5 Tips for Mastering Search on Android

Google are the ones who created the Android operating system, so it is hardly surprising that their programmers are good at creating search algorithms. That is why it is fairly easy to search and locate something on an Android device. To take full advantage of the search functions on an Android, here are five tips.


(1). Change the search parameters of the search

The Google search widget currently searches for Apps on your phone or content on the web, but it is able to do a number of other things. It is able to search –

  • for files in your DropBox, to
  • for songs in doubleTwist,
  • your SMS messages, and
  • your locations in Footprints.

To take full advantages of your search function you need to go to the “Menu” to “Settings” and then to “Searchable items”. You then need to select what you wish to search for. Do not forget that you can adjust these settings at any time, so that they suit your current situation.

Note: It is an unnecessary struggle to have to change the settings every time you want to search for something, but if you are stuck and cannot find something, then changing the settings is going to help you. There are also times when you will be working and will need to run a similar search a number of times–in which case it is a good idea to change the search parameters to fit your needs.

This will help to remove the monotony of longer drawn out searches that need to be done repeatedly. Monthly Android maintenance may also require that a certain party uses the search function to find certain apps and files–changing the settings will help you to do that too.

(2). You can filter your results

Some of the filtering tricks that you use on the desktop can be used on your Android. For example, you can filter results by putting things in quotation marks, “ ”. If the search term is in quotation marks then the search engine will look for results with that term in exclusively.

e.g. “party” tonight

If that term does not exist as it sits in the quotation marks then it will not show up in the results. You can also exclude words by using the minus symbol (“-”) . If you do not want a word to appear in your search results then you place a minus symbol directly in front of it, without leaving a space between the symbol and the word.

e.g. akon songs -pop

(3). Use the voice search functions

You can use voice search on Android, which is very handy for if you are driving. You can locate a store or get directions without having to touch your phone. You do not have to send an SMS by hand, as you can also dictate messages. You can even ask it to dial a number for you.

The function may appear to be called Google voice. If you have not already, you should sign up for an account and gain as much functionality as your version of the Android will allow. You can download the original app if you do not have it already, and it will give you access to a large number of voice control options.

The functionality may differ from phone to phone, but it is worth looking into what search and actions you can do with voice control. Look up what voice search capabilities your phone has and give it a go. If you would like a few more advanced functions/abilities, you should try Edwin or Vlingo.

With your enhanced functions, you can locate businesses with the voice search function, or run calculations. You can change settings without having to touch your phone. For some phones, all you need to do is hold down the search button on your phone in order to bring up the voice actions.

(4). You can search your apps and files

Locating files on your SD card is a bother and many people do not like the minor inconvenience. You can use the Astro search function to locate files. You can use the regular search function to search for apps. The AK Notepad has a search function that allows you search for note titles or text that is within a title.

With the Astro utility you are able to search and browse through the files on your Android in the same way that you would browse through files on your desktop computer. You are able to navigate files in the same way you would a computer, and delete or move files in the same way too.

(5). If you want to delete your search history

You can delete all the things you have searched for. You can delete your search history in the same way that you can delete your Internet search history. You may also delete the search history of your other searches too. There are several ways to delete your searches. You can go to the “Menu” then to “Settings”. Under the search heading, click to “Clear shortcuts”.

If you wish to clear way your internet search history then go to the Browser/Internet app, find and open up the “Settings page”. Go to “Clear History” then “Clear Form data”. Finally you can clear away your suggestions that are based upon your search history, but going to “Settings”, then “Search”, then “Google Search” and remove the check from the checkbox next to “Search history”.

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