6 Android Apps For Organizing and Tracking Your Money

In the present time issues like debt, bankruptcy, and unemployment are hitting the news headlines every day. Recently man has become very busy which demands time management and ways to do work in short time.

There are many android apps that can help you keep close eye on your budgets, access coupon discounts, help you find out best deals, get bill reminders. 

No worries, here is a list of apps that helps you to save money from today.

1. Mint.com android app

mint androidFirstly you need to prepare your budget i.e. “your income vs. expenses”. Mint app helps you to do this work easily. It requires to be linked up to your various accounts, to get a clear knowledge of how much you possess.

  • Mint creates a budget for you after tracking your every transaction.
  • When your amount in any account goes low mint alerts you,
  • It also have pin protection which alerts you if any unusual activity happens to take place in any of your account.
  • It also helps you out by setting bill reminders.

To get benefit of all above feature all you need to creat a free online account then download mint.com app to your smartphone and say bye bye to hassles

2. Pageonce

pageonceKeeping track of your financial proceedings and appointments is a troublesome job. So this app helps you to eradicate this problem.

  • It helps you to add accounts related to your credit cards to frequent flyer programs.
  • The beauty of this app lies in viewing all the critical financial information at a glance.

3. DealLeak

deal leak

A lot of money can be saved if you are aware of the daily deals taking place in your area.

  • It provides an aggregation of deals from other similar sources.
  • It searches locally and retrieves information on best discounts and offers.
  • It remains updated with latest deals.
  • The best part about this app is that it sorts deals by category.

4. ShopSavvy barcode scanner


  • This app scans the barcode of any product and gives you information on the best deals offered locally.
  • You can place order for an item in a retailer shop like walmart by simply entering information of your credit card.
  • You will be provided with the direction to your local store if the item is found in any local shop.
  • It provides you an aggregation of deals from various sources rather than being tied to a single source.

5. Discount calculator

discount calculator

It is often very tedious to calculate discount for a commodity, which consumes time and many times give us wrong information of the price.

  • Gives you the information on correct price of the app.
  • It is useful in including tax in the price of a commodity


6. Receipt scanner

It is very difficult to keep a track of your receipts which are small and are easily lost.

  • It uses your phone’s camera to capture the images of receipts, business card, and other documents allowing you to store information.
  • The images are stored in a folder in your phone.
  • This app seems handy during the tax time, helping you to save money by keeping records of your receipts.


The present time demands such apps which helps a person in his personal as well as professional life. Hope this list of apps satisfies your needs.

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