Android Users vs iPhone Users: Major Differences Between these Two Loyal Groups

If you are an Android or iPhone user, you likely believe that your device is superior to all others, along with everyone else that owns the same device as you do. The differences between products like mobile phones are exemplified, not just in their features, but also in the kinds of fans they attract with those features (and a healthy dose of marketing).

Android Users vs iPhone Users - Major Differences Between these Two Loyal Groups

Yes, choosing a smartphone is generally a matter of personal taste, however, just as with any purchase, there are many other contributing factors—price, features, region, ease of use, etc. Read on to learn what major differences divide the ever-faithful followers of Androids and iPhones.

The Class Divide

Android users are far more likely to be found in lower income areas, whereas middle and upper class regions tend to favor the iPhone. This can be put down largely due to the major price differences between the two—you can get an Android for half the price of an iPhone.

In addition, monetization differences make Android apps much cheaper than iPhone equivalents. The price divide also creates a separation in price. Young college students that are just starting out generally have less money, thus they are grouped with the lower income Android users no matter what area they live in.

The International Angle

For phone owners outside the United States, it’s worth knowing that the Android, while only slightly more popular than the iPhone in the US, is significantly more widely used in other countries. When it comes to smartphones, globally, the Android is estimated to have over three times the ownership numbers of its Apple rival. Apple is now starting to branch out internationally, with partnerships in China and other countries, however, Android is ahead of the game when it comes to global use.

The Gender War

Although women don’t seem to have any explicit preferences for either smartphone, men are up to six percent more likely to own an Android. The underlying justification for this difference could include traditional male lack of emphasis of online social networking activities, which are more common on the iPhone.

Another possible reason for women preferring the iPhone is the massive amounts of stylish cases which obviously appeal to a large majority of women, as well as the smaller size of the device when compared to Androids.

Free to Pay versus Free to Play

Monetization methods for the Android are notably weaker than for the iPhone, which has invested heavily in premium apps. This further leverages the expense differences between the two products, while simultaneously causing smartphone developers to favor the iPhone.

This comes back to the issue of price. If you want a premium experience, Apple is clearly where it’s at—but if you want a cheap one, Microsoft has your back.

Mapping the Racial Rainbow of Smartphones

Perhaps most socially awkward but significant difference between these two smartphone fandoms is the statistically undeniable fact that African Americans prefer the Android – not just by a little, but by leaps and bounds. Interestingly enough, other minorities are more evenly divided. This could be in part due to the international dispersion of Androids.

Although the divergences between iPhone users and Android users are significant, both products have a more than healthy share of their marketplace, and both are considered profitable enterprises for their respective companies.

Apple has been said to have a “cult-like” following with dedicated users who stand by their products. However, as Androids have grown in popularity, these devices have quite the devoted following as well. Information for this article was provided by the professionals of Apple Shark who provide a place to sell used iPhones in any condition.

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