is important on me, pls help

  13. Edcarsky says:

    Guys, when i started to upgrade my Galaxy Ace into 2.3.4, TOR (Orbot) not working anymore, any advise? this is important on me, pls help

  14. i ahve install 2.3.4 its working well but still doesnt have flash support in browser does it will get in future………………

    and news about android new icecream sandwich is coming in oct.. so may be we get the icecream…..

  15. himanshu says:

    i have rooted my ace but the apps used after rooting your phone is not running they say not rooted

  16. Dutchflash says:

    Done… Works Very well..

    From 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 :)

  17. alan go says:

    thank you very much for this post. i have upgraded my froyo 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 , now the wifi is working very fine,. and i can connect to the internet without any disconnection.

    weee.. thank you very much. the speed also becomes very fast and my internal storage has been clean.. (–__-)/

  18. Desmond_teoh says:

    What if an official update comes out? can we just update it like normally through the kies?

  19. When the official Gingerbread update will be available in EU?

    • Dont have exact idea but i will inform you as soon as possible when it arrives.

      do you face any problem with this update ? this update also use official firmware file but we have to do it via pc . many of my blog readers already updated and working very fine, you can see their comments above

  20. himanshu says:

    i have rooted the phone as recommended and its running well 2.3.4 gingerbred but apps like rom maneger,wifi threter which work for rooted phones is not running msg arrives that phone is not rooted waht this i didn”t understand

    • i really don’t no what happened , many of peoples upgraded and rooted with this method and working like a charm.
      first go and grab root checker from here
      if it says it is not rooted than follow method again , i think you missed a step in guide

  21. himanshu says:

    ya i have check from root chechker
    root access is not properly configured or was not granted

    standard su bin locATION

    • buddy , i will send you solution as soon as possible to your e-mail

      please give me some time to find working and tested solution , your problem is very strange

  22. Rajkumar says:

    while playing Nfs shift screen goes black with in a minute and game paused…tel me solution???

  23. i upgraded my ace to 2.3.4 but i facing some issue with package data connection…some time it doesn’t work properly when i use after using wifi….i need to restart the cell to solve this problem…is there any other way to solve this problem…

    • Kavish it is your mobile operator’s problem not of your phone .many of people send me e-mails that 2.3.4 update is really working perfectly, they also told me wi-fi and internet errors fixed after upgrading to android 2.3.4 ,really there is no problem in android 2.3.4 with internet

    • pls ap muje ye bta sakte ho samsung galaxy ace may adobe flash player install hota hai ya nahi pls reply

  24. Himzz_007 says:

    i have agian re installed the 2.3.4 gingerbred on my ace and check from root check agian
    its agian says root access is not properly configuredor was not granted
    to root can i use superclickone androot or z4root???

  25. Himzz_007 says:

    its working smoothly just problem arises that the app which can we used after rooting is not working like rom manger etc their say phone is not root or access denied…..
    is that i still don”t have proper control over the os or i root from some other software

  26. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    i was wondering about rooting that we are downloading samsung firmware so why samsung will give access to us…..its samsung firmware 2.3.4 so it i s not unrooted


  27. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    hey kuldeep now root checker is showing that ur phone is rooted thanx i missed the step of coping that zip file into sd card thats why permisiion is dening with 2.3.4 also and i need a help that after rooting whats things can i done with respect to unroot phone
    i want to know can i overclock the processor and save itys memory by installing apps to sd card

  28. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    i want to know is set cpu is a good app and can it overclock cpu of galaxy ace and to how much mhzzz

  29. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    which is the good side for android themes

  30. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    like we root our phone can we unroot it also
    if yes how?

  31. Is it possible for me to do this if I have a South American version of the Ace? (still Android 2.2.1)
    In case I don’t like the new firmware, where may I find the original one again?
    What improvements does this show once installed?
    Any known bugs so far?

  32. I’m planning to buy samsung galaxy ace tomorrow, can I flash stock 2.2.1 froyo to 2.3.4 gingerbread directly??
    Also after flashing can i use the rooting of 2.3.3?? coz I cant find how to root 2.3.4, many thanks for this thread. this is a really big help.

  33. himanshu or himzz_007 says:

    from where we get the original firmware and how to flash it bez i downloaded from samfirmware but its not like 2.3.4 file which have ap boot cse modem etc my frd wants to unroot again so wats the procedure

  34. Hi Kuldeep,
    will updating to gingerbread help the not-so-good battery life …and will it start supporting flash then…

    • there is no support for flash and battery life not depends on firmware update.

      there are performance improvements and everything is much faster -

      and stable wi-fi internet

  35. i live in india, if i install eropean firmware what r the possible problems?

  36. Boorhanns says:

    iam using villainrom ginger 2.3.3 KPE build.. can i flash to 2.3.4 or must downgrade to froyo stock ?

  37. Raj M Kumar says:

    i hate the haptic feedback on my SGA 2.3.4 europe firmware, it vibrates everytime i hold the home key for the task manager and the messages in the thread if i’ll delete it :| how to overcome this????

  38. Petermossa says:

    Can someone provide me with the original Dominican ORange Rom or at Least give me the Version, please. Im without hope :(

  39. Gvsfelix says:

    Fiz a atualização correta aqui no Brasil, mas como a atualização é europeia o gps está detectando como se eu estivese em Portugal e depois em goias um estado brasileiro que não é o meu, pois sou do Amazonas. Há a possibilidade de reverter ou usar uma atualizaçao anterior por exemplo 2.3.3?

  40. Gvsfelix says:

    Tambem quando eu coloco o brilho do visor baixo, repentinamente o brilho da tela fica no maximo. Quero saber se ha um firmware do brasil e como faço para conseguir.

  41. Moiz Alibhai says:

    i am from pakistan and i have bought samsung ace yesterday ….. currently android version running is 2.2.1. can i update it to 2.3.4? i have heared after upgrading the firmwire i will not have access to android market to download… please reply asap? what should i do?

    • Hi Moiz ,
      Daily upto 1000 peoples are upgrading their ace to 2.3.4 using this tutorial and working really fine. some peoples are reporting market problem .

      this problem is not due to update it is problem of gmail configuration. and i want to tell you it is official update except it is via PC

    • Rajkumar 1059 says:

      nothing like tat..u can download from android market after upgrading…

  42. what is the solution to access market problem after i get this update? secondly i am unable to take the back of my contact from kies, after 32% it says stopped loading contacts? what should i do?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Is it working? Is it lame or something? Tell me please :)

  44. Please help me!
    I have a South American version of this phone, but I only use the English language, and it runs Froyo 2.2.1
    May I update this using this file you’re providing? I’ve read it’s the European version of Gingerbread. Also, do you know if this version is okay for me?

  45. himanshu says:

    the good news for samsung ace user samsung starts update for samsung ace 2.3.3 gingerbred and its announce its first update over official updates over KIES for the Samsung ACE
    Whats online?
    KIES: Update your Samsung S5830 to S5830XWKPF. (TPL) (Android 2.3.3)
    KIES: Update your Samsung S5830 to S5830XXKPE. (SER) (Android 2.3.3)

    Ypu can download both roms from sam firmware

  46. pls ap muje ye bta sakte ho samsung galaxy ace may adobe flash player install hota hai ya nahi pls reply

  47. do we reaaly need to root after firmware upgrade?

  48. well thank you.. but i guess the download link for the firware 2.3.4 is not working.. :(

  49. worked perfectly.. thanks alot KULDEEP

  50. tomyamAce says:

    Upgraded last night…Seriously can see the improvement in my Ace’s performance. Thanks a lot

  51. Rick iki says:

    I`ve updated my Galaxy Ace 2.2.1 for 2.3.4,but now i tnk it really drains the battery life faster than this a firmware issue or my battery is going bad(i only overcharge my phone once about 30 minute and i always take care of my phone) other than that everything is working well! video rec 640×480..wi-fi faster..

  52. i have updated to 2.3.4 .. any possibility i can go back to original version of samsung fryo again … factory default setting?

  53. Hey, i need some help FAST! :(

    I do everything as you say, step by step. But that Odin program stops responding at step 7 or 8, every time!

    what do i do now? :( please help, i just bought this phone…

    Tnx, and thank you for this nice tutorial!

  54. Akshat Mathur says:

    Hey Kuldeep, I have followed the steps. It is taking more than an our to Download. I am really too damn worried. what to do? I expect a fast reply. Thanks.

  55. Momorris says:

    just changed to gingerbread and i like it so far, but what is the app that looks like a black a on a white bacground with a red circle around it called bewanka

  56. Raju jain says:

    hey guys help me out wen i connect the phone it does not show any thing COMport is not shown in yellow colour we i connect to pc

    • Are you entered in download mode successfully, if yes and it is still giving errors
      then try–>

      1.uninstall samsung kies and install drivers for your pc from here

      2. use another PC

  57. Bachir Darra says:

    Kuldeep ! first of all you are good person to reply on all your comments here :) and my turn now that i bought the phone since week and its always turning off itself without warning! i live in middle east and can’t find firmware for it can you help me about this? and is there a mirror file not from Hotfile? like mediafire will be excellent..Thanks in advance

  58. Shine 081789 says:

    hi there kuldeep =D i’m from the philippines.. does this Android 2.3.4 update works here? if so, i would love to try it on my sga.. hoping for your reply. tnx! =D

    • Shine 081789 says:

      and also.. will i be needing an internet connection for this update?

      • Yes it works , and i am not sure about your area Language.
        & you need internet connection on PC.

        if you want to upgrade to 2.3.3 you can do it via kies, android 2.3.3 update for SGA launched officially, go here

  59. Pradeepney says:

    will there be an increase in RAM or ROM while galaxy ace is been upgraded from froyo to gingerbread

  60. Blueperl18 says:

    While extracting RAR file shows error “Wrong Password”

  61. dear kuldeep : the firmware you shared is not in english.. can you please tell me how to change language to english.. please reply soon..

  62. As you told me.. i searched for text and local.. and changed its language to english..

  63. Borsanyi Zoltan says:

    but is there no way that i do it with Kies? :(

  64. Borsanyi Zoltan says:

    ok last thing ! thanx for the great help :) and for your post on how to upgrade it :) it worked very good for me… the bigest problem i have now is that my phone won’t connect on WEP Wi-Fi… it didn’t when it hat froyo also… i red your tutorial for the wi-fi but it doesn’t help me at all :(… i can only connect to wpa :( what should i do ? if u help me with this last thing it would be great :) thanx in advance !

    • Buddy many users are facing this problem, i know only that you read in wi-fi tutorial. reason behind these problem is this update is not launched by company , it is not 100% stable ,so it giving some minor problems.

      & you can downgrade your Gio :)

  65. Shine 081789 says:

    hi it’s me again, shine.. i have read your reply already..,thanks ^_^ anyways.. i just wanna ask you if you happen to know about the spb shell for touchscreen phones.. =D

  66. Can apps be installed on, or from, the sd card in this ROM? any help is appreciated, thanks!

  67. Kenhin_9817 says:

    hey dude.. when you are going to root your phone, is it necessary that the internet connection in you phone is on? thats

    • no internet connection needed.

    • Hey. You just follow Kuldeep’s tutorial on [url=]How to root Galaxy Ace[/url], you can’t do anything wrong. Just put *.zip file on SD card, restard phone in recovery mode (MENU+POWER ON, hold MENU untill recovery screen), select update from sd card (with buttons VOLUME UP/DOWN, press MENU to select), after update, select REBOOT. You rooted your Ace :)

  68. Shine 081789 says:

    hi kudleep.. the update works very good! but what is that big black letter A in a red circle in the application?

  69. Singh Johar says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    I upgraded my ace to 2.3.4.
    I have the following issues.
    1. Battery drains relatively faster.
    2. I calender I am unable to flip to the next or previous months.
    3. No zoom in camera.

    Please revert back as to how can i correct the above issues.
    Has anyone else faced these problems…


    • Hi Johar,

      i think something is wrong . battery and camera issues are fixed after installing 2.3.4. solution is simple install 2.3.3 official firmware

      Download 2.3.3 official firmware
      installing process is same as above , only firmware files is changed

      download 2.3.3 firmware files

      • Fish_muna_tayo says:

        i have a problem with my galaxy ace, already upgrade to 2.3.4. thanks to you. the problem now is, i cant open the memory card on my PC but it is shown there. can you help me?

      • mr singh can u compare firmware 2.3.3 to 2.3.4? advatanges and disadvantages? thanks!

        • firmware 2.3.4 is latest and still in Beta test , it is not 100% stable[ you will never feel that it is unstable , it may have some minor bugs ].
          2.3.3 is now officially launched and 100% stable . you can upgrade it via KIES.

          • does this mean that there is no difference at all only the launching and being official thingy? what does 2.3.4 features that 2.3.3 doesnt have? thanx.

          • Better speed,performence and better internet

          • can u name some minor bugs encountered upon upgrading your firmware to 2.3.4?
            like :
            1. does not support .wma
            2. bug camera zoom during taking picture
            im just confuse if im going to downgrade my firmware or not.

          • these are major bugs , minor bugs like -> internet disconnects sometime, wi-fi stucks on some connection. loading music player slowly etc etc. i advise you to enjoy 2.3.4

  70. Rapter6969 says:

    how to create image on rooted galaxy ace…. what app can be helpful…

  71. why version 2.3.4 does not support .wma file in my music?

  72. Sanjay Patel says:

    Need password to unzip the file

  73. Sanjay Patel says:

    I’ve updated my Samsung Galaxy Ace from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 but language has changed and i can’t understand what should I do ?

  74. Sanjay Patel says:

    Pls. reply me fast… i can’t understand the language of my phone how will I set it to English ?

  75. Sanjay Patel says:

    Don’t update your phone using this application because i got damaged my phone the language has changed and I have no idea for set English…. Any one help me pls ?

  76. Sanjay Patel says:

    Thanks…… Thanks…….. Thanks….. Not to worry… I have done it… I have changed language… and now enjoying 2.3.4 gingerbread…. Thanks….

    • Happy to hear that,

      we say in disclaimer that we are not responsible for any damage but that not mean we will not help you . specially i will help you until problem solves. ask as much question you can about androids :) :)

  77. works great

    • Enjoy :) Gingerbread

      • Mohamed Elreedy says:

        Kuldeep, I have a problem with my 2.2.1 version, dont have the android market and i managed to install it but once its done the 3G connection doesnt work. When i restore to the normal setup the 3G works. you know why ?

        • maybe 2.3.4 not support your operator OR maybe its 2.3.4′s bug. working fine for me :)

          • Mohamed Elreedy says:

            but i didnt install the 2.3.4 yet.. its when i try to add the Android Market. DO you know how to install the Android Market to my Samsung Galaxy Ace ? I am from Egypt

  78. Gerrardhong8 says:

    my phone wifi is not working well after flash…how can i solve it ==

  79. Kamaneva Kama says: galaxy ace situation..
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    and its stop here for an hour..can i just unplug the usb or what..please..i need a quick reply here..tq..

  80. Mr. Singh i have this problem encountered during downgrading my galaxy ace from 2.3.4 firmware to 2.3.3, after i followed your procedure which is 1.) open odin 4.38 2.) select cooper 1.0 to OPS 3.) check one package 4.) select .tar file to one package. after celphone reboot it says “the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.” I didnt successfully downgrade my phone to 2.3.3 and im still stuck with 2.3.4 version.

    • waiting for ur reply mr singh.

      • is 2.3.4 working or dead

        • its working. but i cant downgrade my galaxy ace to 2.3.3 after following your procedures it flashes a message in the screen saying ” the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.”

          • 1. first hard reset your phone by dialing *2767*3855# (backup all your data)
            2. uninstall kies
            3. connect phone to kies and wait to finish driver install. it take few seconds to install drivers
            4. now disconnect phone , disable kies and antivirus
            5. run ODIN as admin

            follow the instruction again

          • in the 3rd step do i need to reinstall the kies and updated version of it? because now i dont have kies in my laptop.

          • no prob download pc drivers for ACE and install on laptop

          • ok il try it now. il let u know the result if i were to downgrade my ace to 2.3.3

          • tried it but still the same. i noticed upon reboot of my galaxy ace it says “unable to access XTC thingy…..” maybe thats the reason why it flashes ” the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.”

          • tried it but still the same. i noticed upon reboot of my galaxy ace it says “unable to access XTC thingy…..” maybe thats the reason why it flashes ” the application setup wizard (process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.”

          • if not works , download froyo 2.2.1 (stock firmware) form here

            and follow the tutorial above , all thing are same only files changed then run kies and update to official 2.3.3

          • i had the same problem. what i did was to flash the first 2.3.3 available then clear cache then flash the xpn. got the same warning so i just waited for odin to say pass then press the power button. when you get the chance to power off, do it. then open in recovery mode to clear cache and reboot device. now it is working already. the difference though is that instead of starting in russian, it started in spanish. kuldeep, would you know what the effect is on what i did?

          • if not works , download froyo 2.2.1 (stock firmware) form here

            and follow the tutorial above , all thing are same only files changed then run kies and update to official 2.3.3

      • Mr. Singh i need a reply please. my galaxy ace keeps shutting down a while ago. i guess it happened 2 times.

    • Killerbaris says:

      u must reset on recovery mode :)

  81. Werewolfery says:

    Dude.. it totaly worked perfectly.. at first it had a few problems but i realised that its just cause its setting itself up… so if you have troublke downloading from the store.. just disconect and try again.. after that it worked flawlessley… great job thanks again…any hope of android 3 lol

  82. Ashique Zakariyya says:

    Get original Official Update through kies

    Check the thread, i found it in a forum of OSbuzzer

    Thanx all

  83. Debbiejj_1991_cdp says:

    tnkx only the language is not perfect but it works

  84. my build number is GINGERBREAD.XXKPH its different from your screenshot above which is build number CODEROM.v1b

    • it is just a screenshot by a developer :)

      • just wondering. this is also a benefit for those who don’t understand that language, after installing the 2.3.4 firmware u will see a different language flashing in your screen its like u need to check or uncheck to proceed in starting up your ace, the only word i understand is Google.. what does it mean?

        • it is asking for enter Google account info :) , only some peoples faced this problem . for me it boots in english

        • Werewolfery says:

          mine also booted in russian but i remeberd that its the same screen as first time i booted in english so i just clicked the cancel or no button.. then despite the language i just found the icon for settings and from there managed to get the language to english… But i admit for a moment i did think wtf.. so just dont panic just use your icons as they stay the same

  85. Rishikesh says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    20 Days back, I had upgraded my Galaxy Ace to 2.3.4 as per your instructions. And I also enjoyed the update. But I just saw in your post below about the official GB update, i.e 2.3.3.

    And I downloaded the files from the link provided by you. But this file does not contain the files which were present in 2.3.4 pack. In this RAR archive, there is another TAR file.

    Can you please explain how can I update to the official GB firmware. As kies doesnt detect my firmware version now. Just FYI, I am from India.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Tick all the options in the “Option” Field that are “One package”, “Auto Reboot” and “Protest OPS”.

      click on OPS and select Cooper_v1.0.ops
      click on One Package and select S5830XWKPN_S5830XWKP6_S5830OXXKP7_HOME.tar

      • Rishikesh says:

        Is the Cooper_v1.0.ops the same file as in the 2.3.4 pack? Because there is no such file in the official 2.3.3. There is only a .tar file.

        • Cooper_v1.0 is the same. When flashin just pick One Package, choose the *.tar file (bottom), choose Cooper_v1.0 (Top) and press Start :)

          The *.tar file looks like a *.zip or *.rar file, it is all the files you need to flash you phone in one file, Odin then does all the rest of the work by itself :)

    • rishikesh please tell me if u successfully downgraded your firmware from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3 without problems. or u also encounter the “please try again” thingy. thanks!

  86. Rishikesh says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    20 Days back, I had upgraded my Galaxy Ace to 2.3.4 as per your instructions. And I also enjoyed the update. But I just saw in your post below about the official GB update, i.e 2.3.3.

    And I downloaded the files from the link provided by you. But this file does not contain the files which were present in 2.3.4 pack. In this RAR archive, there is another TAR file.

    Can you please explain how can I update to the official GB firmware. As kies doesnt detect my firmware version now. Just FYI, I am from India.
    Thanks in advance.

  87. Sudheer Rao says:

    Kuldeep, how do i move the apps from SD card to phone? currently the SD card is full and i am unable to download more appls

  88. zhaoyun26 says:

    what are pros and cons in updating 2 gingerbread 2.3.4?? and when u want to go back to official, is it to reflash it by doing the same way as upgrading like using odin and such?? just upgrade mine from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 no prob, i dont know wat hapen on my my wifi cause some others have prob with it, so i have to go out to a mall and check it….

  89. Kamaneva Kama says:

    Kuldeep..can i install papago on my galaxy ace after instalation gingerbread 2.3.4..that any problem with that?

  90. zhaoyun26 says:

    just in case i want to go back to 2.2.1 froyo (the original one came with my phone) where will i download the firmware and any tutorial on how to reflash back?

  91. Maheshghote says:

    is it safe to upgrade the phone with an unofficial ver. ????????

    • its safe to upgrade, you can see comments all my blog readers saying – it works.

      • Bondx99 says:

        Hey kuldeep..when will be official gingerbread update be available in india as its already released in Russia or poland?..Should i wait for it or shoulld i go for this update..which is better??

    • If you follow Kuldeep’s tutorial, it’s perfectly safe. If you go updating on your own, i cannot guarantee you it’s safe :)

      But never forget – you do this on your own risk!

      I did it and it is perfectly safe and working nice! :)

  92. so this will not void our warranty rite? and will it crash our phone if we follow ur steps

  93. ?????

  94. Ali_mgh_2007 says:

    hi. I updated my ace. it’s nice. but i can’t understand what is this language!! no problem. I changed it. thanx.

  95. Ali_mgh_2007 says:

    in the first boot this version uses more RAM than old versin! after reset it goes right.
    its very faster than 2.2.1

  96. my com port mapping shows 1 (com7) does it matter or do i just start

    • buddy com port indicates that your phone connected to which port of pc , each time it will different , so no problem . main thing is you got yellow box and added message appeared in ODIN

  97. and it just becomes yellow

  98. urs is com 31 so will it affect my ace???

  99. Gerrardhong8 says:

    i cant use phone packet after upgrade..wats the problem?and how to solve it?

  100. Gerrardhong8 says:

    i cant use phone package to online…only can use wifi…whats the problem? and how to solve it?

  101. Shashank@aerowild says:

    Opps…couldn’t wait for official 2.3.3…Just tried it.
    Working fast enough (Have to install applications although), New fonts (Previous was better for me…but no problem can change latter), GPS is working f9, Camera—OK! (video recording @640*480 resolution)…Includes new “Software Update” option…new keyboard…new ringtones (obviously)…WI-Fi also working f9…Have to check Battery backup…Consuming more RAM ( still faster…odd)…new type of window for Battery information …USB tethering—-OK…Mobile Access point—OK…Bluetooth—OK!
    Kies: working with a warning that this version of the device can not be updated!

    Hope other things will go well too…

  102. Should i unroot by phone before upgrade to 2.3.4?

  103. is it possible to install adobe flash player on galaxy ace

  104. Rohit_27985 says:

    Hi, i tried clearing the cache data but after booting in recovery mode the only option i get on the screen is RAMDUMP mode(ARM9 mode). I see no other option even when i press the vol up down key. Is there any other option to clear the cache data and also how do i remove the pre installed applications which came with this version?

  105. Aradhya29 says:

    hey can u tell me the available custom roms for galaxy ace 2.3.4 i have been lookin ovet the net for a while and i can only find out villain rom that too for 2.3.3 plz reply soon

  106. Pkumarbhat says:

    hi kuldeep I installed gingerbread by following the steps u mentioned above.. it tuk som 4 min and odd…. but its nt in english….

    i think its displayin in dutch language… can u help me pls…..

  107. fadly_nn says:

    which is better and stable?gingerbread 2.3or 2.4?

  108. fadly_nn says:

    why i cant Clearing cache data?

  109. Balakrisha Nadamoori says:

    I have updated my samsung galaxy ace with gingerbread . its works fine . Thanks dude .

  110. Just Rabbit says:

    I followed the instructions and 2.3.4 was installed without any problems. Accept 1 challenge: the lanquage was set to Russian. But by downloading the manual for the ACE and following the steps I could reset it to the required lanquage. Immediate Noticable improvements: speed and duration battery. Thanks for the excellent walkthrough explanation.

  111. Dharmendra says:

    Geee.. :) Working like music..
    I have yet to check the battery usage..
    But otherwise everything is fine..
    Thanks dude..

  112. Dharmendra says:

    Upgraded to GB 2.3.4 and my ace is working beautifully.
    About battery usage, i have yet to check..

    However I still could not remove the unwanted apps which came along with the 2.3.4. Have rooted the phone and confirmed it using root check(
    Hope you could guide me..

  113. Dharmendra says:

    Hi Kuldeep,

    Could you tell me how to upgrade Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini x10i from Android 2.1 to anything above 2.2.

  114. Nice, i have upgrade my ace, but when unlocking phone it’s need more time (about 3 sec) then before to unloch. Is this on yours phone?


  115. Vijayendran says:

    I am facing following problem during update process. Please help.
    After entering into downloading mode, selected files, then i pressed START button.
    In log area, following message is displayed.

    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32

    Yellow block is displaying. Means com port is detected.

    Why is this so ?

  116. Hi Kuldeep, your the man la. Just upgraded to 2.3.4, and its working fine. Language change and done. Thanks for this walk through man. good on ya.

  117. Naresh kumar says:

    Thank u guys,, i just now upgraded to 2.3.4… Its working fine…. 5 stars for the admin, all procedures are mentioned step by step clearly…. Only one problem, i had problem while downloading the necessary files.. Anyway its working very well……. Once again,, Thank u guys….

  118. Jhustified says:

    Hi Kuldeep,

    Im stucked at:

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…

    15 mins has already passed..please help..what do i need to do..thanks

  119. Tomáš Messerschmidt says:

    Do someone of you have troubles with fixing gps?

    • None. I haven’t heard of anyone running Android 2.3.4 and having GPS problems. Check your settings or contact provider :)

    • Me, and many blogs are full of complaints about non performing GPS chipset after update. There is NO provided of GPS data, although the US military gives free access to readings from their system, which at any time can be blocked in case its needed.

  120. i followed all your step for upgrading and now i’m using rooted 2.3.4 gingerbread. i have read comments in some forum that flash 10.1 cant be installed in ace but it work for mine and i can watch videos from youtube by using only the default browser. just want to know, does it mean that my ace now support flash?can i install flash [email protected]?

  121. Jhustified says:

    I got this “Bewark” – some sort of a russian or turkish app. how do i remove this? I got this app after upgrading to 2.3.4 – thanks kuldeep!

  122. hi…ive noticed its lagging if im scrolling into a popup screen. like scrolling to choose a widget.. can this be fix?? thanx,

  123. sbombaywala says:

    Hey kuldeep,
    i am planning to buy ACE but i am confused about the memory..
    if i install or move a game/app to memory card; will it run on my device normally?
    moreover can swype input is possible in ACE via any app?

    • Kuldepp, i got this buddy :)

      If you’re buying Ace, don’t be confused. It supports almost any game for Android, even some HD games and Gameloft games, which some say it can’t. It’s 800MHz processor is not as bad as whey say, and has enough memory. It supports MicroSD up to 32GB ;)

      You can install game/app on SD only if you rooted your phone. If so, than it should run normally, there is no reason it shouldn’t :)

      As far as your question about Swype is concerned – i didn’t understand your question at all :/

      Happy gaming! ;)

      • sbombaywala says:

        thanks for the info..
        i was wondering whether there is swype support in ACE or not but its there according to websites.
        i will be rooting my ACE after few months of buying it..
        hope to have your support in future…
        thanks again

        • Oh you mean that… Yes, ofcourse it has Swype support :) And it works very fine!

          I rooted and upgraded my Ace the first day that i bought it ^.^ I just didn’t like 2.1 Froyo…

          And as far as our help goes, we will always be here for you if you have any questions of problems! :)


  124. sana fatima says:


    I have Samsung Galaxy ACE arabic version. It is running android 2.2.
    I have many in-built application in it like HOLY QURAN, THINK FREE OFFICE(Full version).

    My question is if i update the version to andriod 2.3.4 then will i have a the same applications like in my case Full version of THINK FREE OFFICE.


    • Hey there pal :)

      You first have to ROOT your phone, than install Titanium Backup (this is not PRO version, you can buy it or find full PRO version somewhere else), and than make backup of all applications and/or system data. on MicroSD card. That you can upgrade phone with no worries, angain install Titanium, and restore backups. But when upgrading to higher version of Android, it’s best not to backup system data becouse it can be slightly different than in the previous version. So just backup/restore your apps, and that check system data and/or settings again :)

      Hope this helps! Happy flashing ;)

  125. can i increase the cam corder resolution of my galaxy ace after rooting it? presently the resolution in vich my cam corder records video is 320 X 240. plz reply. as m very new with my phone and rooting. thanx :)

  126. hey i have just upgrade my firmware the thing is now i cant add a goggle account
    how can u solve this problem ..
    or is it that i did something wrong when upgrading it

    • There should be no problem adding Google accounts after upgrading. Did you wipe Calvik cache and do Factory reset in recovery before flashing?

      Do you get a following error:

      Error: “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server”?

      If you did not setup your google account when you first boot up your phone, you will repeatedly get this error. To solve this problem, do the following…

      1. Hard reset your phone. You will lose all information that is currently on your phone when you do this. Select Settings -> Security -> Factory Data Reset
      2. Once the phone reboots, input your google account information when the phone asks for it.

      3. If you are still having problems, you can try the YouTube Connection Trick:
      a. Add YouTube app and login with gmail account
      b. Go into Gmail App and add account if needed.
      c. Sign into Gmail account wither username and password
      d. Go through login process

  127. Mcrgarcia24 says:
    • It took about 15 mins to me , maybe different for your pc . keep in mind just wait until it completes never disconnect

    • It took me 5:16 :) Just wait… But if you are willing to risk bricking your phone, than disconnect, and restart PC. When you restart PC, make sure Kies is NOT RUNNING, and you have proper drivers installed. Than run Odin, load all files, connect phone, try again. If you still having problems, try on different PC or laptop.

  128. Mcrgarcia24 says:

    =(( Urhgg… Why does it take to long for mee.. Should I wait?

  129. Mcrgarcia24 says:

    Need help :(( Anyone encountered having a hard time at 7/10 Finished.
    system.rfs download.. : l

    • Jes, i did have the same problem. Just try on a different PC. I did on on my PC first, and got same problem. Than i tried on my laptop, and it worked fine. Don’t know the cause of the problem, sorry :/

  130. Mcrgarcia24 says:

    I removed the usb and trying the steps from the bottom and the update was a success =)) I wasted my time waiting for 3 hours but when i tried it again i was just 5 minutes :) CHeeers! Thanks for the steps :bd

  131. hello kuldeep. i have upgrade my ace to 2.3.4 following your steps, but i confuse about clearing cache data. is this clearing cache necessary ?
    how to boot at recovery mode, since menu button is a softkey..

    i’ve tried push middle key and power button and it shows :

    RAMDUMP Mode
    (ARM9 mode)

    please reply soon..

  132. how to to transfer my apps from phone to my sdcard? and how do i transfer cache from phone to my sd? thanks… more power!

  133. Hello,

    Is anyone facing any performance issue on Samsung Ace after the upgrade to android 2.3.4..

  134. Hello,

    Is anyone facing any performance issue on Samsung Ace after the upgrade to android 2.3.4..

  135. Mathewebby says:

    Great post. I flashed my ACE and it works well. Had to change the default language from Russian to English. Rooted without any issues.

  136. hey bro!!i’ve update my SGA to gingerbread using our guide and everything work well!!!
    Thanks dude!!!u rock the android world!!

  137. @Kuldeep I want to ask u that is there any problem with ace’s wifi…something known as SOD…mobile switch off automatically… to get this solved???

  138. why my SGA cannot receive mms??before upgrade into gingerbread,my SGA also can receive u know the solution?

    • You have to call your mobile network provider, and tell them to send you the MMS Settings. It takes only 1 minute, you recieve the Settings SMS, press install and it’s done. Or you can set them manually but it’s complicated :)

      • but i already configurate it.but still cannot receive i dont know what is the real problem..maybe my mobile operator have problem??

  139. Hi Kuldeep Singh,

    I’ve successfully flashed my Ace to 2.3.4 ,
    However, all the apps that i previously store in SD CARD are now unable to launched.

    What should i do to solve this problem?
    Hope not to format SD CARD and re-download everything… =(

  140. Kuldeep i have clear the cache and restore factory default settings but still my goes off automatically and take around 10 to 20 seconds to restart …. sometimes it restart and when i lock my keypad the time screen light goes off my cell powered off automatically sometimes … what is the solution to it? what should i do now?

  141. Mathewebby says:

    Just noticed a small difference with the one touch dialling. Earlier we could tap the number followed by the call button to dial. This procedure now send a ussd request which returns a failure. To dial we need to press and hold the requisite number.

  142. Sandler96 says:

    this worked without any problem on my galaxy ace. i followed the instructions precisely. afterwards i even rooted the phone with the instructions in the link under this article :D

  143. just updated my phone!! its great! there was just 2 problems. one is there is a slyt delay (about 1 sec) when the fone sleep and then open it b4 the lock screen shows up. and then, my favorite racing game its like its not compatible with 2.3.4 T-T

  144. if I need a chinese keyboard input, is it still ok to use the Europe firmware?

  145. Hello

    I have Flashed my samsung galaxy ace to android 2.3.4 and everything seemed to work without issues, then i started having issues with my wifi , everytime I tried to turn it on from quick access button it didn’t do anything, so I tried from settings, wireless and networks , wifi settings and when i pressed on wifi it kept saying error, the only way to get it to work for a while is applying a code from the numpad or by turning off and then on the phone, so I decided to reflash it again since I thought something might have gone wrong but the issue persist, is there a way to fix this other than downloading fix my wifi?



  147. i have updated my ace following the procedures given and the update went smooth. however after the update, maps doesnot detect my phones direction and shows only in one direction irrespective of my devices pointing directions

  148. HI Kuldeep I really appreciate your Hard Work.

    I have questions to ask from you first is that i live in Pakistan and i just bought the Ace and it is on Official 2.2.1 with kernel version root@mea02#1. So can i use your 2.3.4 to upgrade my phone ? and is it going to effect my warranty or anything else like support for android market etc ???

    and i dont want to root my phone as i have heard that ROOTING voids the warranty is it true..???

    Please Reply ASAP
    Waiting for your Reply .
    Thank you

  149. just asking… when i want to increase a bit speed like wipe out cache on recovery mode, what happen if i choice reset factory settings, what are the settings will reset? will this also delete my saves on my games or bookmarks on my browsers? is my sd card will be affected or the live wallpapers i installed?…..

  150. Neck_1123 says:

    You can jump from one original ROM directly to 2.3.4?

  151. Hi, i’ve upgraded my Ace do 2.3.4… I’ve a question, can i install now the Samsung Kies to manage my contacts?

  152. i wana noe how to clear cache data. i have already upgraded to 2.3.4 gingerbread. bt d last step u put 2 go into recovery mode n clear the cache data. that part i couldnt do.pls guide me. which key u meant by menu key? n how long shud i prees the key..thx in advance.

  153. hi can you plz tel how 2 download android 2 p.c

  154. just done upgrading to 2.3.4!!! :) thank you for this easy breezy instruction…!!! working smoothly…

  155. pls give nice games for our samsung galaxy ace!! thanks men!

  156. Verboten999 says:

    Um, stupid question, but do you need to re-install all your app after the update?

  157. Should I backup everything on the phone to update the Gingerbread version ?

  158. Buntysidhu says:
  159. Excellent article! thank you! I’ve upgraded the phone by my self and everything works good (including wifi).

  160. Verboten999 says:

    Simple instruction, and it works brilliantly. Thanks for the tut :D

  161. Hey kuldeep…Which is best rom available on net for this firmware?..sorry for going off topic but i am really confused!..Hope u can help :)

  162. how long does it takes the phone to reboot itself once u update????

  163. rooting the phone, makes it faster?

  164. [email protected] says:

    should i unmount my sd card and enable usb debugging before upgrading

  165. What does “TPL” and “SER” stand for in the below mentioned update versions.

    KIES: Update your Samsung S5830 to S5830XWKPF. (TPL) (Android 2.3.3)
    KIES: Update your Samsung S5830 to S5830XXKPE. (SER) (Android 2.3.3)

  166. Hello, Phone is in downloading mode however it´s taking forever for the phone to boot up. Any ideas about what could be the problem?

  167. It says:
    7/10 Finished.
    system.rfs download..

    20 minutes have passed and it is still in that step, I to try the procedure again but same thing is happening.

    Any ideas?

  168. Very nice update, it is working very smooth, but i have one problem so far, the 3G is not working, is it a bug in the update itself or just on phone???

  169. krishna kris says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    I have downloded gingerbread 2.3.3 for my ace from samfirmware and installed, However i am able to see only the home screen and not able to see any of the icons and i get a dilog box saying “Sorry The application set up wizard (process has stopped unxpectedly. please try again”…i tried several times but i get the same dialog box. Could you please help me what to be done. Just worried is my phone dead.

  170. Dreemfeeder says:

    Kuldeep, Great tute, well done! Too all concerned Ace owners: Follow the steps carefully and it works, and it is good!! Note: (and I thought i read ALL the comments, and saw NO mention of this) After my update was complete my phone language changed to Russian (i think). After (a bit of panicking) some searching I found the solution. 1. From main screen, click on (bottom right) MENU button. 2. Click on Round Cog (Settings) button. 3. Scroll down to icon with an ‘A’ (this is Locale and Text). 3. Click on the TOP option (this is select language). 4. Find your preferred language. Done!

  171. Mcrgarcia24 says:

    Anyone experiencing laggy angry birds in high levels where there are many props : l

  172. Shadow438 says:

    Hi Kuldeep,
    I bought new galaxy ace s5830 a week ago and i am thinking to update to 2.3.4 and i need some advice.

    1: I would like to backup my present firmware(in case if some thing goes wrong or i want to downgrade in future).point me to some tutorial for this( i am in India and i am fine with English language)

    2: Do i need to uninstall all apps in phone memory(only 10MB of internal memory is free at present).

    3: After upgrade i would like to move all apps to sd like googlemaps ,samsung apps , gmail,voice search ,youtube etc..which will be in phone memory by default.

    4: i am planning to update for 2.3.4 do you suggest this update or any less stable version.

    i will be using packet data, wifi,android market very frequently.

    Please suggest me detailed steps or pointers towards it.

    Any other precautions to take care before updating.

    Thanks for the help in advance…

    • Shadow438 says:

      i am little more concern about update .
      from sam firmware i am confused between these two

      S5830XWKPKN## COOPER.OPS CSC – S5830OXXKP7 2.3.3 2011 July 13
      S5830XXKPH ## COOPER.OPS CSC – S5830SERKPH 2.3.4 2011 June 2

      which one is good to install .


      • 2nd one is best , i am writing some explained tutorials for you wait some time before upgrading

        • Shadow438 says:

          ok sure , i will wait. Thank You :)

          • Shadow438 says:

            do i need to root my phone in 2.2.1 to update to 2.3.4 ? or simply i can follow above tutorial

          • No need to root , just install :)

          • Shadow438 says:

            Installed 2.3.4 . Initially showed some other language( i think Russian), changed it to English.

            Every thing working fine as of now.
            packet data–>good

            For some apps its unable to launch first time
            when we try couple of times they are working.

            First time its not able to format my 16GB memory card,formatted with sdformatter and tried again, its worked( don’t know problem with this version or from card at that time).

            Will test this version further,if i face any issues will update here.

            Rooting guide also worked well,used titanium backup and uninstalled custom apps also.

            Thank You Kuldeep singh for Tutorial.

            Thanks for the tutorial…


  173. Hi Kuldeep, its really working fine, but my battery started draining immediately, can you suggest me on this.

  174. Hi Kuldeep i am facing a very strange problem the two touch sensitive buttons around the home button of ace was suppose to get off after being touched or when phone is unlocked but i dont know what had happened they aren’t turning off (turning lights off) even when the phone is locked they always remain glowing for all the time i dont know what is that problem please help me as soon as possible and is there nay one else here with same problem so please HELP me ????????

  175. Hello Kuldeep Singh… I did everything you’ve said and everything works great!

    Only one thing that annoys me is preinstalled Russian program called ВЕШАЛКА, is there ANY WAY to delete that icon or program?

    Thank you in advance :)

  176. Mathurpalash says:

    i just need to know 2 things.
    1.- How to go back to my default firmware? i.e. S5830DDKC1
    2.My mobile is already rooted is safe to go for this firmware,cos a friend of mine told me that u (i) can load firmware from the creator of that rooting programmer
    or atleast updating with official Samsung Firmware will definatly brick ur phone.

  177. I’ve successfully upgraded my galaxy ace (: sad thing is all my apps are wiped out, o well i can get it back. Thanks loads bro!

  178. Thanks for the straightforward instructions – hopefully this fixes the wifi sleep of death bug …

  179. kuldeep i need to know to how how to:
    Clearing cache data:

    During flashing process , some cache data is stored on your phone, so we have to clear it -
    1.Boot your phone in recovery mode by Pressing and holding Middle key and while holding it press power on key
    2.your phone will boot in recovery mode and you will see a menu with some options , Wipe data/factory reset and select Wipe Cache partition
    4.Now reboot your system by selecting reboot system now.

    do diz process…i could understand diz process…pls help me

  180. After update and rooting, is it possible to rename icons in application drawer?

    Thank you.

  181. Mathurpalash says:

    I updated my phone to 2.3.4 evrything went fine.
    Now the problem i’m facing is that, the APN shown in the APN menu is of some (Reliance)other operator rather than of (DOCOMO)SIM (which i was using before and after the upgraded) AND IT WAS WORKING JUST FINE 4 UPGRD
    If i edit THIS NEW RELIANCE’S APN its not getting modified
    If i delete -it gets deleted but when i create NEW APN that doesn’t gets saved,(there will be NO APN then )
    And if i restore the APN then again Reliance’s APN will come.

    • Use this

      • Mathurpalash says:

        You rock Kuldeep m/ worked,
        GPRS & 3G are working now.
        thanks a lot.
        Just 1 more question
        Before upgrading i was using “Rootall2SD” (as you know internal memory is quite less in GALAXY ACE) and for that i had to Root the phone,should i Root 2.3.4 and install R2SD again or do u know any other method.

  182. Oralat Suraj says:

    hey my phone is facing problem with network —-2g—– please help i am not able to download apps from market..maps not working…nothing related to internet

  183. Ranjithmagicwand says:

    am using S5830XXKPE2.3.. so i can updated to 2.3.4 ???

  184. [email protected] says:

    .has anybody been able to port TouchWiz 4.0 to Galaxy Ace on Gingerbread 2.3.4?
    Please somebody respond!

    (this is the second time around)

  185. hello! :)

    does gingerbread affects battery life?
    battery in ace is poor by default, is these going to do anything better?…or worse..

  186. M already rooted my ace with 2.2 version with pc. i want to update it! iz there any prolem
    to update to gingerbread?

  187. please help me i’ve installed new gingerbread and everything is working great just one thing I can’t get a network connection only wifi, I don’t even have the option anymore to trun it off or on when I hold my power button like it did on froyo, it’s just not there antmore why is that??????

  188. queenie yapp says:

    hai.. 1st i wanna thank you our phone successfully upgraded to Gingerbread..
    1phone is fine but the other 1 have problem..

    when we want to sign in either facebook,email,foursquare or anything, in password column we cant enter.. therefore cant login.. how to solve this problem? please help us..

  189. Work great for me^^

    Can we delete that russian app?

  190. Updated android from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4.. It works well although have to change language and everything changed.. But could’nt use packet data.. Can only use wifi.. Help please? Anyway to restore back to original version if i wanted to? :(

  191. Neoweiter says:

    Done it ! Worked fine. I had russian language, and russian unwated apps, but fixed everything ;)
    I have a remaining issue though : Since I updated my android, my screen takes 2-3sec to wake up when I press the home button… Kinda frustrating. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  192. Usama-931 says:

    Is it safe?? what if it damages my device….have u got the solution??

    • It is 99.99% safe if you followed all steps carefully and if it damages device you have to take it to service center. Over 50,000 Ace users upgraded their phone to Gingerbread and no one complained me about bricked phone :)

  193. Ranjithmagicwand says:

    how can i cancel downloading apps in samsung galaxy ace ??

  194. thanks i did it…its awesome…everything works great..thanks a lot..those who are having battery problem use Android booster and juice defender ultimate,,,

  195. Andronicuss says:

    how to post stats by via android in fb? when i downloaded the aps for fb, when i posted for my status. it just only shows via mobile : l

  196. Prashanth_eng says:

    Done working like a charm :) Thanx Kuldeep :) :) :) :) :) : )

  197. androidFreak says:

    is this similar to flashing?

  198. Hi, Kuldeep I successfully upgrade to 2.3.4 however. My phone is now in russian. What do I need to do? Thanks!

  199. Sanvid cool... says:

    it is working good thanks kuldeep nd n1

  200. i made it successfully :) thanks

  201. please help!after i uipgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang chech settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  202. please help!after i uipgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang chech settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  203. please help!after i uipgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang chech settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  204. please help!after i upgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang check settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  205. please help!after i upgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang check settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  206. please help!after i upgrade ive got a mobile configuration settings provided by my network.. at first it works but when i restart phone it doesnt work anymore-it always appear cannot connect to the internet ang check settings even i already choose the right one.. any help?

  207. Kuldeep!!
    do u know how to make video call?
    please teach me!!

  208. lolliholic says:

    hei thanks for the tutorial. but i have problem after i applied this version.
    i cant open messaging menu that i couldnt sent any sms. it’s forced close and there’s notification “Application Messaging (in is not responding”.
    i cant use activity dialler as well. it’s said “Activity Dialler (in process is not responding.”

    cant receive ad send any text or call. what to do? :( thanks before.


  209. how to change launguage to english

  210. Great Kuldeep…it worked well…..For the users..before flashing just remove SD Card and Sim…and to get the contacts back you can export your contacts to SD Card before flashing and can again import ur contacts after flashing.

  211. Probuddha says:

    I have upgraded the firmware as per the instructions provided. However on recovery mode, I only see the “System reboot now” pre-selected and I cannot seem to click on the Wipe data/factory reset link

    Please advise.


  212. Probuddha says:

    I have upgraded the firmware as per the instructions provided. However on recovery mode, I only see the “System reboot now” pre-selected and I cannot seem to click on the Wipe data/factory reset link

    Please advise.


  213. Probuddha says:

    Got it! I can select those options through the volume rocker key

    Maybe you should edit the post and add this in the post for better user understanding

    Thanks again!

  214. Probuddha says:

    Got it! I can select those options through the volume rocker key

    Maybe you should edit the post and add this in the post for better user understanding

    Thanks again!

  215. hi i have installed the gingerbread and it work well. my only problem is why is the network settings is missing something, particularly in the network settings , now it does not have the option to choose wcdma only

  216. and one more thing, why i cant play assasins creed,asphalt 5, need for speed. can you help me guys?

  217. Ayushbhatia says:

    Kuldeep I have upgraded my ace from 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 :). Will there be any changes from official version of 2.3.4 ?? Or it will be same as rom ?
    Second , I didn’t get any new keyboard when I upgraded my phone to 2.3.4 I heard there will be new keyboard wimth gingerbread. ……. But I didn’t get … Why is to soo ?
    How can I get new keyboard ????

  218. Edferrer2000 says:

    sir i had upgraded my SGA,my problem is that I lost my 3G connection,what will I do?Can you pls help me?

  219. Alukobond93 says:

    I allsow have lost my 3g connetction but it is 2.3.3 and i thought that this version would fix it but now i dont know :/

  220. Shuliette1985 says:

    impresionante!! Muchisimas gracias, yo tenia una version de gingerbread con problemas y esto lo soluciono totalmente!! Ya pensaba en tirarlo al phono porque ni señal tenia y con esto esta a mil, GRACIAS!!

    • Miles de gracias a ustedes, sigan visitando:)
      Lo siento, no sé español, he utilizado un traductor

      • Hello, after flashing everything is great, but I have an app in Russian letters that can be read as Bewanka, looks like an A letter with a red circle surrounding it. What is it? How can I delete it? Going to “manage applications” doesn’t work, no uninstall option.

  221. Parth Rathod says:

    bro i hav updated my phone………thanks o alot………wanted to know dat wen i in my moblie AP and create an wireless network……….and wen i try to connect to it through the laptop………my laptop recieves the signal but cannot it….pls help!!!

  222. Loway_020684 says:

    is this applicable in now in the Philippines?

  223. s this applicable now in the Philippines?

    • yes its available. but i dont like it that much because the network settings is change. u will no longer have choice to select only WCDMA, only left is automatic and GSM. And i cant bring it back to FROYO

  224. Syedhunaid92 says:

    man i m facing the same problem my phone screen ligth goes off after upgrading it to gingerbread 2.3.4 while using it so plx help me

  225. Atiey92_pingu says:

    how we want to know wither it is in download mode

  226. Syedhunaid92 says:

    how to re-flash samsung galaxy ace??

  227. Davies joanis says:

    hi everyone..i’ve tried these steps but i got this msg..what happened? pls help me

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32

  228. android india says:

    I had installed the russian version of 2.3.4 few weeks back. Now the indian version is available through kies. But i am not able to update it saying “This version of device cannot be updated”.
    I want this since it supports new indian languages.

  229. Timon_pompaa says:

    os is the offical ace 2.3.4 is out yet , if so can u link it to us, u r the man

  230. Timon_pompaa says:

    how can i get my previous version ?

  231. just bought an ace and updated to GB..thanx 4 da steps..but i used S5830DXKPB(asian firmware) instead of S5830XXKPH(european) recommended by you..does that make any difference? am i missing something?

  232. Sachin Badave says:

    Hi, Thanks for your post. I upgraded my ACE with 2.3.4 and it is working fine with lots of benefits as mentioned by lot of guys over here. However, I found one issue. Samsung Hub/Email version was not latest. So I downloaded it from other site, I guess SamFirmWare and installed it. But this app although works for me functionally, but gives some error and needs to be force closed at least twice in a day. Any solution for this??

  233. Easykiller97 says:

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

    what is wrong??

  234. Easykiller97 says:

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5
    What is happening??

  235. i followed the steps and successfully upgraded but after rebooting it is not going to English. Request you to help me setting it to english

  236. TNX for tips, 2.3.4 works great.
    After install, my phone changed language to russian, dunno why, but i changed it back.

  237. Its works in the Philippines download to Asia Samsung S5830 Firmwares (S5830DXKPB ##) Android 2.3.4 gingerbread

    WiFi – ok
    Bluetooth – ok
    Android market – ok
    Camera – ok
    GPS navigator – ok
    install apps – ok

    tnx to all.

  238. Hi guys ive recently bought a Galaxy Ace. It WAS locked to “3″ network in UK. Ive used an unlock code and i now have a different sim in the phone which works fine. Its currently on 2.2.1 firmware and still has the “3″ branding,apps,start-up logo etc. I want to Update to the latest 2.3.4 Gingerbread and de-brand the phone but after reading a few posts im wary of updating as i dont want to brick my phone. Please guide me to the correct tutorial to upgrade my phone as to not brick my phone. I can follow instructions no problem i have some experience with jailbreaking iphones i just need the correct guide. My current phone settings are as follows :

    Model GT-S5830.
    Andriod Version 2.2.1
    Baseband S5830NEKA3
    Kernel root@SE-S608 #1

    If its worth me rooting my phone then im happy to do this also with the correct guide.
    Thank You in advance :)

    • Okay Mikey

      First we need to debrand your phone , otherwise you cant do anything . I will give you step by step instruction if i found it working.

      Catch me on Facebook otherwise i will catch you , huh :)

  239. How to add a Chinese language or Chinese input for this gingerbread? before that i have dioPen IME which is together with Asia firmware. Now after i upgrade to gingerbread, it is gone. Any way to get it back?

  240. Can someone teach me how to use SETCPU.. I already rooted and updated my phone by these methods.

  241. hi dude how to get crt animation and 3d view in gingerbird 2.3.4 in samsung ace

  242. Atlast official 2.3.4 has arrived.. Updated thru Kies.. (India) Loving it

  243. I can’t use gps function after updating to gingerbread 2.3.4 on my ace.Any solutions please? Thanks

  244. Hey bro..I have updated to 2.3.4 today via kies..d problem is that I have no option available in my network settings to shift from 2G to 3G and vice versa…I need to have that can u help

  245. Xtine_bast says:

    just upgraded my samsung galaxy ace to gingerbread now im having problem downloading from android market? can anyone help me please!

  246. i updated my samsung galaxy ace,i followed the step by step instructions,so why the hell is it now in russian….anyone got any idea’s how to get it to english plz

  247. i successfully updated my samsung to android 2.3,following this page,but in the settings,there is now a update software (which wasn’t there b4),i sign into samsung,but when searching for updates it says “connection failed”,anyone got any idea’s!

  248. HEMANT SALUJA says:

    my recently updated gingerbread for samsung galaxy ace doesnt recognise my already in use sd card,and doesnot switch on wifi, please help

  249. will upgrading to 2.3.4 void my warranty?

  250. bro i did install 2.3.4 in my ace. just one problem i cant use packet data. is there any solution?

  251. why google account and market not working ?
    this could not connect to the google server .

  252. Is there a language pack for this version? Or will there be soon? I need the letters æ, ø and å.

  253. Dear Bro.. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace .. if download Andriod 2.3.4 , will it hang

  254. Manan0012005 says:

    hey bro i have a problem .
    i have updated galaxy ace with the firmware which u have provided above later i found that it is not for my country as i stay in india . now i want to revert to my country firmware . i downloaded the firmware S5830DDKQ5 of my country but i cant find
    in the pack instead i find
    and so on which the S5570_Odin+Multi+Downloader+v4.38 does not support so can u tell me how to flash and get my country firmware on my phone please to help me as cant access to gprs and other stuff

  255. alfi nugroho says:

    do i have to root my phone first before upgrading to 2.3.4..??
    and i wanna ask about the andvatage and disadvandates of 2.3.4 compared to 2.3.3..? is it more smoother or else..??

  256. why is it when i click BOOT my ODIN start to not responding?

  257. Sir…i need yor help…after upgrade my phone cant receive or send mms…need some advice to enable it…
    how can i upgrade my phone with official version from samsing ki8es after upgrade to 2.3.4 from your website?? do i need to downgrade to old version?

  258. guys great news
    galaxy ace has front camera please see the video not application should come to activate it…

    they have shown dissembling of phone in that shown front camera
    Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace reparatie handleiding

    link is

  259. DudeWongsthename. says:

    Is this a stock ROM or custom ROM? if it is a stock imsafe =D

  260. Hi i have some problems!

    Every since i installed this i cant find a way to turn data network on, holding the power key doesnt work, its not there, but it was there in the original os froyo+, i cant install flash either! pls help!

  261. And i cant record in 720p

  262. Praveenmallastar says: