5 most common problems your face while using Android

Everybody now a day wants a grip on Android as it has been proved the best operating system recently. Due to the large demand of this operating system by the customers, some complications and problems have arisen.

After Google announced for the Android platform and kept the word to make this OS to be supported by every mobile device, different mobile companies used it to fulfill the market demands as quickly as possible.

As a result, few negative aspects of this OS have arisen. Users of this OS have reported various malware issues. These problems definitely need to be solved, as it is a great matter for Google. Some of the problems of the Android are being discussed below.

1. Android fragmentation problem


Most of the phones having Android faces serious problem of fragmentation. This problem is the result of releasing of new products from the manufacturers, which uses different versions of this operating system on various android phones.

This makes the developers to find different ways, which would support these different versions. However, these different versions of Android do not supports the various applications launched from time to time. This makes the users to raise questions about the flexibility of this operating system. This problem has to take care of.

2. Proper guidance for users of updated versions and update process

Update android

The Android has become famous for its popularity without any doubt. However, some things are not being discussed properly. There are no guidelines as to how a new version of this operating system is going to provide with further benefits than the previous version. This confuses the users.

Again, the update process is very slow. One has to wait for a long time to get the update notification on their phones. This is a great pain to the Android lovers waiting eagerly to check the new version. This results in jealousy. This problem should be given an immediate attention.

3. Updating the applications and security concern

Most of us are aware of different social sites such as facebook, twitter etc and everybody wants this application on the Smartphone to be connected to these sites from anywhere. Nevertheless, the main problem faced by the android user is that they have to update these applications for social sites from time to time to remain connected.

For a new version has come up, the user has to download it to use it again. Again, there were different software, which were malfunctioning, and Google has to remove those. It concerned the users of the security of using android phones. It has been tackled later by the developers and no complains has been received regarding this issue further.

4. Touch screen and low memory problems

Different data’s are stored in the RAM of android phones, which is not permanent. Hence if one goes out of memory while using an android phone that means the phone is out of RAM too. This problem has become a serious disadvantage for the android users. Different users have raised this concern about the size of memory provided.

The touch screens in most of the android phones are highly sensitive. It thus gives a little trouble for the new users. In addition, the screen becomes irresponsive if the battery goes out which is becoming a serious problem. Adding to the fact any type of physical damage to the screen can also make it stop responding. These problems should be taken care off.

5. Overheating and short battery life problem

android battery problem

Another problem that is being faced by the users of android phone is the overheating of these devices. This can only be stopped by removing the battery from the device to cool it down. The repetition of this problem only indicates that it is time to visit the mobile repair shop. Again, a serious problem faced is the very short battery life of these phones.

The batteries get exhausted very easily than batteries of other mobile devices. This is the least expectation of a user. This problem should be resolved quickly and android must provide with batteries that will last long so that the users can get the maximum entertainment out of these sets.

Without any doubts, one can easily say that the Android has become the most demanding thing for the customers all round the world. However, these problems create a sense of concern among the people. Most of them have been sort out. So these problems must be fixed at this very moment to regain the trust that of the users in using the Android phones.

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